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Knitting SAT

Knitting SAT - 1

Dear Kay, Isn’t this lace LURVLY? It’s time for a knitting quiz. Cristina over at Philacraft sent along this tantalizing pair of photos. She writes: “I’m trying to figger out what this is. A friend had this stole hanging in her window. The lace mohair was too itchy to wear, she said, but the stole was too beautiful to give away and she didn’t like to think that people in cars passing by could see right through that...

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Risky Business

Risky Business - 1

Dear Ann, I hear you’re back from vacation. I feel like a teenager who’s thrown a party while Mom and Dad are away, except I screwed up and blogged the party. While you were gone, I had a little contest. I did a little eBay shopping for prizes. I didn’t break anything, I promise. And I totally re-set the odometer on Dad’s car. (Wait, wrong movie.) You would not believe how many cute recipe boxes there are on eBay. ...

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The Grandma Mabel Memorial Recipe Box Show & Tell Contest

The Grandma Mabel Memorial Recipe Box Show & Tell Contest - 1

Dear Ann, Who knew a dime-store recipe box circa 1960 would unleash a flood of memories? I heard from so many people, via comments and email. Some of them have the exact same box as Most Moisturized Mom (I knew it was mass-produced but I had no idea how mass-produced), some of them have some other fabulous piece of gas-station premium history, and some of them, poignantly, are looking for lost recipes or grieving lost boxes. The outpouring...

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