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Send It Out

Send It Out - 1

Dear Ann, There is a genteel school of crafting that I associate almost exclusively with needlepoint. A nice lady, leaning on a velvet-backed cushion and wearing half-glasses, spends pleasant hours filling up a canvas with pretty wool stitches in a delightful design. When it’s time for the tedious business of making it into a velvet-backed cushion with a zipper, she blithely “sends it out.” I know someone who does this...

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Dogography - 1

Dear Ann, I’m learning a lot about dog photography. It goes slower than knitting photography. You never have to wait for knitting to stop licking itself. If you’re trying to photograph a dog in a naturalistic setting of quilts or handknits, it’s good if the dog sleeps a lot and likes textiles. My dog really likes textiles, especially my personal pillow. Apparently my pillow is just THE BEST. If you had told me a year ago...

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I can haz japonies linen?

I can haz japonies linen? - 1

Dear Ann, While piecing this little quilt-let, taping it to the ping pong table, sandwiching it, and basting it, I thought of many practical purposes, the preservation of upholstery, etc. But the fact is: I’m making my dog a quilt. There. And if you don’t pity me yet, here’s another thing: I’m handquilting it. Kind readers have inquired about Olive. Olive is doing just fine. (Left to right: Olive, Yankee Fan...

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Liberty Glory

Liberty Glory - 1

Dear Ann, I was sewing the binding down on this little quilt while talking to you on the phone just now. Today seemed like a good day to finish it. This mini-quilt was inspired by Janey Forgone’s stunning “Liberty Jack” quilt, an international prize winner. (A picture and more details about the Liberty Jack quilt are at the end of this post.) All the fabrics in my wee translation are from Liberty of London, except for a...

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Favorite Crafting Tips, Continued

Favorite Crafting Tips, Continued - 1

Dear Ann, How the heck are you? Have you been slicing and dicing any ancestral table linens lately? Highly recommended! Favorite fabrics featured: Kaffe and Amy….. The responses to my question about how to finish the raw edges on the back of my surgically enhanced French tablecloths were exactly why I love convening these basement blog meetings and polling whoever shows up. I gave deep, prayerful consideration to all of the clever...

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