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Midweek Miscellany

Midweek Miscellany - 1

Dear Kay, Let’s just see here. I got nothing organized for you, but I do have tidbits and knicknacks. 1. Sleep Challenge 2010: Did you know that there is a Sleep Giant amongst us? Designer/author Kristi Porter shared her sleep philosophy with us, and it’s downright enviable. If she weren’t such an altogether decent person, I’d kind of hate her for being so well rested. Hey wait: maybe there’s a connection between...

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Sleep Update: Things Begin To Get Weird

Dear Kay, Night 5: Eight solid hours of insane dreams. I don’t really think this is such a good idea after all. I forgot that I used to dream a lot. I’m not even going to tell you what any of it was, because I know you’re good at interpreting stuff like this, and I don’t think I want to know what it means. A commenter asks if I’m seeing any real changes. Well, I ended up cleaning up my 13 year old’s room...

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Saturday Morning Check-In

Dear Kay, Night 3: midnight to 7:30ish. I feel like I’m training for some sleep marathon. Dropped another seven pounds last night. Hubbo says I look like Heidi Klum at this point. I solved Fermat’s Theorem this morning. Weight Watchers, actually, is what this feels like. The counting! The intentionality of it all! Reading everybody’s comments, it’s a freakin miracle we get any sleep at all. The cats, hiccups, babies,...

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Lose Weight While You Sleep? Yes, Please!

Dear Kay, OK, this sleep thing? Now I’ve got some SERIOUS motivation for all of us who seem to have retained every holiday nibble we snarfed in the past month. (O small red potatoes with sour cream nestled inside? I regret eating so many of you at that party!) Brilliant reader Allison alerted me to an article in Glamour magazine, “Lose Weight While You Sleep.” The article says, “What exactly is the sleep-weight...

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A Month of Sleep, and the Drive-Thru Home Kitchen

A Month of Sleep, and the Drive-Thru Home Kitchen - 1

Dear Kay, People sure are giving out a lot of free advice this January, have you noticed? If I read the word antioxidant one more time, I think I’ll go have me a donut. A couple of pieces of New Year’s advice have jumped out at me, however. You know how it is when you have been mulling something for a while, then you read an article that seems to be speaking directly to YOU. Here are a couple of those eerie articles that are TALKING...

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