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How to Tidy Your Yarn Stash: KonMari, Step Aside


  Dear Kay, I’m tidying. I’m doing the thing with the stuff that Marie Kondo is telling me to do. Listening to the audiobook of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is frankly like enduring a sweet-voiced nag session from the cubiclemate you never really liked. I know. I know I know I know. Marie Kondo is, however, on to something. Her instructions: Hold each item in my hands. Does it spark joy? Keep. No joy sparked?...

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Squares, Noro, and Birds

Squares, Noro, and Birds - 1

Dear Kay, I had a run-in with my Noro scraps this weekend, cranking some squares for the Knitty City Blanketpalooza coming up this Wednesday night. Pearl and Phyllis and the gang there are sewing up a blanket in memory of Peter, to send to Afghans for Afghans, and I wish I could help out. Anybody who’s on the Upper West Side with a tapestry needle and some gumption would find a real outlet for that sewing-up energy. And also some...

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Shadowy Thinking, Plus Yarn

Shadowy Thinking, Plus Yarn - 1

Dear Kay, Ohhhhh . . . it’s . . . spring break . . . and I do not have a Plan. I now question my decision to let this spring break be a loosey goosey aw-let’s-just-chill kind of spring break with my two boys. I’ve already overseen the construction of a cement volcano, a trip to Michael’s, and four hours of card-throwing practice. There are playing cards all over the house. There are nine days to go. Upside Down We also...

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A Revelation

A Revelation - 1

Dear Kay: First, some quick video schnippets for ya. Etsy. I always wondered where our favorite handcrafty online marketplace got its name. Etsy.com. I always thought it was sort of like itsy, as in “itsy bitsy.” Which doesn’t mean much, but it is cute. Turns out that Et sy is Latin for “and if.” I learned that and a lot more from this TV profile, which captures all the promise and anticipation which comes with...

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Ball and Biscuit

Ball and Biscuit - 1

Dear Kay, As I sat in the kitchen eating my biscuit this morning, I realized I have a problem. I need something to knit. It’s just a fact. I find myself in the awful, awkward position of knitting all day, yet not really in a position to blawg it, because it’s all stuff for our next tome, Mason-Dixon Knitting 2: The Shining. Believe me, it’s going to be chockablock with earth-shattering innovation, this new book. I weep at my...

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