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Another Singing Revolution

Dear Ann, Sorry to everybody at the office for the YouTube-heavy post, but I’m besotted and bewitched by an Independent Lens film I saw last night about the Young at Heart Chorus. Man, oh man. Amateur choral singers everywhere are chartreuse with envy. We want to back up David Byrne! This is the Next Big Thing, I’m tellin’ ya. I limited my picks to 3, but YouTube has enough of these gems to keep me safe from getting...

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Tomatoes, Porter, Dolly, and Such

Tomatoes, Porter, Dolly, and Such - 1

Dear Kay, Tidbits from the past few days . . . Friday afternoon: World’s greatest tomatoes. So great. Had to take a pitcher of ’em. Heirloom tomatoes from the Fresh Harvest Cooperative in Nashville. I’ve never had such a tomato. Absolutely perfect. Enough to make a girl weep. Real late, Saturday night: I’m watching the teevee, and I come across Porter Wagoner in one of his most baroque outfits, sitting on the stage of...

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