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How to Travel Through Time

How to Travel Through Time - 1

Dear Kay, I’d like to think that this past weekend was a unique experience for me, but let’s face it, a twentieth college reunion has elements that are pretty much identical no matter where you went to school. To help out all the other 42-year-old knitting bloggers out there who haven’t yet chronicled their twentieth college reunions, here’s a little template you’re free to cut ‘n’ paste. Add your own...

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Where the Curls Are

Where the Curls Are - 1

Dear Ann, I stopped by over at Curls and Purls to see what arrangements Lis had made for posting to her blog while she’s in China. Guess what? She made arrangements for you and I to report on her news from China. So here goes, from your curly-haired (NOT!) New York correspondent Kay Gardiner, live on location (sitting at her computer receiving emails) di-reckly from China: Hi All!! I have arrived safe and sound in Beijing!! All I can...

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Gifts - 1

Dear Ann, At last, I’ve been to Boston. This means I can no longer stun my fellow New Yorkers by telling them, “Would you believe, I’ve never been to Boston?” But it was worth it. Boston is wonderful on many levels. As befits the cradle of the American Revolution, there are many fine National Park Service historical sites. The kids and I are on the same page about this: We [heart] monuments. They are going to move...

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Travels With Pam

Travels With Pam - 1

Dear Ann, As you know, last week I got on an early-morning train and headed for Washington, D.C. and a 24-hour visit with my friend Pam. Pam and I, due to circumstances beyond our control, seldom see each other more than once a year. Due to these same children, I mean circumstances, we rarely talk on the phone. So when we see each other, it goes something like this: I’M SO GLAD TO SEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

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From the Bagram Bazaar

From the Bagram Bazaar - 1

Dear Kay, Sometimes the mailbox provides a total surprise. A bit of Afghanistan showed up the other day, from our now nonvirtual friend Tish whom we met in the flesh at the New York sew-up. These scarves (she sent two) were sent to her by her sister Jenny, who as you recall is a member of the armed forces stationed in Afghanistan. Here’s what Tish tells us: “These are the size headscarves normally worn by men, but with the ouster...

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