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Quilting Gazette: Doll Quilt Swap

Quilting Gazette:  Doll Quilt Swap - 1

Dear Ann, It was only a matter of time before I signed up for one of those doll quilt swaps. I’m a proud, if terrified, participant in Doll Quilt Swap 5. So many talented, experienced, skilled quilters–and me. The deadline is in early December. A full month ahead, the anxiety began. I found it so hard to choose a concept, a pattern, or fabrics, for someone about whom I know so little. In my mind, I built up my recipient into...

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The Old Tyme Fiber Arts Festival of the Upper West Side

The Old Tyme Fiber Arts Festival of the Upper West Side - 1

Dear Ann, There is no other way to say this except to just come right out with it: I’ve ditched knitting for rug hooking and quilting. Right now, right this very minute, I am having a very serious and perhaps life-changing debate with myself on these questions: Should I get a rug hooking frame? Which I could also use for hand quilting? And I would put this thing where, exactly? (Perhaps next to the churn, and the washboard I tote down...

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Quilt Show Saturday

Quilt Show Saturday - 1

Dear Ann, Yesterday I sent my latest quilt off to meet its destiny. I handquilted it, so it had become a good friend. When I finish knitting a sweater, I cannot stand to look at it for a while. I’m over that sweater. Quilts are not like that. The more time I spend with a quilt, the more I like it, warts and all. I would like to thank Janet Bolton for the powerful inspiration, and apologize to her if I’ve gotten her all wrong or...

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The Audacity of The Thing With Feathers

The Audacity of The Thing With Feathers - 1

Dear Ann, What can I say? I’m in the grip of a Janet Bolton fixation. I mean, look at this book: It’s amazing what she can evoke with little bits of cloth. I am powerless to resist. Whither Janet goeth, I must go. Her birds shall be my birds. Her fish shall be my fish. I’m wondering, though, how to make this my own instead of working pale imitations of what Janet Bolton has already done so brilliantly. Also, I’m...

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Shelby Had a Little Blanket

Shelby Had a Little Blanket - 1

Dear Ann, I am in a whirl of Fifth Grade Graduation preps (such festivities–you’d think they were getting their MD/PhD joint degrees, or maybe the Nobel Prize) combined with non-knitting fiber arts. After a long forced absence from the sweet hunk of plastic known as my sewing machine, I have finally made good on a do-over of the binding of baby Shelby’s baby quilt. This was my first quilt. It is a diary of my progress as a...

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