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Sheeple Get Ready: Rhinebeck 2015


Dear Ann and Everybody, So, I get one day at Rhinebeck this year: Saturday. I want to make the most of it. In Rhinebecks Past, I have run around for 7 hours in a fevered state of excitement (which I enjoy). Sometimes I find myself in the same barn, looking at the same beeswax Santas, two or three times. I know I am looking for Something Special, but I get blown off course by running into a friend, or getting starstruck, or gazing into one of...

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Rhinebeck Rughook Hangover

Rhinebeck Rughook Hangover - 1

Dear Ann, You probably knew this, but I’ll tell you anyway. Yesterday’s drive home from Rhinebeck just about killt me. Don’t get me wrong: the company was great. You, Mary Neal and Bonne Marie were every bit as shiny and charming on Sunday night as you had been on Friday morning–and you can’t say that about many other carloads of hard-knittin’ wimminfolk. But it was eating away at me, mile by mile,...

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Hooking (Insert Double Entendre Cliche Here)

Hooking (Insert Double Entendre Cliche Here) - 1

Dear Ann, Raising my head after all that bookish kerfuffle, I find myself in a sea of WIPs in various stages of incompleteness, important school newsletters about events that have already occurred, mail both opened (containing tiny hats) and unopened (not containing tiny hats), and taxi receipts. Even more than usual. So how am I spending my afternoon? Hooking. I am all about the hooking. My rug is only about 8 inches in diameter, but it is...

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