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Brenda’s Blizzard of Snowflakes

Brenda's Blizzard of Snowflakes - 1

Dear Kay, Snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes. That’s what I’m thinking about. A couple of weeks ago, cruel, merciless Erin tweeted about crocheted snowflakes. Her Tweet sent me into an instant nostalgia spin about the crocheted snowflakes of my youth that my mom found long ago at a Christmas bazaar at Cheekwood. I have exactly one of those snowflakes left, a dumpy and misshapen one which is the fate of treasured Christmas ornaments, I...

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Snowflakes and General Flakiness

Snowflakes and General Flakiness - 1

Dear Kay, Aw, we have a bit of snow this morning in Nashville. Here’s a look out the kitchen window. These were taken through the glass, about an inch away from the snowflakes. Teeny Project Runway Is ON Oh, man. The entries have already begun to show up in ye olde Teeny Project Runway In Box. If anybody needs a little Tim Gunn-style counsel and advice, email us about your problem client, send a photo if you can, and we’ll have a...

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