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A Red-Letter Day

A Red-Letter Day - 1

Dear Kay, Red! The color of the day is RED! I had the best red-letter day I’ve had in ages when this came in the mail: A red letter. Last summer, I made a new friend. She and her husband and young son have just adopted a beautiful baby from China, and now that she’s here, the girl obviously needs a handknit and SOON. In China, red is the color of happiness, good luck, and/or prosperity (at least, that’s what my Google search...

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The Function

The Function - 1

Dear Kay, On Friday night, I hosted a Function here at der Haus of Shayne, along with galpals Katie (who can knit but won’t knit because her mother knits a lot) and Betsy (who doesn’t knit but whose English sheepdog Harry who is generating a sweater once we find someone to spin his fur for us). It was a cocktail party given in the name of a good cause.* Doesn’t that sound grownup? Doesn’t that sound like something I never...

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Don’t Drink the KoolAid

Don't Drink the KoolAid - 1

Dear Ann, I went to visit Cristina on Wednesday. Cristina lives in Philadelphia. This used to mean that I got to knit for 3 hours each way on NJ Transit and then SEPTA. But that left little time for crafting (i.e., borrowing Cristina’s Pfaff), lunching, tea-ing, and yakking–before I had to turn around and get on the train back home. So the last two times, I have driven despite the toll it takes on knitting time. I do get to listen...

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Care Package

Care Package - 1

Dear Kay, I hope you’re having fun at camp. Please remember to wear the flip flops in the shower — I don’t think I need to go into the whole issue of foot hygiene. It doesn’t matter if Jennifer thinks your rain parka makes you look like a Hefty bag. I will not send you another raincoat but I love you anyway — Knowing how important it is to receive mail from home while you’re at camp, I thought I’d go...

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What I Did on my Summer Vacation

What I Did on my Summer Vacation - 1

Dear Kay, I didn’t figure that coming home would be more fun than the trip that preceded it. I’m wandering around the house thinking things like, “Cereal. Look at our options for cereal. Isn’t that great?” Or: “This sure is a great window to look out.” Or: “Weeds can grow fast when they feel like it.” Or: [hugging computer] “My compuuuuuuuuter! I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed...

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