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Misceloony - 1

Dear Kay, I’ve been under the weather, hon, so apologies for the lack of blabbage. I don’t really expect you to read all this, but I’ve got to get it out of my system before it starts to back up. You know that bloggy backed-up feeling? So much to discuss. Up First: Disappointing Knitting Just terrible, I tell you. There is something about this swatch that absolutely fatigues me. I can barely stand to look at this thing;...

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The Runcible Crock Pot

The Runcible Crock Pot - 1

Dear Ann, This morning, I was marching double-quick to Zabar’s to buy a slow cooker. Slow cooker is the new term for The Kitchen Appliance Formerly Known As Crock Pot. I guess the crock pot people are trying to distance themselves from the image damage that’s been done by gunky nacho cheese dip and weenies in bbq sauce. Why was I hellbent for crock pot? Because Mrs. Lear has taken up slow cooking. And whatever Mrs. Lear is...

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