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Viva Los Libros!

Dear Ann,
I had a great Hurricane Irene. Not as great as the clever Mrs. Levin, who used her time in front of el television to come up with @ElBloombito on Twitter, but a pretty fine time. (Listen here to how the Mayor really sounds speaking Spanish. Que loco, no? One suspects that he does it because it’s so darn cute. One almost forgives that whole “let’s forget about term limits, ’cause hey guys, it’s ME” thing. Even El BBC is taking notice.)
We hunkered down in New York, on high ground, and stayed close to the TV, the Twitter machine, the snacks and the Words With Friends. We kept all vessels filled with water and all devices charged, and because we did this, we never lost water or power. This morning I saw a tree in Central Park, in the 75-100 year old age range, that had just laid itself down on the ground. Roots in the air. Looked like it had just gotten tired. Glad I heeded the instruction to “Please exit the Pock!” on Saturday afternoon.
Now I’m heading East to see what has decided to lie down out there. Trying to get a little vacay, if there is a break in the natural disasters. (Did I mention the earthquake last week? Old news. We are OVER the earthquake. Barely a tremor where we were. I only knew it had happened because Joseph texted me.)
Before I go, I want to give away a couple of copies of the latest and greatest knitting books, just for fun. I have studied them thoroughly (Lord knows I’ve had the time), and they are both, in the words of our Mayor Miguelito, los libros fantathticos.
First up is Wendy Knits Lace. The title of the book is not breaking news for the tribe of Wendy’s faithful blog readers. (I would have titled it, Wendy Knits Lace: A Buttload of Lace.)
The book is delightful. Through Wendy’s serial knitting of lace projects, she has learned the ins and outs by heart, and she shares it all in clear instructions and illustrations of lace techniques, and then again in a varied assortment of well-written patterns. The designs are beautiful, the yarns are beautiful, and the photographs are beautiful. As far as I’m concerned, this is THE book for knitters who are new to lace, or knitters who have found the whole subject of lace, with its charts and its yarnovers and yarn forwards–not to mention the dreaded yarnover-after-a-purl (I hate that one!)– to be a bit intimidating. Lace has lost its power to intimidate. Wendy has straightened lace out and sent it to whimper helplessly in the corner. What will Wendy wrestle into submission next? Stay tuned. I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s something! She’s been knitting a lot of wordy mittens lately, just saying.
And Now For Something Completely…. Different
Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.
Squeeee! Squeeee! Squeee! If you don’t go “squee” when you see Anna Hrachovic’s tiny knitted amigurumi, your squeee-er is busted. This book is a gas. Anna’s mind is amazing. You have to see for yourself. (I follow Anna on Twitter just because it’s fun to read tweets like, “Casting on the toilet now.”) But apart from the exhilarating wacked-outness, there are practical aspects to knitting tiny things like this. If you have kids around, be they big or little, ironic or dead serious in their pursuit of the cute, they will see the point of knitting stuff like this: joie de squeee. The gratification is instant, and the yarn requirements are miniscule. It’s perfect knitting for hard times and short attention spans. And this is a beautifully designed book in its own right.
The Giveaway Part

SO. Our Wonderful Publisher has sent me two copies of each of these books to give away. Leave a comment to this post, one to a customer. If you can’t think of anything to say, just squeee, or tell me what you did while Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Pain in the Ass Irene swept through. I’ll draw a name randomly, let the winner choose which book, draw another one, let that winner choose, and so forth until there is only one choice left.
The deadline for entries is Friday night at 10 p.m. in New York, and I’ll announce the day after Labor Day.
And now, I’m away. Dry out, amigos!




  1. I just picked up a copy of Teeny Tiny Mochimochi and it I just have to say, “SQUEEE!” It’s so cute, and my daughter already has me knitting a teeny tiny mermaid.
    Glad to hear you made it through the mess of Irene in tact.

  2. I thought about you and some more folks that I know, way up there in New York, while Irene churned northward, and wondered if ya’ll were OK. Down here in the Deep South, it was business as usual except for thanks to Irene, a little cooler and with that windblown look.

  3. Funfunfun post as usual! I can’t decided which phrase I love more: “joie de squeee,” or
    “Wendy Knits A Buttload of Lace.” (Perhaps it should be the title of her next book?)
    Have a most excellent Vay-Kay! πŸ™‚

  4. SQUEEEE! and that’s just from looking at the cover. I might give myself a hernia from all the squeeing once I see what’s inside that book.

  5. I’ll Squeeeee over Wendy’s book. Love to win one.
    I wish we hadn’t lost power with the storm. We too were all prepared but lost power Sunday morning and are still waiting …..

  6. Please pick me! I could use help with the lace, and the other book is too cute for words.

  7. Both of these books look awesome, thanks so much for the chance to win!

  8. My mother-in-law’s name is Irene. I’ve always considered her to be a force of nature (in a good way.) I thought is was very fitting of Them to name a hurricane after her!

  9. While y’all were dealing with Irene, I was at the county fair, watching a demolition derby. Which seems oddly appropriate to me.
    Also, SQUEEEE!

  10. I too thwarted the “power-gods” by keeping everything charged, so I didn’t lose power at all during Irene. I spent most of the time on the sofa watching hurricane coverage and working on two baby blankets for friends who are expecting some little ones this fall.
    I would love to win the Wendy Knits books – have been meaning to pick up a copy. Hopefully I’ll be lucky and can win one πŸ™‚

  11. I have been itching to get my hands on Wendy Knits Lace and am trying to keep my fingers off the keyboard (ordering from Amazon, not that there is anything worng with that) but getting it from my LYS or LBS (local book store). So far no one has it yet wah!

  12. Oh Wendy’s book is on my must have list! As for Irene…knitted of course! Don’t need electricity for that, although I must admit knitting by flashlight isn’t the easiest thing to do. LOL Hope to have power before the end of the week.

  13. love the little garden gnome on the cover. I think my seven month old really needs one since that’s what she’s going to be for halloween this year.

  14. I never really worried much about hurricane Irene, being located in the midwest as I am, but I think I spent my Irene on the marching field at Michigan State. Woo Spartan Marching Band!

  15. Irene stayed far far away from us in Georgia, thankfully. Both of those books look fantastic!

  16. The mochimochi are extra-bleeney (see http://cuteoverload.com/2011/08/22/true-life-tales-of-cuteness/), but the lace book sounds great.
    I felt the earthquake while at lunch in Tribeca (not as hip as it sounds, I was across the street from my office) but was relatively unaffected by Irene.

  17. I’m holding my breath while the flood waters get higher in Vermont. I have family there and it’s getting kind of scary.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  18. Squee!!! Love a book either one.

  19. If that book helps with the yarnover-after-a-purl, I’m all in favor.

  20. Me squee too! Both look like great books.

  21. Total Squeee! I love lace AND mochimochi!

  22. Ooh, what lovely books! Glad to hear you came through Irene more or less unscathed!

  23. Squee!!! Hurricane Irene barely touched us this far north – the most we got was some wind and what the weather forecast referred to as “high cloud”. It was chilly though, and I used the opportunity to break out the hand knit mittens for the first time this year.

  24. I would love a copy of the Wendy Lace book. Way too cool.

  25. I followed your Irene Twitter updates (so fun and a lot less stressful/intense than CNN or TWC coverage), and I finished my monkey socks.

  26. Squee! I would love the Wendy Knits book.

  27. Love the Castilian Spanish accent in your post (and Mayor Miguelito – LOL). Living in Miami, we’re used to the whole 24/7 hurricane’s-a’comin’-evacuate-vamonos-NOW kind of weather broadcasting, but I was worried about NYC & all others in the “cone of uncertain doom”. Glad to hear you made it through unscathed (and with agua and munchies to spare). Me gusta los libros too.

  28. Squeeeee …. would love to win Wendy’s book πŸ™‚ Fortunately we were free of any storm here in Scotland.

  29. I thouroughly enjoyed your tweets and retweets during the hurricane glad you guys are well and dry. I also think giveaways are great it is like getting an early Christmas present

  30. Squeeee from GB, home of okay football and most of the country’s toilet paper. I’d love to knit the little amigurumi.

  31. Glad you made it through Irene! Were there a lot of ‘Good night Irene’ jokes floating around? I really enjoy your blog and books very much!

  32. Both of those books look fabulous, in very different ways. Squeeeeeeee!!! (yes, multiple exclamation points. Sue me.)
    Irene? None here.

  33. SQUEE – Loved reading your tweets throughout the Irene ordeal. We also had everything charged, had extra water, etc. And never lost power. Which truly amazes me as usually if someone walks by a power line and sneezes, we are out for hours.

  34. Want! Like you I was completely prepped with water, candles, flashlight and the new Phineas & Ferb movie downloaded ~ so was therefore unaffected by the winds of Irene. Until 11:30 am today when the power went out while the powers that be are attempting to restore it more widely. Here’s hoping our (and the less fortunate neighbors’, who lost power Saturday) frozen food doesn’t’ thaw!

  35. Land o’ Goshen! If I had that mini mochi book, I could stop sending korknissen around the world!
    … hmm, but does the world WANT me to stop sending korknissen?
    *chews fingernails, seeks omen*

  36. Squeeeee
    Pick meeee!

  37. I just hung out at home during Irene. The bigger problem for me was that I happened not to have knitting with me on the day of the earthquake. I lost two hours of prime knitting time!!

  38. I spent the hurriquake (thanks, NPR) knitting a plain vanilla baby blanket. Working through chemo, my brain can’t process much else. Maybe Wendy’s book would jump start the little gray cells.

  39. I watched everyone on tv freak out about Irene, since I live in the midwest that just gets tons of tornadoes… none of those hurricanes.

  40. I’m squeeing over both books. All the way from Calgary where is definitely no hurricane to be found.

  41. I’m glad you made it safely through the hurricane. We were under a tornado watch last week, and were hunkered down in the basement, but it turned out to be just a big storm. Most of our weak trees went down in the spring.

  42. Squeee!!! Would love to win Wendy Knits Lace!

  43. Squee! I’m on the west coast – no Irene here… but I’d still love to get a book πŸ™‚

  44. Squeeeeeee!

  45. At one point this weekend, I was thinking how odd it was that, on the East Coast, people were hunkering down to record high winds and torrential rain, while in San Antonio, we missed tying the all-time-high-temperature by a measly 1 degree.

  46. Second try (to comment) charm?

  47. Ironic how being very prepared means that nothing will be required yet no preparation leads to disaster!! Here in NZ we are just pleased for stable ground right now!

  48. My little Katy would be the envy of her preschool class if I sent her off with mochimochi

  49. Squee! We came back from a 2 week vacation to no power, thanks to Irene. Bah. Even though power has been restored, a new lace book might make the transition back to work a smidge easier.

  50. Hmm, let’s see. During the storm I slept in and then tried to focus on knitting while worrying about my basement. Turned out I only got a little water that went away a few hours after the rain stopped. Dirt floor, unfinished basement, it’s all good. I do need a dehumidifier though.

  51. We made tacos, drank wine, and listened to the crazy wind. And there was knitting, of course….

  52. Hurricane? The weather here in southern Ohio was sunny and pleasant! Sorry to have to rub it in!

  53. We went to two birthday parties and generally had a wonderful, if wet, weekend. We’re very thankful, given that so many people lost power and more.

  54. We cleaned the house. No one could escape. No sailing, no races, no bbqs. The only weekend day from Memorial day to Columbus when we had to stay home. However I could not knit while others cleaned, so maybe my plan was not the best.

  55. We filled a few containers with water and made sure the lawn chairs were inside. But it turned out that it wasn’t anything more than a pretty good storm by the time it got up here to Maine. We lost power for about 4-5 hours, but as the lights blinked just before bedtime, it wasn’t much of an inconvenience. I awoke this morning to bright sunlight. Here is one Mainer’s take on the storm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LiB2ojZRO8
    So worth watching!

  56. Hurricane? Hm. We watched a lot of news coverage, with a short break for the season finale of American Ninja Warrior. What is this show? It is absurd.

  57. Although I live in Ontario, we got some windy weather on Sunday! I was volunteering at a wildlife rescue centre, and all our little animals made it through okay. πŸ™‚

  58. While Irene swept through, we thought of all those in its path, hoping you were safe. Here in our part of Australia spring is peeking through with blossoms and daffodils, but we haven’t forgotten past bush fires, and the days without power and water.

  59. I watched Hurricane Irene from a safe distance of several hundred miles, hoping that friends and family (and everyone else) came through safely. (I did feel the quake earlier in the week – it shook my desk chair pretty good. Someone 15-20 feet away from me said he felt nothing at all.)

  60. Glad you had a good hurricane. 2 more different books could not be found; both look fun.

  61. Love the chance to win. As for us over in West Virginia, nothing exciting ever happens here. Well, there was the tail end of that there earthquake, but I missed it. It jiggled the office a bit.

  62. Squee indeed! I spent the hurricane knitting a dishcloth.

  63. I have to say the storm was kinda meh here in coastal Maine – we’ve suffered far worse storms with no names at all. But we still were good and stayed inside. I did have to run the generator for about 5 hours, so when the wind shook the house I could just laugh!

  64. Went to soccer games during Irene (I’m in Ohio). But I did hear and feel the quake last week…

  65. both books look totally squee-worthy! (and I usually reserve my “squee” for kittens and puppies.) I don’t have either one – yet – but would love to win one!
    while Irene was doing her big bad thing, I was working and attending a birthday party for three small children (!!) and knitting in my off time.

  66. I was without power for 7 hours. I got a lot of knitting done (without stupid distractions like the internet), while listening to the Yankees game on the radio.

  67. Thanks for offering these – both look great but I’m a fan of anything Wendy. No natural disasters in the Northwest but we’re all hoping for a nice long Indian Summer to make up for the very late-arriving and cool summer.

  68. Many hopings for El Squeelitos book. Also, this just in: finished the i-Cord edging on my Mitered Crosses blanket! It was hurricane empathy knitting.

  69. Squee. Those 2 are on my wish lists!

  70. Thanks for the book giveaway – they both look great!
    I live in Atlanta, so I was well out of the way of the storm, but worried about a friend in CT and other blog/twitter friends from NC to up in the NE. Glad it’s over, hoping for a speedy recovery for those affected.

