We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

Snippets: Links of Love


Dear Ann, Big weekend for me: a long drive to Ohio to see The Firstborn in her new habitat. If only I had some freshly finished knitwear for her to model! Must. Knit. Faster. I do hope to enjoy enough passenger time to get my Monomania pretty close to finished. I just started Stripe 6. Guess what begins on Stripe 6: armhole shaping. The drama! Before I throw the sack of Trader Joe’s snacks in the trunk and head west on I-80, a few...

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Remembering Belinda Boaden


Dear Ann, This is a hard post. This past summer, our dear friend Belinda Boaden, known to many knitters as True Brit Knits, died after a short and tough struggle against cancer. She was 46. You and I were together, at Shakerag Workshops in Tennessee, when we got the terrible news; we had been dreading it for a few days.  Being together was a good thing, and had a resonance to it, since our long friendship with Belinda came about because of the...

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Deja Blu (All Over Again)

Deja Blu (All Over Again) - 1

Dear Ann, Our Memorial Day weekend was good this year. Strenuously good. It started (after the traditional Costco Run for a season’s worth of toilet paper and tortilla chips) with a vigorous workout for my quilt-binding chops. SO SATISFYING. But I’ve spoken of this before. When I go to heaven, St. Peter will welcome me with stacks of quilts that need double-fold bindings attached, and I shall sew them down by hand, with lovely...

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