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Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives - 1

Dear Kay, OK, I had to crack up when I saw your photo of that giant loop of linen, because the fact is that I myself recently bought a loop of linen in February at the Tailgate antiques show where I bought that red-and-white wheel quilt. I’m planning to use it up at the shack this summer as a roller towel, which is what the thing is, I think we can all agree. I mean, what else would you use a loop of linen for? NO I AM NOT WEARING IT AS A...

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Lifestyles of the Upscale Colonials

Lifestyles of the Upscale Colonials - 1

Dear Ann, I couldn’t post this on April Fools Day because you would have been all, “Surely she’s not going to blather on about her American History Fambly Vacation–that’s got to be a joke!!” But surely I am too going to do just that. What else is this thing good for, if not freeflowing blather? After a day at the Manassas battlefield, which I somehow managed to not photograph, we left the 19th century, and...

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