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Spring Break, Mayan Style

Spring Break, Mayan Style - 1

Dear Kay. Kay, Kay, Kay, Kaaaaaaaaaaaaay, It’s funny. Before I met you in actual real person, back in the olden days when we were writing each other like a couple of dotty Victorians, I imagined you sitting in some vague New York apartment. You had a vague, undiagnosable accent; your features were vague–you were this puffy cloud of a person. It was only when you told me some detail of your life that the fog lifted. Carrie has big...

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Dear Kay, As you may have heard, Spring Break is upon us. At 12:01 pm yesterday, life as I know it ended, and the tasty thing known as Time to Myself has evaporated. I can feel it already–there has already been a request for Lucky Charms, the official breakfast cereal of Spring Break. I’m going to be away next week, so I need you to house-sit for me. Here are the things that need to be taken care of: 1. Feed the blog. There’s a...

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The Great Unwinding Party of 2005

The Great Unwinding Party of 2005 - 1

Dear Kay, You know I hate to leave you hanging when it comes to the burning issue of Reporting On Events Involving Knitters. But I had to get home from Chicago, find the dang USB cable to hook up the Anncam, and do the trickiest Photoshopping of my life in order to bring you the full report on what was for me a really mind-blowing evening. I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that a bunch of women who don’t know each other...

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Dateline: Chicago

Dear Kay, Well, the last semi trailer has arrived in the West Loop, ready for the load-in tomorrow morning for the Windy City Winding Party. We borrowed the set from the Country Music Awards, and it’s going to be one awesome evening. Mary Neal is working on her Fiona Apple songbook; I’m going hardcore country, myself. Kitty Wells and June Carter Cash all the way. I hope everybody’s going to like the show. We’re expecting...

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Looking for Larry David: On the Road in LA

Looking for Larry David: On the Road in LA - 1

Dear Kay, Coming to you from the West Coast, where I discovered a big red cable in our hotel room that had Internet oozing out of it. When I hooked it up to my PortaBlog 2000, well by golly the Internet just oozed right on in. First of all, Molly the baby was found to be snoozing comfortably in the most adorable Moses basket you ever saw. A five-day-old baby has the power to make grownups stand there slack jawed with awe. So slack jawed, in...

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