Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer gives us Hamilton fever all over again. |  Coloring Book for Knitters: treat yoself.

Morticia Addams, But In a Good Way

Morticia Addams, But In a Good Way - 1

Dear Ann, I’m running out the door to Boston, but I must fulfill my mission of encouraging the knitting of many more Volts. Look at Ravelry–there are only 16 documented Volts! That is an insufficient number of Volts, given what a satisfying, gorgeous, intriguingly-constructed knit it is. I will admit that in my chosen colorway of greys, black and acid green, this might be Charles Addams’ (or Tim Burton’s, or Wes...

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Love Means Never Having To PSSO

Love Means Never Having To PSSO - 1

Dear Ann, Announcement: I’ve finished knitting the 210 very long rows of Volt. I am now COMMENCING I-CORD. It’s frightfully exciting. Grace Anna Farrow’s instructions instruct, in the elegantly economical way that I have already come to expect of her patterns, how to do the i-cord edging along the live stitches as a bind-off, and on the side edges (the row ends) via the pick-up-and-attach-it-as-you-go method. I’ve...

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The Thin Green LIne

Dear Ann, Hear me now: I love Volt. Long live Volt. I love Volt so much that I am determined not to hold it against Volt that its first 10 rows nearly brought an end to my long apprenticeship as a knitter. Yes. I nearly walked away from knitting forever. Because I kept messing up the increases and decreases on Volt. Maybe it was the black yarn (and my lousy vision) on that first stripe. Maybe it was the blinding light and heady coconut...

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