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February Is Shake Your Bon-Bon Month


Dear Kay, January’s Get Rid of 50 Things a Day project was basically a success, in the sense that I feel better about 1,500 things not being inside my house anymore. It was not perfect, by any means–I never did go into the basement. I may never go into the basement. And the toy closet was a shattering reckoning I hope never to repeat. But I did discover that I have pretty much a lifetime supply of books I haven’t read. If we...

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Do Not Knit While Watching “Homeland”


Dear Kay, Spookiest happening around here last night was the wind, which was fierce and blowy and not all that fun, really. Three trees went to the great chipper in the sky: amazing how dead they can be while appearing undead. ZOMBIE TREES! I’m back to the Knit Your Life sweater that has been marinating since May. The sleeves are almost done. The sleeve cables want to twist and tangle a lot more than the cables on the body. Maybe...

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