  71. Both books sound fabulous!!

  72. I am coveting the Wendy Knits Lace book. I am a fan of hers (and yours) and this one looks just lovely.
    Caught up on some knitting during the storm; even though we didn’t lose power or have flooding like many of our NJ neighbors did, we were asked to remain indoors and I was only too happy to comply.

  73. Sqeeing for either book!

  74. Both books look like fun!

  75. During Irene, I enjoyed the full-frontal streaking coverage on The Weather Channel and knitted a Buttload of mohair. My husband requests the exact weight of a Buttload every time I use the word πŸ™‚

  76. I love the little bitty knits…squeeee!!!! (Oopsie, multiple exclamations)

  77. Let’s see, during Irene I was: bemoaning the sad fact that while the Northeast floods, we here in Texas are still staring down the hottest, driest summer on record…I’m trying to remember a time when grass wasn’t brown, but it’s not coming to mind.

  78. I’d love either of those books. Squeeeee!
    In Delaware we had tons of rain and wind from Irene and our home lost power for about 4 to 5 hours, but it happened right at bedtime, so we hardly knew it! (Aren’t we lucky!?) No damage here, but the beach area is a mess, from what I’ve seen on the news. Glad you fared well, too! πŸ˜‰

  79. I will take any help I can get with that darn dreaded YO after P!!!

  80. The news here tends to blow the threat from any weather event (heat, cold, flurries) WAY out of proportion, so I mostly just tried to ignore the media while still being sure to be sufficiently prepared for whatever Irene might send our way. Turned out not to be much to write home about.

  81. From one of your Down Under readers, that hurricane sure looks nasty. Having had a few earthquakes here in Christchurch recently, it’s not much fun when Mother Nature lets her freak flag fly….if I was lucky enough, I’d like to win the squeeee book about the teeny tineys.

  82. Oh, I need more books to start more projects to justify purchasing more yarn. Pick me! Pick me!

  83. Love the idea of a woman wrestling lace into submission. Does the book have pictures? BTW, glad to hear you and yours are all in one piece, and that Irene did not wrestle NYC into submission.

  84. During Hurricane Irene I was safely in the mid-west suffering from my first ever lower back injury, completely flummoxed by the fact that a person’s lower back really is attached to absolutely every other part of the body. With only my 10 month old Great Dane puppy (who is approximately the size of a small hurricane herself) to assist me I managed to knit a bit on my Arwen Cardigan while glued to Masterpiece Theatre.

  85. I would love to win the Wendy Knits Lace book! Pick me, squeee!

  86. Glad the storm was weathered well. Tiny knitted mermaid speaks to my heart’s love for all things mini. Great looking book!

  87. I’ve been eyeing the lace one but have heard great things about both! I’d love to win! Thanks!

  88. SQUEEE! the minis are so cute. I think I’m tracking down as many contests as I can for that and any knitting related book. You see, I have a yarn problem that eats into my book money. The solution must be to win books of patterns to knit the yarn and then I will have a whole new problem.;-)

  89. We evacuated from Yorktown, VA to Richmond, VA–not far enough, apparently to avoid power outages! πŸ™‚
    We made it through safe and sound, glad you did too!

  90. I love them both! But Wendy is the BESTEST EVER! πŸ™‚ Also I ran away from the Albany area for the storm! Came back today and found lots of trees down at work.

  91. Ooh, squee, I do love mochimochiland! During Irene I was pretty cozy on the west coast, although I did get slightly worried about my baby sister (who lives near Boston and updates her social media CONSTANTLY) when I didn’t get a tweet or FB status or text for about two hours one night (turns out she was sleeping).

  92. Squeeeee! I sat in front of the tele in California knitting and watching Irene on the various news channels. Wendy’s book looks divine.

  93. Epic Hurricane Irene activities: knitting log cabin placemats and drinking wine.

  94. I love how these two books are polar opposites!

  95. Thanks for the blog — the books look great.

  96. We had planned a trip to Lake Dunmore in VT for a triathalon (notmeareyoukidding?) over the weekend:: the race was cancelled but we made the trip down anyway, had an excellent time camping (one night instead of 3) and drove home ahead of the storm. The park rangers were THE BEST and did everything they could to take care of their park. It is incredible how the storm moved in swaths, how parts of QC and VT are still getting it back together but here, mere miles away, we just had an annoying mount of raaaaaaaaain.

  97. Squee!
    No, seriously. I have Anna’s first book, and Wendy’s Socks from the Toe Up, and they are both excellent (though I’ll admit to having made more of the toys than of the socks).
    During the hurricane in Quincy, MA, I walked the dog before it got really at all windy and then settled in and made french toast and the most wonderfully decadent lemon and raspberry rolls with lemon curd (slightly modified from Joy the Baker – you want them now!). It was a relatively time consuming bake, so perfect for a day completely indoors. Also, I’m on Words with Friends as qarylla. Please feel free to start a game with me. The other random games have been a little disappointing.

  98. I ate fried chicken and banana cupcakes with two little girls. It was fantastic!

  99. Wow. What a great giveaway! I love me some WendyKnits and have wanted to try my needles at lace. The tiny ami book though- that one makes the fat little 9 year old in my stand up and SQUEEEE!

  100. While Irene swept through, I worked on Bobbin lace and Navajo/chain plied up some singles I had left over.
    I would love to win a book! And if you check out the blog, it’s about researching to make new, as accurate as we can, 18th C reproduction clothes to go to a party. I’m Mrs Miles.

  101. Ah! These books are both so awesome I can’t decide which one I like best!

  102. Squee! Glad you Irene didn’t blow you away!

  103. we were busy watching PBS during hurricane Irene, ya know, when you don’t have cable you watch a lot of PBS. Also, there is no news or weathermen on that channel. But we knew if we wanted to know where Irene was, any one of the network stations would have a poor weatherman standing out in the wind and rain.
    And seriously, the YO’s after a purl… I’ve never really learned the “right” way to do that, I think I sortof made something up. Everything I tried seemed awkward and dumb, so I must be doing it right. As long as it leaves a hole, right?!

  104. I pretty much Squee over all of Anna’s patterns, both large and teeny. It’s all so much fun, but seriously, a teeny tiny hot dog is too much to bear!! Squeeeeeeee for days.

  105. Squee! I caught Anna’s talk at the Maker Faire last year and I learned a lot about finishing knitted toys. No outages at my place in Brooklyn’s white zone.

  106. Squee!

  107. Ohhhh I love to knit shawls and toys, these books are perfect. If you get a chance go to my bog http://lovincomfortknits.blogspot.com while Irene battered my home town!!!

  108. Squeee! I love (and am terrified) of lace designs!

  109. “No pointless surfing” ????!!!!
    For bloggers, it’s ALL research!
    Immersing oneself in one’s craft, remaining in the loop, refining one’s inner squeee-er!

  110. I spent time during the hurricane reading emails from the MTA about how Metro-North railroad service was suspended. However, I didn’t really need to know about the trains because I now live in Oregon. So we went blueberry and peach picking up by Mt. Hood.

  111. Mega SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Glad you made it through the storm unscathed.

  112. Glad to hear you are so well weathering the weather!

  113. Squee, Squee, Squee

  114. I spent the hurricane time wishing we could have 3 inches of that rain here in TX.

  115. How did you know those two books are in my “I want” list?

  116. squee!
    I spent the hurricane doped up, recovering from shingles. I could make a joke about “if you lost any off your roof…” but it isn’t funny. Yet.
    Get the vaccine, people. Shingles hurt.

  117. Aw hell I can’t even enter but I’m damn sure going to get a squee in here.

  118. I had a similar Irene experience here in Baltimore, with the added layer of first-day-of-school-anticipation/dread. I came home from working in my classroom on Saturday (after a long week of long days preparing my classroom) to wait for the storm and ended up cleaning and laundering and cooking up a whole ‘nother storm. By the time the wind and the rain started picking up, I looked around and decided, “Hey! I think I can justify a little knitting therapy now!” So I knitted a clock cozy (for my classroom, of course) from some stashed novelty yarn. It is a ridiculous cozy, but it made me happy, and it will make me happy for the rest of the school year. Now our first day of school is postponed due to power outages, and after a little extra lesson-planning and preparation, I hope to turn to the summer lace wrap that I never quite started. With the cool, dry, sunny weather that’s arrived, it really couldn’t be much better! πŸ™‚

  119. Teeny tiny mochi mochi is so super cute (I preordered it) and I also need more lace knitting in my life. Also, squee?

  120. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    (still no power on the southside of Richmond VA

  121. Ooh the lace book is lovely and in my amazon wishlist, so I hope you pick me. In NC — Irene ground zero I spent the day learning how to spin — a lovely way to ignore the wind and rain. Luckily I was inland enough to not experience the full misery and damage we had on our coast. Please pray for those who are now picking up the pieces post-Irene. Namaste’

  122. pick me, please. I live in the desert and we never get hurricanes (though there are plenty of droughts), so I really need some projects to keep me busy.

  123. I’d love either of these books. I especially enjoy Wendy’s blog and am in awe of how quickly she completes projects! We watched the hurricane on TV-warm and sunny here, a thousand miles away.

  124. My daughter would love it if I knitted her tiny squeee things!

  125. Glad to see you on the flip side of Irene! And I’d love the lace book!

  126. squee!
    (In California – hot and sunny, only sympathy for those affected by Irene.)

  127. Squee! I am loving lace, but could definitely use some help… Um, during Irene I graduated from nursing school on the West Coast. Kept an eye on Twitter to make sure all y’all out there were more or less okay, too.

  128. Joie de squeee! Love it!

  129. Such cuteness! The knitting, that is, not the hurricane.

  130. You have completely made me a fan of El Bloombito! The books look great.

  131. this monday is not making me want to squee at anything but that lace book looks fantabulous!

  132. I’m in NYC, so I spent Irene hoarding Gatorade (no bottled water anywhere), discovering that my 10-pack of D batteries was kaput (expired March 2004!), also filling all the cooking vessels with water (my sister stopped me at the turkey fryer, thank goodness), and checking if Pizza Hut was still open (that was the fiance, really).

  133. Squeeing for surviving the hurricane (I’m in Sheepshead Bay – about 2 block from a Zone A area)!
    Further squeeing for book giveaways!

  134. I can’t wait to see the “Wendy Knits Lace” book. I am trying to wait patiently for it to arrive in the stores.

  135. I would love either of these beautiful books. Back to knitting for a few years now and ready for more than a garter stitch scarf to keep me busy. Either kind of project would be fun and challenging!

  136. The publishers probably wouldn’t let it be called ‘Wendy Knits Lace:A Buttload of Lace’, probably even overruled the stet.

  137. SQUEEEE! I’ve been wishing for that book since I first saw it. An explosion of cuteness I would so love to have!! Pretty please?!?

  138. While the hurricane hit, we were enjoying the beautiful weather at a soccer game here in TN. Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. Glad you came thru Irene so well – it didn’t affect us over here on the left coast (Calif) but we could have used some of that water!
    Best phrase of the year: “joie de squee” – luv it!

  140. I’d happily squeee for either!

  141. While the wind of Irene whirled and wound itself around my house, I started making a Cowl/Hooded Tunic called Snuggle. It was so relieving to just have my hands feel the squishy Rowan Cashsoft DK that I bought over 3 years ago. I pray that I have enough. Oh, and for the record, I felt the earthquake from the 33rd floor of my office building. Very Scary.

  142. I live with 2 teenagers (enough said). Last week, just before leaving on vacation, I was struck with the worst case of poison ivy (oozing). Still on prednisone. Shaken by earthquake while sitting on beach (covered by towels to hide unsightly rash). Evacuated a day early from the Jersey shore due to hurricane. Lost power for 17 hours, had to throw out all greek yogurt. I want a prize now. Squeeee!

  143. What fun! Either book guaranteed to keep a knitter busy and entertained!!
    We spent Hurricane Irene watching the wall-to-wall coverage and wondering why no-one is covering the now three-month-old flooding in northwest Missouri….

  144. Squish, squee, squish . . . glad Irene is just a memory now!

  145. I live in MN – not affected by the hurricane, so I’ll just sqeee!

  146. Love the tinytiny knitted toys – have never made them, but SO CUTE. And Wendy and lace? Who wouldn’t love that?

  147. Not generally a squee-er, but will for Wendy’s book… ahem…. squee.

  148. Glad to know you made it through Irene in one piece. I would so dearly love to have the new Wendy Johnson book. I love lace!!

  149. I live in the Jacksonville area and early in the week there was a serious threat of Irene to our area. I didn’t even know she was there till Monday on my drive to work! “oh well,” I thought, “I’ll keep my fingers crossed she passes us up.” Good thing she did…I have no hurricane kit put together (bad, very bad). I really should get that kit together now…after I finish this sock, I swear I will. πŸ˜€

  150. squee! good to hear you got through the storm! I too kept everything charged and thus didn’t lose power. however, I didn’t get any water ready and therefore the water company is doing a mandatory shut off tomorrow. at least we were notified! sigh.

  151. Squeeee! Both books look like fun. Irene didn’t even bring rain to IN (besides, I was indoors at Stitches Midwest) and I didn’t feel the earthquake (although others across campus did). Glad you got through them OK and I hope you enjoy your time away.

  152. SqueeEEEEEEEEEEee!
    Must knit tiny toilets and volcanos!
    I’m so sad to see my old stomping grounds, Brattleboro VT, flooded. I sure hope they can get rid of all that mud.
    I stayed nice and dry in MN.

  153. Oh squee indeed!! That gnome is calling my name! I don’t believe I’ve ever typed all those words in that order… Thanks for the mahvelous giveaway! You’re the best Kay & Kay’s publisher!!

  154. SQUEEEE over a buttload of lace. Wendy rocks!

  155. Enjoy your time away! Here in Colorado, we spent our time watching coverage of newscasters almost blowing away. Love the books!

  156. Glad Irene is gone and you are OK. She didn’t make it to LA, but the blistering heat is here! Have my fingers crossed for Wendy’s book.

