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I Am The Rose of Sharon Quilt

I Am The Rose of Sharon Quilt - 1

Dear Ann, Welcome home from your eastward travels. It must be painful to look upon the place where Venus rightfully stood. Although it’s a lovely thing to see when in Paris. In addition to lots of unblogged knitting, I’ve got unblogged quilting. Quilts are such a process; once you’ve made one, you understand why there are so many orphaned blocks and unquilted tops for sale on Etsy and eBay. Even compared to knitting, there...

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Jump Back In

Jump Back In - 1

Dear Ann, We hate posts that start with a litany of reasons why the blogger ain’t been bloggin’. So I won’t do that. Life has been chock full o’ distractions. But many of the distractions have been of a crafty nature. Help me, Ann–I’ve come over all multi-craftual! For months now, I’ve been deep into all things Alabama Chanin. This is a long-percolating love. I had pored over each of Natalie...

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Quilting Eff Oh

Quilting Eff Oh - 1

Dear Ann, The Etsy quilt, she is finished. Let’s review. 1. Purchased “vintage feedsack quilt top” on Etsy.com, intending to send to machine quilter for insta-quilt. 2. When it arrived, discovered that it was actual vintage feedsacks, lovingly pieced by hand. Tiny running stitches. Some squares pieced from smaller bits. (That killed me a little.) 3. After consultation with a purist of pristine taste (you), decided to...

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Important Information

Important Information - 1

Dear Ann, A couple of vital infos I must share. For those in and around New York City: the Bust Holiday Craftacular is tomorrow (Sunday, December 12). Goody bags for early birds. (More lovely photos over at The Purl Bee.) For those with obsessive tendencies, or those who simply are curious about the overpowering yens of others: these blanket kits from Purl have been occupying my every waking thought. I think it’s the combination of...

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“Sit Down and Shut Up”

Dear Ann, Just had to share this award-winning short film (15 minutes or so) from 1981, Quilts in Women’s Lives. This is a short trailer: Here’s the whole film, which is worth the 15 minutes if you like to think about why we make stuff by hand. (Ann and I both had those big round glasses back then, so be kind, young’uns!) I found this film via our excellent friends over at The Sister Project, (And by the way, The Sister...

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