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Friends Don’t Let Friends Swatch Miters

Friends Don't Let Friends Swatch Miters - 1

Dear Ann, It started quite innocently. Hunkered down in the rain a couple weeks ago, I ran out of stuff to knit (having just finished my magnum opus). Well, I ran out of stuff I wanted to knit. I recently had discovered two non-wool yarns with self-striping potential. I felt it would be a service to non-wool, self-striping yarn devotees worldwide if I took it upon myself to swatch up a couple of skeins and post the results. People: ...

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A Skein, Just One

A Skein, Just One - 1

Dear Kay, Yesterday I launched the Hefty bag of yarn (the good, the bad and, yes, the ugly!) off to our Guess the Number of Hefty Bags contest winner Danielle. It turns out that she’s having a contest of her own, and she’s going to be giving away yarn from the Hefty bag, so Lord knows where all that stuff is eventually going to end up. Anybody who wants to get in on Danielle’s contest, go here. As I’ve been adjusting to a...

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All Things in Moderation, Including Moderation

All Things in Moderation, Including Moderation - 1

Dear Kay, Ohhhhhh, what a weekend. Next week the fourth graders are having their Biography Fair, where everybody dresses up like historical figures and stands in a big room telling their stories to the other students. David will be Henry Ford, so we have been assembling a Model A in a process that has taken longer than assembling a full-size Model A. We have completely dispensed with the engine and may punt the whole thing if we can’t find...

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Moderne Baby Blanket Pattern: HAUNTED

Moderne Baby Blanket Pattern: HAUNTED - 1

Dear Kay, OK, I have a confession to make. The whole, entire time you were working on that Moderne baby blanket from the book, and you were using Araucania Nature Cotton, I feared that it was doomed. I didn’t want to say anything, because I hoped I was wrong. But I wasn’t. How did I know? Because I am at this moment sitting on the version of that blanket that I attempted myself, and it is barely worthy to be used as a chair seat...

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That Thing We Do

That Thing We Do - 1

Dear Ann, Remember how we used to do that thing with the sticks and the yarn? Gosh that was fun. Do you ever think about taste? About how it’s so specific, and everybody’s is different? And how it matters so much even though it has nothing to do with function or craftsmanship? Last week, when I realized, sadly, that I had knitted up every miter for the No Sew Mitered Blanket, and that I had reknitted all of the icky ones that I...

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