Many, many antique socks. They look so . . . antique.



Dear Ann and everybody, Nelsie is a friend of a friend who’s auditioning with Oprah to get her own TV show. So go watch her video, and if you’d enjoy watching Parent Emergency, go ahead and vote for Nelsie! I’m outta town for a week! Knit safely everybody! Vote for...

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WorldWide KIP Day

WorldWide KIP Day - 1

Dear Ann, I’m usually not organized enough to remember when World Wide Knit In Public Day is. I always read about it after it’s over, and figure I do my fair share of KIPing without anybody telling me to. This year, though, it’s not just one day, but an entire 8 days of KIPing, commencing tomorrow, June 12. While it would be fun to go to one of the organized events (lots of which are listed here, it would also be a hoot if...

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Mother of the Bat

Mother of the Bat - 1

Dear Ann, Lest anyone think I’m hiding out in an AMC Pacer or something, a quick note to let you know what’s going ON up here. It’s HUGE. Here’s a hint. Here’s another. Yes, it’s Carrie’s bat mitzvah, on the horizon. For those unfamiliar with Jewish-American life cycle rituals, this is when a girl turns 13 and gets up in front of several hundred members of her congregation and does a very difficult,...

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