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Lazy Sunday: The Watch & Listen List


Dear Kay, This week’s picks are field-tested entertainments for the avid knitter. After all, this is the goal of Lazy Sunday: get your knit on. To Watch It is safe to say that nobody likes a fully committed knitting video more than we do. Katy Perry, you have met your match. Stephen West, you have our undying admiration. Podcasts Alec Baldwin is that combination of wonderful and awful, depending on the kind of day he’s having....

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The Search Narrows, and a Cool Calendar

Dear Ann, It is amazing how many truly stunning wraps/shawls/scarves there are out there, that for some reason I do not want to knit with my Hand Maiden Sea Silk. (Sometimes the reason is: I’ve already knit that one.) However, I am getting pretty close to deciding, which is good since I have to get it together by tomorrow morning’s flight to Californee. A top contender is one of Stephen West’s boyish neckerchiefs, which are...

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