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One-Sock Knitalong: Day of Destiny


Dear Kay, Here we are, on the cusp of history, the brink of tomorrow, the edge of forever, the corner of Yesterday Street and Future Avenue. Today is the day of destiny, the final hoorah, the last-chance disco for everyone aiming to finish some socks for the One-Sock Knitalong. When the clock strikes midnight in Nashville tonight, the curtain will drop on what is surely the lowest-stakes, EZ-access knitalong in recent memory. If you’re on...

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Clip & Save: 3 Tricks for Tidy Socks


Dear Kay, This is it: the sum total of my personal tips for tidier socks. I’m top-down, two-circs devotee, so if you’re a toe-upper, just ignore all this and go watch Maria Bamford’s new Netflix series, Lady Dynamite. Tip #1: At the Cuff Cast on an extra stitch. Pattern calls for 64 stitches? Cast on 65. When you join the stitches to begin knitting in the round, pass the last stitch you cast on over the first stitch. It evens...

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Snippets: 42,799 Sock Patterns to Consider


Dear Kay, In anticipation of the One-Sock Knitalong that begins on Monday, May 16, I’m thinking about sock patterns. As I write, there are 42,799 patterns in the Ravelry pattern database for the category Accessories/All Feet/Legs. In a historic first in the knitting universe, I will here rank all 42,799 patterns in order, from my least favorite to most. #42,799 through #42,510: Barefoot Sandals. C’mon, this is the worst of both...

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Announcing: A One-Sock Knitalong


Dear Kay, It’s time for a knitalong. Start thinking about socks. Details below, but first, I need to show you my rocket socks in all their peculiar glory. Having been on a sock hiatus for some time, I was knocked out by how much fun I had making these socks. At the gusset-making portion of the show, I watched the stripes turn into pools or flashes or whatever. It was a combination of fascination, horror, then tender acceptance as I...

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Into the Rabbit Hole

Into the Rabbit Hole - 1

Dear Kay, Heaven help me, I’m making a sock. As you might know (seeing as how you were sitting beside me most of the time, knitting mitered squares), I’ve been on a little odyssey this spring, spending a fair amount of time in beautiful yarn shops filled with beautiful yarn. While you were focused on your project with that freaky, laserlike focus, I had nothing. A scarf, another scarf, part of a scarf. A piece of knitting with no...

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