Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer gives us Hamilton fever all over again. |  Coloring Book for Knitters: treat yoself.

Now With More Chewing

Dear Ann, I just discovered Clara’s video tour of Rhinebeck 2010. It says a lot about Rhinebeck. And a little about Clara. (Example: Clara likes sheep. Who knew?) All of the fun, none of the calories (or the Holidome-a-roma). ...

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Ladies With An Attitude/Fellas That Are In the Mood

Dear Ann, I’m so excited! And also devastated! (I’m exvastated!) Look what our brilliant bestest pal Gale Zucker is going to be up to at Rhinebeck this weekend: [Link to FANTASTIC VIDEO has been removed due to noise; it was getting people in trouble at work, and startling me half to death every time I checked the blog. Go see it at She Shoots Sheep Shots!] Isn’t it killing you that we won’t be there, wigs waving in...

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Proof (if any was needed) that The Holidome Is No Canyon Ranch

Dear Ann, We’re on teevee! Here we are, goofing off while being interviewed at Rhinebeck by the unfailingly gracious CAT of Let’s Knit 2gether. Not for nothing, but could either of us get any pastier? Was it just the overcast skies? I mean, no offense, but geez. You can almost smell the Holidome chlorine wafting off the screen. I am just saying. Next year: pack blow dryer. Everything I have been knitting is either...

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Rhinebeck ’09: Tales from the Holidome

Rhinebeck '09: Tales from the Holidome - 1

Dear Kay, Ay yi yi! We’re gonna just go Jazz Odyssey on this and see where it leads us. Rhinebeck this year was the sort of weekend when time moves superslow and superfast at the same time. I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS. The basic configuration was Kay, Ann, and the sublime duo of Mary Neal de Chicago and Bonne Marie de Chicago. In the calm before the Holidome, it was important to have a little palate cleanser. After reconnoitering at La...

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Tour Bus Omnibus

Tour Bus Omnibus - 1

Dear Ann, I’m having that end-of-semester-and-I-haven’t-started-my-term-paper feeling. So much bloggage, unblogged. Think of this barrage of photos as a big stack of 3×5 cards about the Politburo, copied one after the other on my portable Smith-Corona typewriter with the burnt orange keys and the bad habit of spontaneously shifting into capitals. A term paper overflowing with random disconnected tidbits from the...

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