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Clean Slated

Clean Slated - 1

Dear Ann, In the immortal words of the Indigo Girls, the hardest to learn is the least complicated. I speak to you from the lowly, lonely place that a person is in when she has just ripped back 8 hours of garter stitch because she had 1 stitch more on the right side of the center stitch of her triangular shawl than she had on the left side of the center stitch of her triangular shawl, and she couldn’t see where the stitch was missing. ...

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What I Am Talking About

What I Am Talking About - 1

Dear Ann, It seems that perhaps I was a bit unclear in my fevered description of how I was planning to make the Gap-inspired Runcible Sleeve Scarf, which I’m also calling the Foxy Bob Cratchit Scarf. (I don’t think a project can have too many whimsical names, do you?) Several people left comments saying, basically, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” I’m happy to explain myself. But first I have to clear up one other...

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The Margaret Sweater: A Common Reader

The Margaret Sweater:  A Common Reader - 1

Dear Ann, I want to talk about the Margaret Sweater, but first I have to raise my hand in the back of the Monteagle Bag class and say “Ooh ooh ooh Miss Shayne! I know a seamless way to do the bottom, too!” My way is not as elegant as Judy’s Magic Cast-On. Frankly, it involves garter stitch, so it might not make the most refined sock toe. But it’s really intuitive and requires no new learning. Here we go, Monteagle Bag...

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Pinched. Plus a New Little Movie

Pinched. Plus a New Little Movie - 1

Dear Kay, Dude, I’m getting shaky. You may have heard that WE KIND OF RAN OUT OF GAS HERE IN NASHVILLE. It’s come to the point that the Tennessean has started posting maps showing which gas stations have gas. At one point they had a Gas Cam running a live feed of the Exxon station at 12th and Broadway. Apparently this is some fluke of the space/time continuum. Memphis has gas; Knoxville has gas. Nashville falls between pipelines,...

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Knitting Tip: Clip ‘N Save

Knitting Tip:  Clip 'N Save - 1

Dear Ann, So glad to hear the news of a new baby girl in Shaynetown. Just the other day I was thinking, “How awesome are those Shaynes, and why aren’t there more of them?” Very glad that’s been taken care of. You know how I’m such a technical whiz at knitting, right? I am always looking for the Better Mousetrap, the trix n’ tipz, the StepSaversTM. The other day I unvented an awesome new technique. I cannot...

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