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Blizzard Conditions Challenge Photo Shoot of Finished Object

Blizzard Conditions Challenge Photo Shoot of Finished Object - 1

Dear Kay, I can’t stand an unfinished story, and I crave a happy ending more than just about anything. I’ve been waiting for the right day to take a proof-of-completion photo of a finished object. Namely, I was waiting for a snowy day to take a photo of this snowflake sweater, but none ever came! Until Saturday that is, when a blizzard struck, and we were completely snowbound, and we were down to the last Trader Joe’s Chicken...

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Holiday Greetings!

Holiday Greetings! - 1

Dear Kay, As the holidays are upon us, here’s a very random list of things that are making me smile. 1. Joseph’s bar mitzvah. Kay, seeing your 13 year old standing up in front of a huge crowd, doing that ancient thing, was tremendous. And to see you being such a menschy mom was likewise totally overwhelming. (Your hair was having a particularly good day, too.) (Also those shoes were great.) (Lunch was delicious.) 2. Snowflake Brenda...

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