  157. Yay for awesome knitting books!

  158. I was working at a library during the storm, and I answered 100 million questions about hurricans.
    Yes – that is an exact figure… I’m a librarian… you can trust me.

  159. I love a good book. No natural disasters in my neck of the woods, but I still love a good book!

  160. I live in Iowa, so I didn’t experience the hurricane or earthquake personally, but I have lots of family and friends on the east coast and hope they all stayed dry (and unshaken)! I have been thinking of getting both of these books and would be delighted to win a copy of either. I’m an avid lace knitter and would like to try my hand at mochimochi. So cute!

  161. Ooo choices, choices! Both look lovely.

  162. I would love either book. We were lucky not to lose power during Irene, and I know it’s because I kept my iPad and iPod fully charged.

  163. I feel guilty but Irene hasn’t impacted me as I live I Ohio, quite far from the coast. But I’m glad to hear all is well with M-D Knitting!

  164. Please count me in for the drawing—-books look great! Thanks~

  165. Here in Ottawa, Irene gave us a blast of wind and the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

  166. lace or teeny tiny hmmm . It’s back to a million degrees (maybe a slight exaggeration!) and staying in and knitting are the best things to do!

  167. Squeee! Squeee!
    My 9-year-old knitting daughter *desperately* wants Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi!
    I *desperately* would like to have everything Wendy writes!

  168. Been watching all the destruction from southern Ontario. We got the winds here yesterday, though our east coast didn’t fare so well. Would love to win the lace book! Glad you fared the storm so well. I hope you took some photos of that magnificent tree.

  169. Let’s see, during Irene I worried a little about my son (in New Hampshire) and roasted through the record heat here in Las Vegas. I am busily knitting sweaters in the grand hope that some day it may cool off enough to wear them! – – – The books look like a wonderful treat!

  170. Ohhh, I love the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi so much!

  171. We are fans of all things teeny-tiny at our house. I’ll be seeking out both books!
    Have a wonderful week.

  172. I’m so glad you took precautions so as to avoid any stressful events like losing power right in the middle of ogling Wendy’s beautiful lace or oohing and aahing over those itty-bitty, teeny-tiny shockingly adorable critters.
    Irene didn’t make it to Ohio, but our famblies in VA and NYS had some power outages and some basement flooding, but nothing too traumatic. Phew!

  173. They are both delightful looking book. Pick me, I’d give either one a good home with lots of love.

  174. Saturday while I was driving from Nebraska to Minnesota, I listened to the Weather Channel on satilite radio. Geek!

  175. I’d love to win Wendy’s book!!!

  176. No hurricane news from my part of the country, but I can squeeee!

  177. Squee!
    It was very windy here in Toronto, but didn’t rain or flood or anything.
    (I would love a book!)

  178. Had a beautiful weekend in old Ohio-a little cloudy and breezy but that was all from Irene. Now I’m ready for some lace knitting.

  179. I live in Central Ontario, Canada so was relatively unaffected personally by Irene. I watched the TV coverage with interest, however, and am pleased it was not as strong as had been predicted.
    Squeee! Pick me! I’d love either book but if I had my druthers, I’d take Wendy’s lace book.
    Glad you all are safe.

  180. Squueee! I spent the weekend obsessively checking where Irene was in relation to my family in Maryland and then checking Facebook for their latest posts πŸ™‚

  181. I live in Michigan, so no hurricane for me! I will squee at both of the books, however. I have had my eye on both and would be pleased to own either!

  182. Ok…here it comes…GIANT SQUEEEEEE!!! I’d love to win either of these books, truthfully. Thanks so much for the give-aways!!

  183. What a lovely giveaway! I am in Michigan, so all we got was a little wind yesterday afternoon. Enjoy your vacation! πŸ™‚

  184. I’m in Colorado, so I just watched the hurricane unfold on CNN in the breakroom at work.

  185. I have always found that the way to avoid bad things happening is to prepare for them. Only when I am unprepared do things go sideways. Glad to hear that you folks came through unscathed.
    Being in B.C., we had no worries about Irene, just concern for those in her path.
    Thanks for the contest, and good luck to everyone who hopes to win.

  186. I made good progress on a pair of socks during Irene, my first attempt at a mosaic pattern. So far, so good.

  187. I look at the teeny-tiny mochimochi and think “Cat toys!”

  188. Love hearing about how New Yorkers made it through the last week. Here in earthquake-shaken, “excessive lighting” affected, hurricane-dusted Raleigh, NC, I spent the weekend building lego models with a newly-minted 6 year old boy. And planning some fall knitting. Joy!

  189. I spent my Irene time bemoaning my lack of foresight in the coffee realm. No power. No coffee. It was a sad 19 hours.

  190. Mini Mermaid!!

  191. Okay, I’m not a amigurumi girl, but I know some! Enjoying the cleanup after Irene became a wind storm here instead of a water one. Tons o’ branches and one tree decided to lie down in our new house (our first not in an apartment building) so cleaning the salt off the windows.
    Glad you are all safe too. Enjoy the hamptons, next year in Plymouth!!!!

  192. squeeeeeeeeee! Add me to the drawing. Love that Wendy and her lace.

  193. how would you choose between the two books?

  194. I’d love to win Wendy’s book.

  195. The minimochi book looks so cute. I knit and played with my kids during the hurricane.

  196. Squee!! πŸ˜‰
    Ooh, these both look awesome, thanks for a great giveaway!!
    Jess/Storied Yarns

  197. Squeee! for micro-Mochis! I’d love a whole pack of those tiny knitted toys all over my desk.
    As for Irene, all I got from it was a bunch of newscasters hype – I’m way too far inland to be in her way.

  198. Spent the hurricane time wondering why the East Coast has so much rain and we, in Texas, have none. Of course, we do have record breaking heat — 112 degrees yesterday! Yippee!!

  199. I was knitting my mitered crosses blanket in Brooklyn!

  200. RANDOM ENTRY. I hope you pick this random entry for the lace book.

  201. *SQUEE!* I love me some mochimochi. Lace? We have a detente. Will a glasnost be in our future? Magic 8 ball says, “Ask again later.”

  202. I live in Wisconsin, so we just thought it was weird the local weather was talking non-stop about the weather in another timezone. πŸ™‚

  203. I used to live on the Gulf Coast and have some experience with hurricanes and tropical storms. That may be why I moved to the desert.
    We went to a block party, the dog park, and out for ice cream this weekend.
    Glad you had a fun hurricane experience!

  204. I didn’t squee, but I make it a policy never to squee. I do love tiny knitted things, though. πŸ™‚

  205. Weathered the hurricane in Virginia not far from the epicenter of the earthquake. Glad that week is over!

  206. Both of those books look fantastic! During Irene I was knitting socks while watching a movie and eating junk food just like everybody else in New York πŸ™‚ Oh, and calling friends. (Are you ok over there? We’re good over here.) Now what to do with all that bottled water….

  207. Squee! Teeny Tiny Mochimochi seems to be about the same size as my attention span these days.

  208. We had 12+ hours of non-stop rain. I envy you having those lovely books to squee over. I was stuck with cursing the satellite dish and the scratched dvds from Netflix.

  209. Put me in the bowl to be picked. I would just love to have Wendy’s lace book – just saying.

  210. Ok, so I am not the only one who is amused by Mayor Miguelito’s foreign language skills. I applaud his efforts, but also wonder how someone who lives in Nuevo York can have an accent that bad. For heaven’s sake, watch some Telemundo, dude!

  211. Squeee!
    Here in Rochester NY we didn’t even get rain. The earthquake was more exciting.

  212. Me gusto De Viento tejidos de encaje. Hope you have a nice vacation. Thanks for the fun blog.

  213. Love Mochimochi! Squeee!

  214. want! want! want!

  215. Spent the storm time thinking about my friends in New England whilst enjoying lower humidity and temps in TN.
    Either book looks like fun!

  216. Squeeee! Luckily I live just West enough so we only got some wind (go 20 min East and they were not so lucky). I spent the weekend knitting my Clockwork and watching Netflix.

  217. We had a couple of tremors out here in Northern California this week, no hurricanes though. Guess I shouldn’t be using my earthquake box as my back up pantry – it’s looking kinda empty in there! Glad NY survived Irene more or less in tact!

  218. Spent the storm time thinking about my friends in New England whilst enjoying lower humidity and temps in TN.
    Either book looks like fun!

  219. SQUEEEEE………………love to win Wendy’s book.

  220. man, those Teeny Tiny Mochimochi are SO CUTE! i just finished knitting a kraken for my brother, so it’d be super fun to knit some tiny little friends for it.

  221. Both look like fun!

  222. I had a wonderful weekend, knitting owl motif hats and watching the weather channel.

  223. Cool books!
    Glad you guys made it fine through PITA Irene. I’ve dealt with more hurricanes than I care to think about. They are all PITAs.

  224. I was working on my Camp Loopy sweater during the hurricane.
    Oh, and … … … SQUEE!!!

  225. We lost power during the hurricane, but I used the time to finish weaving all the ends into my Surtsey cardigan – all that’s left are buttons!

  226. SQUEEEE!

  227. Wendy’s book arrived Tuesday and I’m still trying to decide what I have yarn for… Hurricane PITA never made it this far inland. The amazing high pressure bubble over Ohio held it at bay and gave us a beautiful, sunny weekend with comfortable temps in the high 70s – low 80s.

  228. Squee! Thanks for the chance.

  229. SQUEEE Me! Pleeez!

  230. Kay, I kept you and your family in my thoughts this weekend. I have not attempted lace yet and would love to try. Thanks for offering up the books.

  231. Glad to hear you weathered the storm, glad it wasn’t nearly as bad as they were fearing! I would squee if I won one of the books!

  232. Hurricane Irene was a lot like Christmas Day. There was nowhere to go, and nothing to do except eat, knit and read.
    We could all use more days like that, minus the wind, flooding, and power outages.

  233. Being thousands of km away from the hurricane, I didn’t do anything different… but now I want to make a teeny tiny mermaid!!

  234. I live on the West coast, so I got a kick out of the evacuations of the large cities for Irene and all the weirdos that came out of the woods for the reporting of the earthquake. What can I say?

  235. We likewise filled all vessels with water, charged all necessary electronics, and acquired enough batteries to power a small village. Thankfully, aside from a little water in the basement, we saw no action at all.

  236. Squeeeeee!!!!!

  237. I am sitting in my increasingly dark house (still no electricity) trying to think of something good to do – a new knitting book would be awesome!

  238. I spent the duration of Irene safe in Japan, wondering if our house in Virginia would survive. Sadly, it did.

  239. I hauled all my stuff up out of the basement when the power failed at 6:30 a.m. Sunday. Just like the protective properties of charging devices and stockpiling water, this protected said basement from flooding!!

  240. nice not to have to be clever to win a book so
    count me in.

  241. I knit during the Hurricane, here in Virginia, next to the Chesapeake Bay, where, although I worried excessively, maybe because I worried excessively, we had very little damage. Only out of power a few hours. I NEED Wendy’s book because everytime I try lace it kicks my butt. Thank you.

  242. From those of us in Florida who thought we were meant for Cat 3-4 Irene, thank you for taking her off our hands. πŸ™‚

  243. I started reading a great book – Atlantic by Simon Winchester – during the hurricane. There’s nothing better than boat books on a rainy day.

  244. Squee! Awesome books to give away! I’m just sitting here working on a pair of thrummed mittens because, contrary to the gorgeous weather here, it’ll be cold out before we know it! I don’t live on the East Coast but most of my family does and they all made it through with nothing more than a small leak in the basement, thankfully!

  245. I love Wendy’s stuff, I’m sure the lace book is fantastic!
    And everyone could use a book of cute stuff, even just to make you smile as you turn the pages.

  246. When I lost power, I pulled up that old rocker next to the picture window and commenced on the “Dahlia Cardigan”. I learned that it’s not wise to knit lace in mulberry when it’s too dark to see. I’m ripping out half of Chart A. And reknitting it in the light of day (no ETA yet on electricity).

  247. I would love to give such a book to my friend who traversed the continent east to west, then west to east, and could have used a new knitting project, or two, or three, during the seemingly endless delays on Amtrak.
    Also, I enjoy your blog extremely much.

  248. I sat in sunny TX and watched Irene on the internets.

  249. We’re still drying out here in Vermont. Having one of these new books to look through, with projects to plan would make the water damage seem not so bad. Thanks for the chance to win!

  250. Squeeeee! I would love either! Count
    Me in!

  251. Squeeeee !!! Both books look awesome πŸ™‚

  252. I sat at home over the weekend and worried about my family in VA and NC.

  253. Oh Oh! Pick me, Pick me! Jumping up and down sqeeing over hear. During the Hurricane I was over hear in Oregon where we finally have some warm days (summer was late for us) occasionally following Irene’s progress on CNN and Twitter. Sunday when the Hurricane was finished up I was in Portland watching Mama Mia! Good Fun!

  254. I *wish* it would rain here πŸ™ It’s dry as a bone in Texas.

  255. In the land of Earthquakes – nada. Same old, same old. No storms (or moisture of any kind – it’s summer after all). The earth did not move, at least not that you could feel, the earth is a restless creature. A quiet life, I love it.

  256. Esta Indianao pero por respecto we didamos nada pero laundryo and miramos TVese.

  257. I knit up a whole batch of MochiMochi Santa Clauses last Christmas and loved them so much I had trouble parting with them! (not to mention that I was nearly blinded and injured in the knitting of them!) Only the people I most love get the teeny tiny ‘Squeeeee!’ projects!

  258. Squeeeee!! Would love either book.

  259. Squeee!! I’d adore EITHER of these terrific books! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  260. teeny tiny squee for me :-). Not the squee is small but I’d love to win that one!

  261. I live in Maryland near Baltimore. We got a good soaking here. I brought in the patio furniture and weighted down the basement window covers. I gathered all the flashlights in the house and parked myself in front of the TV to watch movies and knit. As it happens, I’m working on Wendy’s Vernal Equinox shawl pattern. It’s the third of her shawl patterns that I’ve knit. Can’t wait to see her new book!

  262. Wow, what cool books! I cast on for the second sleeve of my “Max, Queen of the Wild Things” sweater. That meant several small tubes because half-fingered gloves are knit into the sleeves! Crazy cozy knitting!

