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She Learned to Love the Thread

Dear Ann, Breaking news:  ROSANNE CASH IS A KNITTER. Oh and also:  she has a new record coming out today. (Photo: Gael Towey.) I know that Rosanne is a knitter, because I taught her.  We met a few years ago, at a book signing for her memoir, Composed.  She wanted to learn how to knit, and asked me if I gave lessons.  I said, not really, but I’d be glad to teach you to knit.  It was one of the nicest surprises ever. We met up a...

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Last-Minute Schmatta (Free Pattern)

Last-Minute Schmatta (Free Pattern) - 1

Dear Ann, Here’s a free pattern for holiday gifting and December TV-watching. This is not rocket-science knitting. This is git-r-done while watching a movie on Netflix knitting. But every civilian who sees it wants one, so I think that makes it a good Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Thank You For Teaching My Kid gift. It’s called Schmatta, which in yiddish means “rag.” To me it does not have a connotation of abject...

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