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Is Sock Knitting Over?


Dear Ann, How’s that for a clickbait title to break the Internet? Welcome, irate mob of newcomers to our blog! We’re just big fat kidders, me and Ann. Do not kill me with a DPN to the heart. Hear me out. As a garment, are socks too VISIBLE for you? Do you want to spend your time knitting something exquisitely beautiful, yet entirely private? Are your foot-insulation strategies nobody’s business but your own? Then, my friend,...

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Icelandic Redux

Icelandic Redux - 1

Dear Ann, As I headed into the scrum of Vogue Knitting Live last weekend, I knew one thing: Védis Jónsdóttir was going to be there, and I was going to find her. Let’s review: Védis Jónsdóttir is the designer of Riddari, the sweater pattern I picked out for Carrie when we were in Iceland last June, which I finished at the end of 2012 to great fanfare (in my mind). A smashing sweater and a smashing success. In the Siberian...

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