  263. I’d love to try lace knitting with the expert advice of a guru. And by all means, SQUEEEEE!
    I love your little note on the imac about pointless surfing. Would that I could follow that advice!

  264. Squeee! Mochimochi goes mini!!!

  265. If there’s anything I need in my life right now, it’s definitely a “buttload of lace”. Pick me, pick me!!!

  266. ME!!! Me please! I’d love the lace book for suuuure:-)

  267. SQUEEE!!!!

  268. I would love to win either book, but I do have a yen to learn how to knit lace properly.
    THanks for the opportunity to win a book!

  269. Glad you are OK! I have never had to experience a hurricane or earthquake or anything like that over here in Australia.
    I love the look of the lace knitting book!

  270. Not much of a squeeeeer, but more of an “awwwwwww”er. Both of these books make me want to knit knit knit! Thanks for the giveaway!

  271. SQUEE! (But that’s about the lace book!)

  272. I was at Stitches Midwest over the weekend!

  273. Um… Squee?

  274. Would love to win either of these and I promise to squeeeeee if you pick my name!

  275. I love the itty bitty knits. Don’t think they’ll help much with reducing the stash but I still want to knit them all.

  276. Me, way in the back, jumping up and down, waving my arms and yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!”

  277. I was wondering how the hurricane was affecting you. You’re the only New Yorker I “know”! I’m way over in the middle of the country so the only weather we got were weather reports about y’all! The books sound fantastic! So, SQUEEE!!!!!

  278. I was hanging out laundry and avoiding national news (in sunny, not too breezy California).

  279. i was born in elizabeth new jersey and remember
    no name and lived in ma,now live florida
    andrew charley packing up and katrina passing by
    listen and be safe it woudn’t hurt
    put me into the pot another one is out there
    not even september yet

  280. Oh….I’ve seen Wendy’s new book at our library and would love to have my own copy. I love knitting lace.

  281. Yes, WendyKnits certainly does knit a “buttload” of lace! And those tiny Mochimochi are squee-worthy, for sure.

  282. Mucho grande squee!

  283. There was much panic baking then when power was restored a mere 8 hours into our powerless Sunday (including the 3+ hours we were all asleep), there was ordinary overeating, celebratory TV watching, no knitting and much relief.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  284. Both of these books look great! I’ve been following Anna’s teeny-tiny since the first weeks on her blog, and I love it.

  285. Wish we had some rain here. All it has done in the past 9 weeks is dot the sidewalk once. Blisterin hot.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  286. Squee….two great must have books.
    Way out west the sun was shining while Irene was there….we’re sending it your way.

  287. I would love a copy of Wendy Knits Lace so Cheryl Can Knit Lace.

  288. I’m doing my very first lace project with my very first use of lace weight yarn. I’m smitten with lace. I follow Wendy’s blog. She gets alot of projects off those needles.

  289. Thanks for the opportunity!
    During Irene’s reign (har) I tied down a tomato plant – during which time I saw a neighbor’s tree limb fall on my fence and shed, compiled some website data for work, knitted, and read.
    It was kind of awesome.

  290. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pick me, pick me, pick me.
    I’d love either of those books!

  291. Irene was the name of my ex MIL. You can bet I was watching her track with an extra-careful eye.
    FYI, I finished this past spring my first M-D log cabin. Which I’d bought the book and yarn for several years earlier, but had awaited the right bambino to spur me on. Baby lives in China, and the whole family apparently executed a full-on squee over it.

  292. Ohhh the Mochimochi book looks like such fun. I made Anna’s litte bunnies at Easter and could easily getted hooked. Did I mention the 3 year twins next door (and their 18 month old sister) who would all be enchanted by teeny, tiny toys. I have a wee alligator that is looking to move over now – he just lacks the courage to go alone. Please help.

  293. I’m in Ohio, so no Irene for me, but my brother and sister-in-law (in Williamsburg) lost the tree in their front yard. Apparently, like your Central Park tree, it just decided to have a kip with its roots in the air. Glad you came through the storm all right!

  294. Could you be bribed with an invite to Greasapalooze this weekend. If it fits in a turkey fryer we will gladly fry it – from fish to Peeps!

  295. Have to say I just hunkered down and ate chicken & dumplings during irene. And I also stalked what patterns were being offered in the Wendy Knits Lace book. And I want it.

  296. irene didn’t bother us much but i did pray a lot for all my friends and family in her path. they all made it through just a little damp and in the dark, but safe and sound otherwise.

  297. I’m so glad you made it through safely and watered and powered.
    Those both look like fabulous books. If, perchance, I am a winner, you can go ahead an put me in fourth place. My husband is about to have surgery, and I might not be back to the computer on Friday. I would be pleased as punch to receive either.

  298. I slept through the edge of Irene. When I woke up and saw the power was off, I decided to go back to sleep until it came on again. Mission accomplished. My squeee-er is not broken — the little gnome does it for me.

  299. I live in the midwest so it was business as usual here. I have been knitting baby items though to pass the baseball hours though.

  300. Oh good lord, just look at that itty bitty mermaid bra! At least it’s got to be softer than seashells.

  301. I was working away here in Nashville. I’m glad you kept safe. We suffered through a flood a little over a year ago, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, much less a hurricane!

  302. The teeny tiny mochi might be about all I can manage to knit right now before I pass out in the evenings after teaching all day and then taking care of my own two. Squeee…zzzzz….

  303. Squeee! I would call both of those books squee-worthy. They both look really amazing.

  304. Squee!
    I knit. Should have been doing other things during Pain in the Ass Irene, but I knit πŸ™‚ Of course, being on the west side of the continent, Pain in the Ass Irene really wasn’t much of a Pain in the Ass.

  305. I am so glad to have power again – it was not even 24 hours without it but it was long enough!!!

  306. So how many New Yorkers were in Irish pubs last night singing “Good Night Irene”! I especially like “Wendy Knits Lace” but certainly would enjoy receiving either. Glad you are safe and sound.

  307. Knitting lace for my niece’s wedding right now! Halfway through “The Tudors”. Whoa!

  308. squee! And, this Michigander was watching the every-network coverage of Hurricane Irene, until my nephew’s girlfriend (they live in Manhattan) Facebooked that Irene was the lamest hurricane ever. Then I turned off the tv and knit. But I am sending good thoughts to all those people out there facing the horrible flooding.

  309. squee! And, this Michigander was watching the every-network coverage of Hurricane Irene, until my nephew’s girlfriend (they live in Manhattan) Facebooked that Irene was the lamest hurricane ever. Then I turned off the tv and knit. But I am sending good thoughts to all those people out there facing the horrible flooding.

  310. Squee! Both books look most excellent.

  311. They look like 2 great books to have!

  312. Squee – I love book giveaways!!

  313. I’m squeeeing. Why are tiny things so darn cute!?

  314. Pick me! pick me!

  315. Both great new books! I went hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains while Irene went through the Northeast. Beautiful day…

  316. While we sat here in NC (three hours from the coast) we watched a ton of Netflix movies through our Wii. No loss of power, no significant amount of knitting done, no cooking, no cleaning………just naps on the couch.
    Carolyn in NC

  317. I spent Pain in the butt irene, trying to get back to the east coast… and ended up from driving syracuse back to Maine… that’s what I did! πŸ™‚ So excited to have a shot!

  318. squeeee! I’m up in the top left corner of the US, so had a dry and calm time of it.

  319. I spent the whole weekend watching Mad Men and knitting–thank God for Irene/Jon Hamm!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!

  320. Not very original, but SQUEEEE! No hurricane here – just helped my daughter learn to ride a 2-wheeler this weekend – yay!

  321. Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. Love, love teeny tiny mochimochi. That toilet has personality!

  323. Both the books look great but my kids would love the little Knit toys.

  324. squeeeeeeeeee!

  325. Great books! I watched the Weather Channel all day and worried about my friend in Richmond VA and my daughter, who is a freshman (!) at RPI–in the path of a much-reduced Irene.

  326. Squeeeeee to the sqeee-th power! (What? It’s totally a word!)

  327. I hate yo’s after purls too! And I agree that the book should be subtitled “a buttload of lace.” I just got it for the library where I work: lots o lace! Glad to hear all is well in Kayland!

  328. I’m totally down with the squee! I would love either of those books

  329. I am a New Yorker and I followed Irene on twitter. I am not sure who amused me more, el mayoro, you, or Alec Baldwin.

  330. Glad you got to rest, read and relate during Irene.
    Here in Texas, no tropical storms, just buttloads of haze, heat, and humidity. Perfect weather for staying inside knitting lace!

  331. Oh, I totally want the teeny tiny cuteness of the mochimochi. Please :0) I know a school treasure box squeeing, right as I type this.

  332. I’ve been waiting for both of these to come out!
    Irene was lots of wind and rain for me in northern VA, but my power stayed on. My mom lost part of her fence to a tree.
    Now, the earthquake was a bigger deal. I was in a sixth floor office watching the windows across the way ripple like water! Freaky.

  333. I was in Baltimore for a wedding this past weekend…had a blast…got wet…went back to the Midwest! mary in Cincinnati

  334. Squee! I was on the side of NC that got absolutely no Irene-related weather at all. Which made it perfect weather for…knitting.

  335. I certainly hope I win but I hope I’m number 4 so I don’t have to agonize over which one to pick.

  336. I played Star Wars Monopoly and drank multiple different types of pumpkin beer with friends.

  337. Must have mochimochi! πŸ™‚

  338. I was enjoying the hot weather in CA, and just feeling sorry for all the east coasters crazy weather and earthquakes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  339. I decided to spend Hurricane Irene Saturday on I -90 in upper NY state with the convoys of electric company trucks heading East to help. Actually, it made me feel good to see everyone, and by everyone I mean everyone with a useful skill, heading off to help.

  340. Thankfully Hurricane Irene was just a wind event in my area of the Maritimes, but with trees close to the house it is always a worry. Great for line drying sheets at the end of the event though!

  341. Oh please, pick me – Squee! I would dearly love either book. No hurricane in the NW but we did have a few sprinkles, I watched the whole thing on the internet and knitted three hats in one day!

  342. Would love either one!

  343. I have some friends who were hit hard by Irene (I’m on a Sherlock Holmes kick, so she’s Tropical Storm Adler to me), but I’m in Ohio, so it was all at a distance. And, because I have no cable, I did not even turn on the weather channel.

  344. Squee! Wendy knits lace bee-yewtifully!
    Enjoy your disaster-free vacation.

  345. Awesome, I would love to win either one of the books. πŸ™‚ Thanks for offering this chance! SQUEEE…

  346. Sympathy plea: I stood for hours in the driving rain and wind in Baltimore Saturday night to tell my viewers about Irene. So I should get the lace book, eh? Please?

  347. Irene gave me a whole day to pick up where I had left off on my latests lace shawl. Squee!

  348. Boy, what a week: earthquake, fires, and then hurricane. Ready for some great knitting books, yarn, and projects. Hope I win and love your blog.

  349. SQUEEE Me! Pleeez!

  350. Wendy’s new book? SQUEEEE!!!

  351. Both of these books look great! I have had my eye on both of them. Irene didn’t do too much damage here in Maine. There are many people without power, but we lucked out. However, it caused a delay of school – no teacher workshop today, but there was plenty of sun to play in today.

  352. We are SLAP worn out after this week full of natural disasters! What a nice contest.

  353. Glad to hear you made it OK. I was sooo happy that my class on the East Coast was the previous two weeks instead of ending last week. I would still have been trying to get back to the West Coast.

  354. Would love to play too! We don’t do hurricanes on this coast.

  355. Here’s a squee for Wendy’s book!

  356. I would love one of the books. thanks for considering me.

  357. Mil gracias for introducing us to @ElBloombito, Kay.
    I spent the hurricane (which was feistier in MD than in NY apparently) checking the cellar drain.

  358. I’d love to own one of those books!!!

  359. squee, both of those book look great.

  360. Got company, got sick, but did NOT get flooded! squeeeeeee!

  361. My mom keeps telling me to stop knitting garter stitch and branch out — I could go in either the lace direction or the mochimochi direction!

  362. “Biggie Squalls”. ***snort***. You’re good, Kay Gardiner.

  363. I’m so happy to be in MI right now, escaping the earthquakes that plagued my childhood in southern CA and the whole hurricane thing that the south and east coasters get. Now, come this winter when it’s -30 with wind chill and snow that’s 3 feet deep and comes to my waist and I’ll be cursing this state blue. Until then though……knit on!

  364. Lace, the new socks! I spent Irene knitting socks!

  365. Here’s my entry. I spent the hurricane enjoying our beautiful weekend and listening to a bunch of over-excited newscasters go on and on and on and on……

  366. Squeeeeee, I guess!

  367. Being in the midwest during Irene, I really just tweeted with my east coast buddies making sure everyone was okay! I have been lusting after that Wendy Knits Lace book for months!

  368. Hurricane Irene gave us beautiful weather here in Tennessee so I spent the weekend enjoying the weather!

  369. Tiny knits? Yes, please. I slept through Hurricane Irene after stocking up on apples, Cheetos and water. It was a minor let down.

  370. Squee is an understatement! I’ve been eyeballing these books for weeks but am, to my great despair, on a spending diet. During Irene I was reduced to re-reading my 1980’s “Big Book of Knitting” complete with eye-searing intarsia boxy sweaters of doom. I need these books to save me from my knitting book stash.

  371. I made the free tiny chicken from the pattern that Craft magazine posted and I’d love to make tons more of these teeny projects. Btw, we named the chicken “Popcorn” ;b

  372. I love mochimochi patterns, they are so darn cute and fun to knit! Love Wendy’s blog, as well, and could definitely use some clear instructions on lace work.

  373. I spend the hurricane weekend enjoying the beautiful Nebraska weather. As you know, we don’t say that very often. Love the lace!

  374. Squeee! Teeny-tiny things are always cuter!

  375. I would love either book! Spent our storm-time the best way we knew how, cooking & diving into a couple bottles of wine. πŸ™‚ Did a few rows on my cowl, too, then remembered drinking & knitting doesn’t always work out… πŸ™‚

  376. Ohhhhhhhh! My local library, you know I love my local library, does not have these books. They don’t seem to be in the queue. Oh…they have 2 Wendy J socks books…that’s it. And noooooo mochimochi. Oh. You rock for having this giveaway!

