If you’re Rhinebeck bound, we would love to see you at Jill Draper’s studio in Kingston on Saturday night. Details here.

Maryland Sheep and What-All


Dear Ann, I’m sorry and sad that you’re not driving up from Nashville for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this coming Saturday and Sunday.  I’m excited for myself, though: it’s my first MSW Fest! (With all those Masters of Social Work in one place, we can sort out a lot of difficult issues, don’t you think? No?) I have a couple of problems, and I’m hoping our readers can help. First, a practical...

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Snippets: Armchair Rhinebeck


Dear Kay, Today, a virtual Rhinebeck for those of us who are not among the 40,000 lamb-huggin’, lamb-shearin’, lamb-eatin’ wool maniacs in upstate New York this weekend. Time for some sweet, sweet armchair knitting. Hold on—how can knitting be any more armchair based than it already is? Flip up the leg thing on your Barcalounger, and sit back. Consider Animal Husbandry Begin with the full vendor list. Contemplate your need...

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Let’s Look At Some Pictures of Rhinebeck, Shall We?

Let's Look At Some Pictures of Rhinebeck, Shall We? - 1

Dear Ann, First, a brief update on ME. We are fine, thank you to everybody who has asked after us. Our lights flickered but never failed. From inside a 12th-floor apartment, it did not seem like a particularly bad storm–not a lot of noise but a terrible sense of pressure against the windows– but we knew what was happening, and it happened. I have not ventured out of our relatively unscathed Upper West Side neighborhood yet....

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What What

What What - 1

Dear Ann, It seems that I’ve taken an unscheduled holiday from our beloved blog. The truth is, Real Life has been hopping. Hopping I tell you! The Dead Sea Highlighters have been excavated again, as somebody in our house will be called to the Torah as a bar mitzvah next month. The 6-8 weeks leading up to a bar mitzvah can really explode a person’s schedule. In fairness, they should throw in ordination at the end of the process,...

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Rhinebeck Blowback, Or, The Attitude Is Gratitude

Rhinebeck Blowback, Or, The Attitude Is Gratitude - 1

Dear Kay, Seriously, it took me about a week to get over the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. I may never get over it. Maybe it was the superb weather, or the breathtaking and MEMORABLE traffic, or the serendipity of running into so many cool knitters–whatever the convergence, Rhinebeck was deeply, awesometastically great. I think it was that moment of bonding with that Cotswold sheep that did it. She was telling me something, and yes it...

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