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Semi-live Blogging Cousin’s Marathon

Dear Kay, 9:50 am: Cousin Dan’s off! On my CousinMarathonTracker gizmo, it shows he made the first 5k in good time! He’s in Sunset Park, Brooklyn now. Whew. I need somebody to hand me a paper cup of orange juice. This is exhausting! 10:01: Heading into Park Slope! Almost at the Mile 6 mark. 10:13: Pickin’ up the pace . . . 10:31: Ai yi yi! He’s passed 15k. Bed-Stuy, represent! I’m thinking of driving the marathon...

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New York Marathon: Cousin Dan, on the Run

Dear Kay, I know you love the New York Marathon, because a) it takes place in your front yard, and b) you’ve run the thing, TWICE. I love it too, mostly because it’s one of those triumph-of-hope-over-reason type athletic things. People aren’t spoze to run 26 miles without stopping for coffee. Or donuts. Or a nice long nap. Sunday’s the day, folks! Get your knitting ready! This year, I’ll be watching with...

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Hide in Plain Sight

Hide in Plain Sight - 1

Dear Ann, Perhaps I’ve been logging a few too many Rural Maine Miles, in too few days. But I hereby announce, joyfully and sheepishly, that THE KAYCAM HAS BEEN RECOVERED. It was not at the bottom of the sea, or even Lake Manawa. It was not on the floor of the wedding reception hall or in the Ladies Room or in the glove compartment of the Dodge Dakota belonging to a family member (the one that has the vanity plates that say...

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She Did It! You Did It!

Dear everybody, It could NOT have been any closer. I mean, I was knitting like a fiend, watching the last minutes of the Name Your Dream Assignment voting, and Gale seemed stuck at #24, #23, #22. SO close, yet so far. She had to make it to #20 to go to the finals, and it just didn’t seem possible. ACK! But when the voting closed, something amazing happened: tie votes above her! The rules for the contest say: “If there are two or more...

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