  377. I was in the midst of starting school when Hurricane Irene swept through. You’d be surprised how little a hurricane on the East Coast matters when you live in the serious Midwest, especially when it is still 100 degrees here and Midwesterners are busy talking about when the heat will break. Glad you made it!

  378. Here in Philly we were wet-vaccing our basement and watching Harry Potter movies. No power outage in our house! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  379. What I Did During My Sum, no strike that, Time With The Hurricane….
    *Surf net, knit, spin, check weather report and hurricane tracking map, show hurricane pics to skeptical 13 yr old, eat (nice muffins, hon)* sleep.

  380. Glad you made it through Irene ok. I would love to win either one of these books. What a great giveaway!

  381. hey ladies,
    I have made one log cabin blanket (not quite finished sewing in the ends), but as you know its never going to end with one.

  382. I would love to add either book to my library. Like the other Michiganders who have posted I saw none of Irene’s effects. But we will get our’s this winter.

  383. I have a fear of little critters and lace will these books help me get over the fears?

  384. Ooo la la! Je think it would be tres manifique if El Bloombito switched it up en Francais, oui ou non?

  385. Squee! What a great reminder to add mochimochiland into the RES reader on the schmancy new phone (but of course you ladies are already in there)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  386. Oooh, what an exciting give away! Thanks so much for doing this!!! *crossing fingers*

  387. Who can resist? Squee!!

  388. Okay, sorry, I’m not a “squee” sort of person unless there are kittens or free yarn involved…
    But I *am* a moan kinda gal – as in > look at how beautiful that lace is…!

  389. It’s a sad state of affairs here in Texas when people wish a hurricane would hit just so we could cool off. Two months of 100+ deg heat has affected our brains!
    However, I’ve done more knitting than usual, since gardening is kind of a pointless activity. Both books look fun!

  390. I am melting in the heat that is Texas. I guess it’s better than if I were still in Maryland over the weekend, right?

  391. I have GOT to knit me a tiny mermaid.

  392. Glad to hear that Irene has passed by and that you all are well. Let’s all hope that mother nature takes it easy for a while.

  393. Squeeee. That is all.

  394. Great books! Being in the Midwest, I spent the earthquake and Irene enjoying perfect late August weather and worrying about East Coast folks!

  395. Glad to hear that you and yours are safe and sound. You seem to follow the same philosophy as I do: charge everything, plan ahead, assume everything will go to hell in a pretty basket, and NOTHING HAPPENS.
    To beat ice and snow here in Western Washington (where snow really is a rarity), all I have to do it buy canned soup!

  396. Squeeeeeeeee

  397. I live in Colorado, so I went yarn shopping. It was great. The hurricane didn’t bother me at all!

  398. I squeee when I win things. Well, the one time I won something I squeed, so maybe it could happen again.

  399. Up here in Ontario Irene brought us the most beautiful sunset…I heard someone on the weather network saying that they got tons of calls and pictures emailed in.
    Glad you’re ok down there!
    & SQUEE!

  400. Put my name in the hat!!! Thanks for your generosity.

  401. Hey Kay,
    I spent “Irene the big pain in the ass hurricane” on Block Island with my husband and kids. There was a mad exodus and many hours wait for the ferry, so we stayed. Besides, Jens and Nils, my teenage guys refused to entertain any suggestions of high-tailing it back to Jersey because, come on.. “the surf on Monday will be killer”, which of course it was. I am now sitting here in this beach house hoping that internet surfing will treat me better than the killer surf.
    Your Princeton fan…Martha

  402. I’ll take the Wendy Knits a Buttload if I am the lucky winner. Here in central Illinois we just watched Hurc Eileen on teevee. It did look devastating, though. My prayers are with the survivors.

  403. With the hurricane came an unexpected day off- Yahoo!! So I spent the day knitting. (What else does one do with the gift of a free day?)

    OK, now that I sound like a mouse on speed (which could be an amigurumi subject, I suppose), I may say that I would be ever so overjoyed if the random number generator picked me and I won EITHER of these lovely books, both of which are on My List.
    Have a wonderful trip, and may there be no volcanoes in your path!

  405. Those books look yummy!

  406. I’m sorry to admit I enjoyed absolutely stunning weather in Chicago during the Hurricane, I also felt very sorry for the Vermont people because it doesn’t seem like Vermont should every have to deal with hurricanes!

  407. Oh my goodness! I love both of these books and have wanted them since I first heard of them! I hope I win!

  408. Squeeeee! pick me! oh, please, pick me!

  409. We are day 3 of no power or hot water. My house is about to have a tree fall on it. Our neighborhood’s beach road, seawall and dock are destroyed, my neighbors were flooded. I spent all day Saturay at the hospital with my sister who we thought had appendicitis but it was pneumonia. And. I’m. At. My. Inlaws. not too much to squee about πŸ˜‰
    However, my autographed MDK books are safe, I don’t know anyone who was hurt, got the day off of work for free and got to have a lot of extra fun with boys! Oh and the night sky is amazing tonight with all the power out. There is a big fat silver lining to the 400 mile wide storm cloud! Just hope this is it for another 25 years!

  410. I was in Durham NC, home of the Duke Blue Devils and UNC’s Tarheels, for Irene. We got wind and a tiny amount of rain. Friday night and Saturday while in high hurricane watch mode were good times for knitting.
    the books look great–it would be fun to win either one!

  411. Glad to hear you survived Irene! And as for the books: SQUEEEE! (I’m squeeeing over Wendy’s lace book, in particular – I seem to be in a lace phase…. or at least in a thinking-about-lace phase….!)

  412. Squeee! My daughter and I drove around looking at the flooded roads in our neighborhood and enjoyed how bright everything is after the storm.

  413. I would love to have a copy of Wendy’s book. Also, would love some rain here in Texas.

  414. I actually kept my promise to finish what I was knitting – a top down cardigan in Madelinetosh DK – before casting on for a new project! (We’re not talking about the thirty or so things already on needles. ) It was a good knitting weekend. We had the power!

  415. The Earthquaked (and I saw the stage curtains and movie screen sway back and forth); my husband went out to the courtyard in the middle of the Pentagon expecting to see smoke… Irene just left alot of much-desired rain. (I am SO GLAD it wasn’t snow…never want to see another Snowpocalypse.)

  416. Hubby and I spent the weekend waiting (fruitlessly) for Irene to take down our trees. A little knitting and streaming of Star Trek DS9 was done. My family to the south of us (Richmond VA) was not as fortunate and are now waiting for their power to be restored. Sadly many beautiful trees in Richmond were lost but not our dead tree.

  417. Wow, the Wendy Knits Lace book looks wonderful! I’m over on the west coast, so I just watched from afar.

  418. Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    That was fun! (I am obviously easily pleased…)

  419. Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    That was fun! (I am obviously easily pleased…)

  420. Wow,Wendy Knits Lace looks just what I need to start a lace project. Happy you are fine, worried our third child would be flooded out of residence hall in Maryland-he is fine, me-worn out!

  421. Squeeee Me Plea!

  422. Squeeee Me Plea!

  423. Squee! And, um, Lace!
    And during Irene I knitted mitered squares when I was supposed to be test-knitting a cowl for a friend. Bad friend! But the afghan is a wedding present. Ok, good friend to engaged couple, bad friend to sweet designer.

  424. Squeee!! Since I live in the Midwest we didn’t get any Iren damange. I’ve just been taking care of a sick, now getting better bunny

  425. I am already planning on knitting the Teeny Tiny Santas for Christmas this year. Oh, Mochimochi, please be mine!!

  426. Knit! Yarn! Fun! Squee! Wendy Knits a Buttload of BEAUTIFUL Lace looks like a wonderful book.

  427. Survived Irene, but my kids are not happy. It kept PaPa Buoy (if you are 2), or Grandpa Bruce (if you are very sophisticated kindergartener) stuck in NY when he should have been here in Montana for the momentous first day of school. I hope there are no more plagues to keep him from arriving for the High Holidays.

  428. If only there was a book for knitting teeny tiny wee little lace….

  429. squueeeeeeeeee!!

  430. For once, it was someone else’s hurricane. I compulsively watched it on TV (’cause that’s what Louisianans DO with hurricanes) and knit on my LSU Bohus sweater.

  431. My three year old son has expressed an interest in knitting. And by that I mean he asks me EVERY DAY when I am going to teach him to knit. Sweetly, he refers to “yarn” as “knit”, as in “Mama? Can you put some knit through the hole in this bookmark so it is a special knit bookmark?”
    He would like teeny mochi mochi and would squee as only three year old boys can. (Loudly) (and with gusto).

  432. So glad so many are safe. I’m a New Orleanian and feel the pain of the folks in Vermont…and I appreciate the exhaustion of uncertainty! I spent Irene worrying about my daughter, newly decanted at college in New York (her text message: “A hurricane? In New York? REALLY?”). Says it all……..

  433. Squeeeeee!

  434. How are Tiny things always so much cuter than they ought to be? It is like magic!

  435. squeeeee!
    (it’s about all I can handle right now – I started my first real job as a doctor and the clinic made do with generator power until we got hooked up again this afternoon. The house two lots down from the clinic was split in two by an old oak tree (roots all upended) and the power lines at the end of that road look like they’re trying to waltz together. The geometry of the not quite downed lines is actually pretty. Prettier now that I have my power back though.)

  436. Irene was fine: baked a cake, knitted on ‘just enough ruffles’ and watched movies with the 9 year old.

  437. Squeee! Love them both. Would love to win one. I just have to say it again, squeee.

  438. Two great books! Thanks for the give-away! We stayed dry in Western NY.

  439. During Irene, I stood in my doorway and watched the huge tree behind the across-the-street neighbor sway in the wind. It’s probably 4 stories high and I think is the tallest of its kind in Virginia. It was amazing to watch it absorb 60mph gusts! It’s still standing.
    I thought we had made it out relatively unscathed until we ventured out around the neighborhood and city. My block was one of the lucky ones that only lost a few branches and still has electricity. A lot of downed trees and damaged homes and cars in the surrounding blocks. It looks like I won’t be working this week because that area was hit worse.

  440. I live in a section of Virginia that was completely unaffected by Irene. We had perfect weather for four straight days. I went camping and spent some time knitting in my tent (among other camping and non-knitting activities).

  441. Oh Squeee, Oh Squeee
    It’s lovely to be
    In Colorado
    Away from the Sea
    (And with all rhymes aside, My prayers are with all of those affected by the nasty storm…What a mess it has made)

  442. Like several other posters -I live in MN – no earth quake, no hurricane.
    I like them both – but I especially like the lace one.

  443. Squeeee in Idaho which does get earthquakes but no hurricanes.

  444. Kay, nothing pertinent to say except I’m throwing my hat in the book ring. Peace, Emily (julianscat)

  445. Lovely lace book. Glad you fared well in Irene’s wake.

  446. I live in Kansas. During Hurricane Irene I obsessively checked Facebook posts from friends on the east coast. No one I know even lost power, and their posts went something like this:
    “Hmm, kinda windy.” (Being as most of my east coasts friends originated in Kansas, it takes a lot of wind to impress them.)
    “Manhattan is deserted. Nice.”
    “Nothing much happening here.”
    “Oh hey, a tree fell over! Awesome!”

  447. Both books seem squee-worthy! Enjoy the weekend.

  448. Squeeeeeee! I’m overseas but was on the Skype a lot w/son who lives in Queen, NY ….
    and hopefully no-one will rename Wendy’s book to “Wendy Unwinds” LOL …. love your Twitter (un)book titles today!

  449. Firstly, I am thankful that you are safe and sound in the wake of Hurricane Irene!! I just learned of this contest via a tweet from Amy Singer(knitty.com) … I have several of your books, and would love to add one of these books to my collection!!! Thanks for holding the give-away!!

  450. We have emergency plans and boxes in the event of earthquakes and tornados, but now I think I may need to create and emergency knitting kit. Glad to know you made it through w/o problems.

  451. Love yer blog! Squee! Hoping to see a pattern for Ann’s not-free form mitered action–I’m not clever about being free-form. Keep up the good work; I heart you! Squee from Buffalo!

  452. The power was out for 33 hours and once again I knit in the dark–I did pull out the flashlight to make sure I got my SSK right.

  453. There’s a bazillion comments already, but I want in on this action!
    I would love to see what Wendy knits, lace-wise, and I think even my soon-to-be-13-year-old boy would have to admit that those mochimochi things are cute. So sign me up!
    Thanks for entertaining us every dang time you guys write.

  454. We’re in upstate NY and during the hurricane I sat down and knit on my project. The day before I did the laundry, vacuumed, and cleaned so that if we lost our power we would be in good shape.

  455. Sendo me uno copio of el Wendy libre por favor!

  456. Squee! (I’m pretty sure that’s the first and last time I’ll squee. I don’t think it suits me.)

  457. Squeeee…glad to hear you are safe and sound! Really, no better way wait out a storm than by knitting.

  458. Send water to Texas. We need some puddle wonderfulness.

  459. LACE!! The intimidating aspect of lace!! How I wish to conquer it and go forth into light, airy, breezy scarves and shawls! I want to knit a butt-load of lace, please.
    As for Irene, I am in Vancouver, Canada and my parents are in Connecticut, so I kept checking the internet to see where the storm was. They didn’t get hit too hard – never lost power. I spent the day at the beach – blue sky, temp in the low 70’s, absolutely beautiful!

  460. My squee-R never developed. I spent Irene doing so much work I wish the tornado horn had sounded so I could go to the basement and knit.

  461. In Indiana, where Irene did not bother us weatherwise, just the all encompassing coverage on various media.
    And for the record, Squee!
    The real trick would be to knit lacy little shawls for the tiny knits!

  462. I hardly know WHAT to say as both hurricanes and earthquakes are exceedingly rare in SE Wisconsin. Although a friend did claim to feel a tremor at an appropriate time following YOUR earthquake, at the same time as noted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal–does that count?
    No, well then, SQUEEEEE!

