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“Remember That Time Mom Cut Up The Tablecloth?”

"Remember That Time Mom Cut Up The Tablecloth?" - 1

Dear Ann, I don’t know what makes me do the things I do. They always seem like a good idea at the time. Recently I cut up 2 fancy French tablecloths that are precious to me as heirlooms, as souvenirs of happy trips to France and as reminders of how much I love a good tablecloth. Background: Before knitting, and certainly before quilting, I had a Tablecloth Thing. When I saw a gorgeous tablecloth (and this was usually in France), I...

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Out of Whole Cloth

Out of Whole Cloth - 1

Dear Ann, Please indulge me in a little glory-basking. I finished the Nani Iro Peonies quilt I started back in October. It started as a simple whole cloth quilt. I had fallen in love with a piece of screenprinted linen, and I wanted to keep it in view all the time. What better way than to make a little wall quilt out of a yard of it? I wanted to embellish it a little; almost, I suppose, so that I could say I had done something. I started by...

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Confessions of an Etsyholic

Confessions of an Etsyholic - 1

Dear Ann, Something interesting happened to me recently. Etsy.com asked me to host a “live shop” event this Thursday evening, March 18, at 7 p.m.. So I am going to the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, and I am going to “live shop” myself silly. Now. Mind you. I have no idea how this works. I’m just showing up. I think it’s a virtual show, in a chat room. The Etsy kids, using magical Etsy powers involving...

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Speaking of Our Patchwork Heritage

Speaking of Our Patchwork Heritage - 1

Dear Ann, I still buy a lot of knitting, sewing and miscellaneous craft books. I tend not to need a book for a specific pattern; I use books as sparks. I choose the ones that make me want to go in the direction the author is going. Once I get that spark, I’m off to the races, and the thing I make usually turns out to be different from the thing that inspired it. This would explain my collecting Japanese books and magazines, when I...

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This Cake Is Really Good

This Cake Is Really Good - 1

Dear Ann, For several years, I have had this image in my head, and on my bulletin board: I really wanted to make a quilt like this for Carrie. It just seemed like the right quilt for the girl. The problem was, at the start of my quilting career (for lack of a better word), I had zero stash. This is a quilt that takes deep stash. I could not see any repeated fabrics in the photo. (At least not any obvious ones. The thought occurred to me...

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