  463. I knitted tiny mountains for my family from the first book. I would love the second one! Thanks for the chance!

  464. We dodged a bullet with Irene. I sat watching the creek in our backyard which overflows with any heavy rain. It never even came close during Irene. Not complaining!
    Love both books!

  465. Awesome! I just borrowed Knitting MochiMochi by the same author and it is too, too cute! And of course, Wendy’s books are truly excellent. Would love to win either one!

  466. Gracias for the generous giveaway!!!

  467. By the time you were dealing with Irene we were moving deck furniture back outside and unloading the cooler we packed in anticipation of power outages we never received.

  468. By the time you were dealing with Irene we were moving deck furniture back outside and unloading the cooler we packed in anticipation of power outages we never received.

  469. wowweee!

  470. Pick me…pick me

  471. Glad you’re o.k. Feeling a little guilty here in Washington State. No heatwaves, earthquakes, or destructive storms. I’ve knit the teeny tiny gnome and would love the other patterns.

  472. Squee for mochimochi! I love those miniatures!

  473. (a shameful c&p from my blog, as I stayed up way too late and am too tired to think of anything to say)
    Irene said to say hi. She left a huge mess in my yard from the gigantic party she threw for her kazillions of raindrop groupies. They all came by wind, which, while being an eco-friendly mode of transportation, also decided to have their own party with live-leaf confetti.
    Uppity teenage hurricanes. Can’t live with ’em, can’t convince ’em to clean up after themselves.

  474. Squee indeed! SQUEEE!
    Irene and I spent some quality time here in PA, her dumping yet more rain on our heads, and me improvising and sewing a DPN case. It turned out to be a delightful day, if a bit soggy. Our power blinked for all of a minute. Can’t complain.

  475. Soy feliz que estas bien despues de Irene.(I’m happy you survived Irene.)
    Love, love, love your blog.
    Would love, love, love a book.

  476. Amazingly it wasn’t California that had the earthquake and floods. Those of you went through this are in my thoughts.
    Oh, and Squee!!!

  477. Oh goodness gracious!! Squee! Oh he adorableness. πŸ™‚

  478. Lace, lace, SQUEE!

  479. I might have to make me that mermaid. Because who doesn’t need a tiny knitted mermaid?

  480. We didn’t feel Hurricane Irene here in Alaska and I don’t have TV so the only news I heard about it was from reading knitting blogs. I also watched some videos of “Goodnight Irene” on youtube and sent well-wishes Easterly.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  481. My house only has room for tiny things. We must fit more cuteness!

  482. I’m sure one of the previous 481 (!) commenters already mentioned this, but out here in the Bay Area we had a sympathy quake last Tuesday night. At 3.6, not nearly as exciting as 5.8, but a nice gentle roll around 11:30 p.m. (bedtime) to remind us that usually we are the ones with the shaky fun ground.

  483. I “managed” Irene by being in Seattle visiting family and left my husband to deal with it. I squee more for lace than mini, but that’s all personal preference.

  484. oy, that’s a lot of comments.
    thank you for all the fun you share.

  485. LOVE lace — squeee!!!

  486. Both of the books look amazing. I’ve been waiting until the 30th to pick up Wendy Knits Lace in digital form, and I simply can’t wait to jump in and make something right away.
    The teeny mochimochi book look fantastic as well. I definitely squee’d.

  487. I am a long-time knitter that wants to stretch my abilities into this wonderful, burgeoning world of lace!

  488. Kept refreshing the twitter feed, checking in on my east coast friends. Happy everyone was uber prepared.

  489. Sorry I can’t squee. Every time I see that word, it reminds me of that horrible Ned Beatty scene in “Deliverance”. But I can and often do happy dance.
    So glad Irene was kind to you. She was so nasty-nasty in some of her other stops!

  490. We’ve had a few small but noticeable earthquakes in San Francisco since the East Coast one. I think it’s the West Coast trying to commiserate with the East Coast’s current distress!

  491. Quite the week, eh? I watched a lifetime’s worth of the weather channel mixed with knitting and summer work nagging. Do your kids have the dreaded summer work? Philly is mucho soggy.

  492. We didn’t have a hurricane, but I did spend the weekend beating a storm out of a Balinese Gamelan orchestra. And I would LOVE a copy of Wendy Knits (a buttload of) Lace.
    Jen x

  493. Squee…could also be called…book for those that absolutely, positively MUST use every last little inch of a ball of yarn…

  494. Glad you survived the hurricane unscathed. Thanks for the great giveaway. Sara in AL

  495. Squee!

  496. Put my name in. I’d love to win either book.

  497. I’m glad Irene slowed down for ya’ll! These books both look grand!

  498. I spent the hurricane day (here in central Maine it was just a very blustery day) reading “The Help” on the sun porch where there was lots of light since our power was out for the afternoon and evening. It was my last day off before the school year and, frankly, it was lovely to not have anywhere to go or anything to do! I’d love a copy of Wendy’s book if my name is drawn. Thanks!

  499. I hid out in the mountains, far, far away from some broad named Irene

  500. I spent the hurricane day (here in central Maine it was just a very blustery day) reading “The Help” on the sun porch where there was lots of light since our power was out for the afternoon and evening. It was my last day off before the school year and, frankly, it was lovely to not have anywhere to go or anything to do! I’d love a copy of Wendy’s book if my name is drawn. Thanks!

  501. Our earth quaked a bit and we had spectacular sunsets courtesy of Irene. All the extended family across the east coast was safe although a few were still without power. Both books are Squeee worthy. Would love either one.

  502. i’d sure like to lay down with that lace book (and a cup of tea) – i already did all my squeeing when my copy of mochimochi arrived a couple of weeks ago. i spent the dia del hurricano going about my general business, blissfully free of water and electricity worries as i live in germany. i did live in puerto rico for a couple of years and experienced the full might of hurricane hugo and the follow up of 10 days without electricity…

  503. I’ve had my eye on the Wendy Knits Lace book since Amazon kindly recommended it as a preorder. Now that reviews are popping out I’m even more intrigued.
    *fingers crossed*

  504. Took me a while to figure out what the little green thing on the cover of The arigurami book was….it is a cactus, right?

  505. I finished a tiny Phildar penguin while waiting for the rest of my family to wake up – a concerned relative called at 7.20am on Sunday to see if I was okay! No sleep-in for me!

  506. When I saw the Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi book announced I was so excited! I have her first book and absolutely love it. I’d love to have her new one!

  507. I spent the hurricane weekend fielding panicked relations and chatting with my NYC-bound twin sister, who couldn’t be bothered with said relations. And turns out everything is fine anyway.
    I admit to being disappointed that I missed the earthquake, though.

  508. I know a little girl who is beginning knitting who would squeeee. Loudly.

  509. Hi! How can I resist such a chance? Both of these books are on my “books I will buy when I finish paying this year’s tuition for two children in college” list. Or maybe I should change that to “books I will buy when I win the lottery” list.
    I went to church during Irene and sang “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere” in barbershop harmony. It is an old tune, the first line of which is “Somewhere the sun is shining…”. The congregation downright giggled at that, I can tell you.

  510. I was in Chicago listening to all the East Coasters complain. In Minnesota we have winter but no earthquakes or hurricanes.

  511. I had a lazy weekend in Washinton Height! Was knitting a baby sweater and realized it will be too big because the yarn I used is thicker than the pattern specified. I blamed it on the hurricane! I bought the wool and Pattern in different places and in a rush on Friday as everyone else was hording water and supplies. Trader Joes on 72nd had a line around the block so i skipped it. I talked to a nice girl on the M5 bus who lamented not being able to get h2o at Trader Joes and
    i told her to get her Brita pitcher out and fill up some pots that had covers. Found out, also on the bus that someone
    was getting married on Saturday. Well the Irish say rain on your wedding day is lucky. I am not sure if that is a holdover from pagan druid times or a way to comfort girls in a country know to have significant amounts of rain.
    Watched movies and loved Mars Needs Moms and Made in Dagenham! Went to the local supermarket for basics and found the Malta section cleaned. To my Dominican neighbors,
    who know a real tropical storm when they see one, priorities were different from the gringos in the hood. Went out at 8 pm on saturday to feed feral cats in alley. Raining, but hardly any wind. Guys playing dominos on wadsworth ave under building scaffolding didn’t seem too worried about la Irenita.
    That’s it. πŸ™‚

  512. Lovely books, lovely blog, so fun! I’m just getting started knitting lace, and a friend wants me to help her figure out some mochimochi squee, which I have never done, so both books sound great to me!

  513. Wow! Both of those books look like fun, fun, fun.

  514. Please oh knitting mojo, bring me home a new Wendy Knits book. I’ve heard so much about this book already that it must be amazing. I love knitting lace, wearing lace, looking at lace, reading about lace………………..

  515. Oh Sqeeeee is right! Both books are amazing! Fingers crossed!

  516. Oh, lace. I bet Wendy does do it in STYLE.
    Glad all’s well with you, hope LongGuy-land looks as well for you. We’re slowly using up our gallons and gallons of drawn water for cooking pasta and drinking and being thankful all our prep was unnecessary in the end.

  517. Amazingly, by coincidence, though we were out of the path of the hurricane, we were still without power for several hours on Saturday. Then some tree service decided to block us out of our street for several more hours so they could remove two very tall trees from behind the house on the street next to ours. I think I would have rather been waiting out a hurricane inside with my knitting.

  518. Glad you made it through Irene okay! Thanks as well for the giveaway, ‘Wendy Knits Lace’ looks lovely.
    I’m in Austria right now, so nowhere near the storm, but I was skyping with my best friend while playing Pandemic (a board game) when it moved through NC!

  519. Squee! Have a fun vacation!

  520. We count ourselves among the fortunate – lots of rain and wind, but no damage. I cleaned and knit and watched the twitter streams. Drying out now!

  521. Love your description of the tree that was just so tired it had to lay down!
    Was at Stitches Midwest last weekend and my daughter was jonesing on a lace scarf, so I would LOVE to win the lace book πŸ™‚

  522. Down here in the Georgia Bight, Irene just passed us by. We got two rain showers that didn’t even relieve the drought conditions. I stayed busy knitting your curtain and am now hoping the raindrop pattern will inspire the clouds — preferably between midnight and dawn, so as to not spoil an otherwise perfect beach day.
    I’d love to have either of your books! Both present knitting I haven’t done before.

  523. Pick me! Squeeeee!!!

  524. Here in central Texas we’d have loved some rain. Or a tropical storm. Something. Anything.
    Oh, and … squeeeeeeeeee!

  525. squeeeeeeeeee! We got our power back and telephone to boot! Life is good.

  526. Double-squeeee!

  527. sqweee! Oh my what lovely books. It’s been a long, hot, dry summer here in Texas — I’m ready for some fall knitting and Wendy’s book looks like the perefct thing! And the tiny-ness of Anna’s book is just charming πŸ™‚

  528. Awww… wookat the teeny-tiny mermaid!

  529. double squee!

  530. I have lots and lots of scrap yarn and an undeniable love of all things lace – gotta keep that brain fed….
    Glad Irene is gone, gone, gone!

  531. Spent “Irene” in Boston bringing child #1 to college for the 1st time. Outside weather mirrored the upheaval in my heart. Took refuge in the hotel room and knit straight through three movies on Sunday.

  532. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!
    Not that much happened in Ohio, I stayed perfectly dry, and I didn’t feel a thing when the earthquake hit.

  533. High and dry in Kentucky while Irene passed by. Would have gladly taken a little of your rain.

  534. The mini-mini’s are soooo cute. And yet I loooove to knit lace. Decisions, Decisions.

  535. Our Irene was uneventful. She didn’t visit Atlanta!
    I am on a lace kick right now, and would love a chance at Wendy’s book! Thank you for the opportunity.

  536. I spent the hurricane reading NYT tweets to keep track of the storm ( I live in Toronto)

  537. Count me in on the “squee” factor. Thanks for sharing!

  538. In this part of the prairie, it’s dry…but we feel for those of you drying out post-Irene. We know what it’s like to get your feet (and stuff) wet.

  539. I don’t have a Mochi Mochi, Not even one! I need a Mochi Mochi book to knit tiny Mochis for two fabulous grandbabies that would adore Mochi Mochi! Every Nana should definitely have some Mochi to share! And SQUEEEEEEEEEE! (Guess which book I want!!!)

  540. I don’t know which book I’d squee over more!

  541. Squee!?! Also, so glad it was mostly a non-event for you. Here we lost power for 12 hours, which was fine except for my 8 y.o. who thought it was the End when he couldn’t entertain himself on computer/iPad/Wii games. I have failed as a mother.

  542. SQUEE is right! I visit Anna’s blog every morning. She is magical! Have a good day! J

  543. Up on Cape Ann in Massachusetts, we prepared like veritable beavers, and nothing at all happened. Which is good.

  544. Thanks for the opportunity to win Wendy’s wonderful book
    I had to work during the storm but there was little happening on the site so i did a lot of web surfing and watch some Netflix

  545. Squeeeeeing over a buttload of lace! I need new knitting ideas now that hibernation season is around the corner.

  546. Both beautiful books. I have been trying to finish my grandson Gavin’s Bl;ankie of many colors. I am on the last panel of color and just ordered yarn for the border. I am leaving today for out of town and expect the delivery by USPS this afternoon.Wait fot it or get on the road? Well, I have plenty of other projects to work on. During the hurricane I sat glued to the tv (knitting)as my daughter is in school in D.C.in her first apartment! Love the blogs and look forward to them every day.

  547. In preparation for Irene, I evacuated Ocean City, Maryland then came home and dealt with no power for 24 hours. My parents still don’t have power!

  548. I’m from the Gulf Coast and it was hard to watch the coverage of Irene and her visit.
    I love Wendy’s sock stuff and now have to check out her blog to see about the lace,
    Thanks MDGals

  549. We went camping in Upstate NY. Got a bit of rain, power was out for a couple hours one night so nothing major for us. Spent a lot of time knitting and spinning πŸ™‚

  550. Well, we are on day 3 of a projected 5-6 days without power thanks to that witch Irene. Hard to knit in the dark (although I am trying), so I am crabby, the kiddos are crabby without any electronics, and the hubbo is crabby cause he is on kid duty this week. Yeesh I need me some SQUEEEE in my life!

  551. The books are wonderful. One surely needs to come to my house… we have fires. No earthquakes or hurricaines, which sound much more glamorous.

  552. filled the tubs, got out the flashlights and waited and knitted baby blankie no 2 for my friends yet to be born twins

  553. The books look lovely. One surely needs to come to my house, where we have grass fires. No earthquakes or hurricanes, which sound much more glamorous.

  554. So glad to hear that the hurricane didn’t cause any big problems for you. I spent the weekend watching the Weather Channel and thinking about my friends in the Northeast. I also made sure to enjoy our gorgeous summer weather here in Seattle.
    Both books look very interesting. As a fairly new lace knitter, I’m especially intrigued by Wendy Knits Lace.

  555. What fun, those little creatures are cute…however, Wendy’s book makes me drool. I love the way she makes things so clear. My sock knitting greatly improved with her first book.

  556. I live near DC and spent the hurricane watching the Dr Who marathon until the power went off.

  557. during hurricanes I watch hulu.

  558. I was knitting a purple baby hat (for shaken baby awareness month in November) and watching the reports from Irene on the news!!

  559. Joie de laceeeeee or Joie de squeeeeee!!
    I would love either book!!!!!
    Pick meeeeeeeee!

  560. Wow would love a chance to win. Thanks for the opportunity. Love lace.

  561. Wow would love a chance to win. Thanks for the opportunity. Love lace.

  562. Since we lost our power for 12 hours, I knitted a sock. By candlelight. Because I have knitted enough by now that I can almost do it my feel. And I started another one in case the power was going to stay out.

  563. But oh, how to choose between them! We rode out our piece of Irene (high winds and ominous clouds, and a whole lot of looking at the sky) trying to calm a nervous, nervous dog. He is usually pretty stalwart, so the fact that he was nervous was, well, a little unnerving. Hope Olive took it all in stride.

  564. I tried to play Squee the other day on Words with Friends. Wouldn’t fly! Dang!

  565. SQUEEE! for both books. Luckily for us Irene stayed out of the Gulf.

  566. “Joie de squeee.” Ha, ha!!!

  567. Well,I just got to watch from a distance at the massive mess of the storm. All my relatives on the East Coast survived without any damage to homes, pets, property, or selves. I would love to win any of the give-aways. Thanks for the chance.

  568. Thank goodness Irene kept her stuff away from Tennessee. Had a beautiful weekend – high and dry — not braggin’ — just sayin’. And Wendy’s Lace Knits would be perfect. Going thru a MAJOR lace knit stage.

  569. squeee!!!!! No rain from Irene in Austin. πŸ™ We sure could use some.

  570. Squee! definitely, but the lace book looks awesome.

  571. While Irene is dumping water on you, we’re going through a drought! Glad you’re okay.

  572. I love the lace book – I’m really getting into lace!!

  573. Hmm, lace…I should really knit more lace. It’s satisfying in a deep way, but somehow I still avoid it. I guess part of me doesn’t want to have to pay attention to my knitting. But lace!

  574. What did I do during the hurricane? Played cards and had dinner with extended family, then went to bed but woke up NUMEROUS times because of the hard rain and noisy wind. Luckily we had very little damage.
    If I’d had that nifty MochiMochi book, I could have been knitting adorable little Ittie-Bitties for may grandchildren – or something lovely and lacey for me from Wendy’s book. πŸ™‚

  575. We were stuck in a hotel with our 14 month old in Boston. There were many puppet shows, and lots of exploring the hallways to see if other floors were different than ours (they weren’t). It was actually a LOT of fun.

  576. Sheri does lace too, Squee!

  577. Irene ravaged most of the places I lived in my young adult years–it was weird to see landmarks I know on TV and watch them wash away.
    The gnome alone is worth much squee-ing.

  578. So, I filled pots with water, knit like a FIEND on my 2nd Moderne Baby Blanket for a dear friend who will be popping within the next few weeks, watched FAR too much TWC (although who can get enough of Jim Cantore????) and CNN. Finally went to bed…until the tornado warnings…I need a rest!!

  579. The important thing during wind events is to stay away from pointy foods that could become airborne and cause injury. Put the Bugles away and don’t cut sandwiches on the diagonal.

  580. I love, love, love Wendy Johnson’s designs! And lace!

  581. That Wendy Knits book looks pretty awesome!

  582. Love Wendy, love lace, and I’d love the book. I’d also love to know where you find all these great laugh-out-loud blog links that grace Mason-Dixon with each update!

  583. Darling books both! I’ve been admiring the gorgeous lace book since I first heard about it, what a talented lady.

  584. Hurricane Irene completely missed where I live even though it was supposed to hit us pretty hard.

  585. Lace? Tiny objects? The little mermaid makes me want to try tiny objects.

  586. Out west we just have heat…not good for wool knitting, but fall is on the way! I love the lace book and my daughter will go nuts for the mini mermaid!

  587. High & dry in the Midwest, I spent the weekend watching foolhardy newsreporters getting battered by wind & rain. Is there anyone in American (the world) that doesn’t realize that hurricanes come with big waves, lots of rain and, oh yeah, WIND. Do we really need to see reporters risking their lives every. single. time?
    Must go knit squee-able teensy things to calm down…

  588. Me me me pick me!!! Oh and Squeee! πŸ™‚

  589. Wendy’s lace book looks great! I’d love a chance to win. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  590. I’ve spent time in my life intimidated by the dread YO, so Wendy’s book would be lovely. Also, I’m fond of fiddly bits and Anna’s book would be a welcome addition. Squeeing is always a blast.
    Lovely Vay-Kay to you and hopefully, a book to me! Thanks for the opportunity.

  591. My sister lives in DC. After last week, she says she is expecting locusts or maybe boils this week. Here in TX we are just hoping for any drop of rain.

  592. SQUEE! SQUEE! I’m glad you fared the storm well!

  593. Wow, it would be hard to choose! I’d love to knit the little cuties with my daughter.

  594. Glad to hear you survived the storm! What great give-aways. Thanks!

  595. So glad you’re all safe and dry. Also: Tiny volcano! Emitting tiny yarny lava! Seriously, I’ve been on a binge of knitting little baby eagles and little pit bulls and little nautiluses… it’s time to take the next step and graduate from “little” to “tiny!”

  596. SQWEEEEE!

  597. Would love either of these books! Thank you for the chance.

  598. Would love either of these books! Thank you for the chance.

  599. Glad to know you’re safe! I’m in CO and we had an earthquake right before the East Coast earthquake… I’m from NC so I have a lot of east coasters in my life, and they were all very confused when I mentioned not feeling the earthquake because it was in the middle of the night. Apparently there’s room for only one earthquake in the news cycle, and ‘near DC’ trumped rural Colorado.

  600. Love, love, love the Teeny, Tiny Mochimochi. It’s on my wishlist. Would have loved a little of Irene’s rain down here in Georgia.

  601. Squeeee!!

  602. I live in Oregon so no Irene for us but today’s Oregonian says there are lots of faults in the mountains and we might be in for an earthquake…talk about keeping up with the Jones!

  603. Squeeee!!

  604. Lace? I’ve been a tad scared to try. Little critters etc.? I havent moved past the “bunny nuggets” pattern on ravelry. I always love a new book!!!

  605. squeee I love Wendy, and would love her book. It is good to hear that all your preparations for Irene were for naught. πŸ˜€

  606. I’m a ballerina and ballerinas LOVE teeny tiny mochimochi.
    Please pick me!!!! (I’m 13, and I knit when I’m not dancing…….and……. I can get my sister to knit teeny tiny mochi’s, too!!!!)

  607. OMB! new mochimochi! i had no idear there was a new book out!
    and lace. i need more lace.

  608. Squeee! I would love either of those books. Even lace has a Squeeeee factor.
    While “weather” was passing over the east…it was just plain hot out west. I went shopping with the hubby and bought a new mattress for us, new chairs for the dining table, and a shed for the yard. We’ve been married long enough that our stuff is wearing out.

  609. Those books look really interesting, particularly the Wendy knits lace one. Here’s hoping you pick my name out of the hat. Please?

  610. I love your blog and both books look like winners! I just decided to learn about lace.

  611. Squee!! But I loves me some lace…..

  612. I’m glad NYC was missed, but why did all the rain have to land on VT? Oh well, the power is back at my house, and I have a detour to work. I’d love a book–I need more distraction!

  613. Power went out Sunday morning, thankfully just after my daughter made a pot of coffee, so I spent the day on the glassed in porch reading and knitting. Power came back on in time for afternoon tea and stayed on long enough to make a hot dinner but went out again just as we had settled down to watch Mystery and I was in the middle of a long row of lace knitting. I handed the needles to my daughter and told her not to move until I had found enough candles to let me finish the row. Both books look great I’ve been looking forward to Wendy’s Lace book for a while.

  614. I’ll squeee for Wendy’s book.

  615. Squeee, indeed — those are darned fine books! Since I’m in the midwest, I spent a good deal of time glued to CNN, worrying about the East coast folks and watching Jean Meserve, et al, get windblown. The time watching and worrying allowed me to knit the back of a sweater.

  616. Oh I’d love to win the Mochimochi book!
    I love your blog and your books. Just saying. Not that I think it will help my chances or anything.
    I live in New Mexico, it was 95 degrees all weekend here and sweltering in the desert sun. Almost bad enough to make one wish for some tremendous wind and pelting rain.

  617. Ok, enough with the natural disasters for a while. An earthquake, aftershocks and a tropical storm in one week is quite enough for the nervous system. I knitted and worried and worried and knitted on a Christmas gift cowl while praying the lower level wouldn’t flood, our front window and roof wouldn’t leak and the power would stay on. All was well. I love the sun.

  618. Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi amigurumi make me squee. And I am not a squee-er.
    Hurricane Irene provided my hours of boring non-cable TV storm coverage for knitting pleasure. One more time folks, “nothing is happening yet, but we expect the wind to pick up soon.”
    Oh, Wendy’s book looks great too, but I am not a lacy knitter.

  619. squeeee! laaaaace!

  620. So, what’s a squee? LOL!

  621. How very cute!

  622. Love the books! Still no power from Irene. Am using other people’s houses to get online and knit in the light!

  623. Oooooh, that lace book!

  624. I saw the Mochi book in Purl Soho yesterday. I didn’t “squee”, but well I guess I did a version of it. Leaned in and said out loud in a higher pitch than usual, “ohmigodthat’ssocute!” Guess that is a squee.
    I’m in NYC also, and during Irene I was out almost all the time (because the empty streets of Chelsea are a novelty), slept like a baby through the worst part, and worked on learning knitting I usually don’t have the patience for: lace and intarsia. Made progress, although that lace stuff is hard for me. So I’d love that book. Would love both. Also, made a friend the Japan relief squares blanket and she loved it. Thanks for the intro to mitering.

  625. Stitches Midwest last weekend – ready with plenty of supplies to try any new pattern!

  626. SQEEEEE!!!!! Both books are on my wishlist!

  627. I found WendyKnits through this blog quite a while ago and have loved following her progress through designing. Very inspirational!

  628. I love Wendy and Anna and I’m definitely squeeing.

  629. Glad to hear you came through Irene okay. She definitely caused quite a stir, didn’t she? And a lot of trouble for an awful lot of people; fortunately not us — like you, our power stayed on the entire time. Thank heaven. And as for the book drawing, I’ve got a copy of Wendy’s book winging its way to me as I write this, so if by chance I’m a winner and that’s all that’s left, please pass it on to someone else; I certainly don’t need two copies!

  630. The Mochimochi are so cute! Both books are on my wishlist, too. I love lace, but with 3 kids and 1 on the way, probably would get way more mileage out of the Mochimochi!

  631. Squeeeeeee!!!!!!

  632. Squeeeeeee!!!!!!

  633. Glad you and yours survived. Squeeee!

  634. Dude! Ooh and squee, both!
    Have a wonderful vacay!

  635. oh, definite Lace Squee!

  636. We did same as you. Prepared for the storm and were lucky enough to be just fine. Spent the day playing Sorry, knitting and spinning. I finished a baby sweater!!

  637. love that lace book!

  638. Oh my! I’ve had my eye of both these books – they are both wonderful. I’m going to practice my Squee! just in case the wheel of lucky numbers picks me… Thank you for the giveaway!

  639. Squeeeee…..so darn cute, both of them

  640. I broke both of my elbows while roller skating and I can’t work or drive. The doctor said I could knit, but it hurt. I can READ about knitting though…

  641. While you were experiencing Irene, I was enjoying the sunny summer weekend in Seattle! Such a relief after a cold, cloudy June and July.

  642. Oh, two wonderful looking books! My daughter’s middle name is Irene, and we didn’t see anything of the other Irene here in the Midwest. Thank you and your publisher for the giveaway.

  643. Squeeee! I love a contest and the books look wonderful.

  644. We escaped Irene with no problems. It was a good knitting day. I didn’t even need my back-up Kitty Pi which I figured I could knit in the dark when we had no power.

  645. So long Irene. Though we often see hurricanes in South Carolina, we never get use to them! Now for two really neat books- yaaaay!

  646. A would love to win Wendy’s book.

  647. Glad you survived Irene. Wish you would have shared some of that rain with us in TN. Maybe next time.
    Both books look great! Thanks for the chance to win.

  648. I looked forward to hearing Mayor Miguel speak Spanish. I wondered why embarrassment did not overwhelm him. Unfortunately, while we never lost our power, we did lose our cable for a while on Sunday. No Sunday press conferences. Now what do I do with all these gallon jugs of water?

  649. Spent the weekend watching CNN and being thankful that our vacation to Newport, RI was two weeks ago instead of this week!!! Love Wendy and her lace. Right now I’m working on lace scarf and I’m sure this book would add to my confidence level.

  650. Eeeeny, meeeeny, miiiiiiiiiiny… SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

  651. Please pick me! This would be just the absolute perfect month for something wonderful & unexpected to come into my life!

  652. Wow. 648 comments already – I guess my chances are miniscule! πŸ™‚
    I spent the Irene time worrying about my uncle and my sister, both in the DC area – looked like they’d really get hammered. All for nothing — luckily only a momentary loss of power (maybe they didn’t have everything charged up, as you had?)
    Glad it was a non-event for you, too.

  653. They both look like great books!

  654. It is gratifying to hear that you had NO problems during this storm. I wonder if all the prayers that were said by all the people all over the country had anything to do with it being less than expected.

  655. I want to SQUEEEEE at the teeny-tinies! Cutest book evah!
    Thanks for the giveaway πŸ˜€

  656. We were protected from Irene by a chain of mountians (Blue Ridge) and just got rain and a little wind. I would so like one of these books.

  657. Glad Irene wasn’t as bad as the predictions!
    We weren’t affected, here in Alberta, but we kept a close eye on the eastern seaboard.
    Squee! May the best Squee-er win!

  658. Mochimochi is soooooo cute, and teeny tiny has to be even cuter, but I’m REALLY interested in demystifying lace. I knit rectangles, and it would be awesome to learn to knit fancy rectangles!

  659. Squee! Both wonderful books!
    We were having gorgeous weather here in Southeast Michigan and could only keep checking the weather channel to check on Irene’s progress.
    Enjoy your vacay.

  660. just encountered the minis yesterday and fell in love!

  661. Love your lace book! When are you coming back to Charlotte? Irene stayed east of us…just a bit of wind and no rain. Hate seeing all the damage the “b” did along the east coast!

  662. I had PITA Irene, lots of rain Saturday night, wind on Sunday. I did some spinning and cleaning.

  663. I need to knit a tiny gnome!

  664. That lace book looks wonderful. Here in Vermont, the southern part of our beautiful state was absolutely devastated. No one expected that. 3 covered bridges were lost – the video of Bartonsville’s is heartbreaking.
    Since our power stayed on I was able to finish another gaptastic cowl for some future gift recipient. I love your blog!

  665. Thanks to your twitter feed, I chuckled my way through Irene, warm and dry on the west coast.

  666. Oh, I need that “Buttload of Lace” book! And I need everyone in Barnes & Noble (where I’m helping myself to wi-fi and electricity thanks to Pain in the Ass Irene) to stop looking at me just because I laughed so loud when I read “buttload of lace”!

  667. While Irene churned up the East Coast, I just wondered why, with all modern technology, the powers-that-be can’t figure out a way to build a water pipeline down/over to other parts of the country that are within a severe drought. We here in Texas would gladly take all of the excess water causing so much trouble on the East Coast!
    Mary G. in Texas

  668. I’d love to win either book. The minis are absolutely too cute!
    During Irene I was in upstate NY dropping off my daughter at college. Luckily we got everything done on Saturday and could spend Sunday inside reading, knitting and checking the weather.

  669. Is glad everyone made it through the storm unscathed. πŸ™‚
    OMGOMGOMG – Miniminiminimochi! I think I’ve died and gone to squeeville! (crossing my fingers OHPLZ!)

  670. I’d love to win Wendy’s book.

  671. I finished up a baby sweater, for a birthday party that was cancelled due to Irene. But, it’s done!

  672. Irene: she was one big bad ass. Lots of beautiful trees down in my town of Maplewood, NJ. But we are all o.k. in my house, and I am grateful. Clean, drinkable water, that came into the house at more than a trickle would be wonderful. But, I’ll take either knitting book in the meantime….

  673. felt the earthquake[up here in Western NY](thought I was having a stroke over my laceweight yarn) but Irene spared us. Have been hankering for Wendy’s new book…

  674. I have my eye on one of the teeny tiny mochi books.

  675. I would love to win the Wendy book…. l
    ove her SMS. It was my first shawl..

  676. SQUEEEE!!!

  677. Glad you weathered the storm.
    Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!They are too cute. I agree with your adjusted title for Wendy’s book.

  678. Squeeeeeeee
    Would love to win the Wendy Knits!!

  679. oh what a fabulous give away! There are going to be some lucky ladies out there :o)

  680. How exciting…great books! Thank you for the chance to win!

  681. Double squeee!

  682. I learned how to knit lace with Wendy’s patterns. She is the bomb! I spent Irene knitting inland with quite a bit of wind but only a little rain. Thankful there was not more damage or destruction!

  683. Squeee!!!!! No Irene here, just hotter than blue blazes. The weather forecasters say this will end soon, we’ll see. Love your blog!

  684. Nothing like a contest to get those comments rolling! Squeeeee. πŸ™‚

  685. All I can say is four books!?!?!?!? SQUEEEEEEEEE πŸ™‚

  686. I would totally buy a knitting book with “buttload” in the title… πŸ™‚

  687. I don’t really squee much (my daughter makes up for that), but I really do love lace (and teeny-tiny hotdogs and airplanes). Please enter me in the drawing.

  688. Felt a bit disappointed that we didn’t get more rain from Irene! Did enjoy the ocean waves she sent us tho. Thx for the giveaway!

  689. I was worried about the destruction it was causing and how prepared people were at their home. Also, if the crafters were prepared for their hours stuck indoors.

  690. Been looking at that lace book… would love a copy…. Love love love!! (and a little squeeeeeee for good measure!)

  691. Thanks for the contest. Good luck to all.

  692. I’d love the lace book – the amigurumi – not so much, but I’m sure once I see it I’ll think of something to do – maybe regift to a amigurumi fan! Glad everyone is safe and dry –

  693. Lace made great hurricane knitting, a nice lacy cowl out of mohair. Yum…
    Lace! More lace!

  694. SQUEEEEE!
    I was, no kidding, unaware of the hurricane. I didn’t know about it, and for that I can only blame my lack of cable TV. I have no news. Living way over on the west coast my primary concerns are earthquakes, which they can’t predict so I try not to obsess about them too much.
    But I do spend a lot of time knitting, and I like lace, and I like the MD blog, so I’m pitching my hat in the ring for a chance to win one of the Wendy Knits a Buttload of Lace books.

  695. pick me, pick me! I will say ‘Squee’. So will the kids that I make those cute little things for. I also love doing lace, so won’t be disappointed if the other book is already given away.
    Thanks for doing giveaways. Someday I will win.
    Ali (ravid alyddall if you need it)

  696. Well, I spent hurricane prep time spinning with my brand spanking new drop spindle. Also, I took kids to the pool. And made sure to buy enough beer to get me through.

  697. I’ll have to think pretty hard between now and the weekend to decide which book to choose if I get picked! Thanks!

  698. I took my son to college at University of maryland at the start of the hurricane.

  699. Well, living in the Midwest, I usually ignore hurricanes. But my father and I just bought a condo in Florida, so this time I paid attention. Irene ignored Florida. Phew!

  700. my squee-er is not broken. squeee!

  701. winning!

  702. I want me a buttload of tiny things – no, wait. I want some itty-bitty lace. Drat. I want a book!

  703. 1. Squeeeee! Super cute!
    2. Big Wendy-phile here, looking forward to the lace book. Choose me!!!
    3. What did we do during Hurricane Irene? On the Left Coast? We watched TV and worried about the New England relatives.
    Are we disqualified if we live in California? We had our own lil’ earthquake-ette the same day as the Virginia one.
    And speaking as a librarian, Viva los Libros!

  704. Oh, squee! For heaven’s sake, my grandchildren will be squeeeing all over the place if I don’t make some of these silly things.
    Personally, I’d rather have Wendy’s book, but who am I to gainsay the opinions of nine-year-olds?

  705. Oh my! I have thought a lot about the buttload of lace book. It looks amazing!
    I worried about the people and then the animals during Irene. Still concerned!

  706. Hurricane, what hurricane? Sorry just kidding it’s hot and dry in the midwest, hope everyone’s okay out east. Love Wendy’s book, can’t wait to get it, definitely an antidote to back to school since kiddo started middle school, nerve wracking.

  707. Squ,Squ,Squeeee,,,I would love to have a buttload of LACE!!

  708. I’ll squee for the Wendy book, for sure. Does the book also confer on the reader the ability to *knit* that much lace? @hopeful………

  709. Squee!!! I spent Irene blissfully knitting the Hexagon blanket out of Noro Taiyo for my Zoe. The color changes are beautiful, I hardly noticed the hour without power! Very thankful there was little damage here.

  710. I spent whole days missing news of The Earthquake and The Cone-of-diaster Irene becasue I was removing the last of the crap of my folks’ house so the nice lady who bought it can move in. So ready to just sit and knit! Knit lace… knit teeny tiny things while saying squeeee… Doesn’t matter as long as I can just Sit. And. Knit. (Seriously, thanks for sharing your loot!)

  711. Terrific – I’d love the Wendy Knits Lace book. Thanks for the contest – have a great Labor Day.

  712. SQUEE!!! I would love either book. Being in Alaska, I’m very glad I don’t have to deal with storms…. earthquakes, yes, but storms… no. πŸ™‚

  713. I watched the hurricane all weekend on the BBC. I was hoping to see something. I didn’t see anything. I would love either copy of these books.

  714. Need for major SQUEE after this weekend– we also had the water, devices all charged, laundry all don (not folded, mind you, but washed)and although there are downed trees and until today (Tuesday) it was very difficult to move around (getting better, not normal, but …) we are lucky. Did not loose power, did not have to boil water (a first) and am a lot luckier than some I know who have water in their house. Am very very worried about the historical house where I work, as the area was indeed flooded severely.
    So, I trolled Rav and ate leftover wedding party cake …
    and should go back to knitting. Lace Knitting. I don’t do double pointed, and tho I do fine sewing, the thought of those teeny-tiny creatures fills me with the cutes though I will never do it ….

  715. I really love Wendy’s lace patterns, so please pick me!

  716. SQUEEEing in the Midwest. Did not receive a visit from Irene, but having had visits from Alicia (1983) and Ike (2008) – I know how unwelcome those visitors are. Thoughts and wishes for a very quiet rest of the hurricane season!

  717. p.s. — forgot to add: listening to El Mayor om WNYC was an unusual experience …. but the most unusual was the fact that there were no buses or subways running!

  718. Fortunately, all I suffered from Irene here in Cambridge, MA, was wind and rain. The cat hid in the bedroom closet because she didn’t like the noise of the wind. I knit a purple dishcloth as a birthday present for a friend who likes purple.
    I would love to win Anna’s book. I knit some tiny bunnies for Easter from one of her free patterns. They now live in a bowl on my desk, and they’re just adorable.

  719. i’m here from wendy knits! both of these books are on my “must have wish list” but getting teeny tiny would be best before xmas. imagine the amazing gift tags!

  720. Squeee! Squeeeeeee! Please pick me!

  721. I flicked and spun cormo locks as Irene did her thing through Virginia Beach.

  722. Hurricane? Earthquake? Just another beautiful few days on the Left Coast… {ducks and scurries}

  723. I spent the Irene times being glad for once to live smack dab in the middle of the country

  724. Squeeeee!! Squeee!! Squeeee!!! Wow! that’s fun!!

  725. Well, just before the hurricane hit I headed down to Richmond for what was supposed to be my grandmother’s 80th birthday bash. The storm hit and we promptly lost power… but fortunately we had already picked up the birthday cake. So even though there was no birthday bash, we did get to sit around eating cake in the dark while the storm passed!

  726. I would love to have either of these! They both look amazing!

  727. Squueeee!! That is fun. I have to saw the Wendy Knits Lace book is great, but I don’t have mini mochimochi, but I have seen the photos and love it!

  728. It’s not often that you hear buttload and lace in the same breath. I’m sure Wendy will consult you first before naming her next book πŸ™‚

  729. A “Squeee” is always an appropriate comment when reading your posts. Love them!

  730. Squeee!! Sign me up for the giveaway!

  731. Squee. Pick me, pick me.

  732. SQUEEE..We were lucky we did not have much problem here in PA..Lost power only for 7 hours on Sunday…No flooding here…So I could knit by daylight…

  733. Oh, I’d so love a copy of Wendy’s book, but really, I’d love the other one too! As for Irene, I live on the west coast, so we are just really hot……

  734. Squee. Thanks for the giveaway.

  735. Everytime I see these Teeny Tiny Mochimochi I want to make one..SQUEEE
    Irene brought lots of rain but not much damage…we were very lucky…

  736. I’ll have to give a couple of
    two great books
    TKG reviewed the Teeny-Tiny MochiMochi
    wouldn’t be offended at all if I win the buttload full of lace book by Wendy

  737. My wife would kill me if I didn’t post something to win one of these books for her….She would do more damage then Irene….LOL

  738. What a nice thing for you to have for a giveaway. Thank you.

  739. Squeeeeeeeee!!!! Pick me please!!!

  740. What lovely giveaways! I hope I’m one of the lucky ones!

  741. Ooh!!! I hope I win…I NEED both of these!!! THanks!!!

  742. I’d love to win Wendy Knit’s Lace. It looks like an amazing book. I want to know how she knits so fast.

  743. Here in Washington state we stayed out of Irene’s way-thank God! Glad everything is OK with you and yours! Thanks for a chance at your lovely giveaways! Now-back to knitting my grandaughter’s sweater……..

  744. I’m up for the Wendy’s Buttload of Lace please. Here in SoCal Hurricane Irene was something we all read about! meo

  745. It’s good to be back thinking of normal things like knitting!!

  746. Love love love both books! Thank you for the opportunities to win one!

  747. During Irene I watched tv to see how family & friends were doing from SC to NYS. And knit!

  748. Enjoy your vacay. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance

  749. Squeee, squeee, squeee, squeee, squeee, squeee!!!!

  750. Heat and fire here in the middle, no hurricanes yet.
    I’d love to have one of these books.

  751. I would love a copy of Wendy Knits Lace! It’s those YO’s at the beginning of a new row that get me every time. Glad you survived Irene; in my area of the country we are trying to survive 117 degree heat and humidity.

  752. SQUEEEEEEEE! Praying to the RNG gods

  753. I’d love a copy of either book! What great stuff!

  754. I got to take a gander at “Wendy Knits Lace” today, and as you said, what a buttload of lace! Beautiful and would love to own and dive into the lace knitting. “Mochimochi” would be fun since I used to make these types of little critters for my son some 30 yrs ago. Could be time to revisit for the coming grandkids. Thanks for the opportunity~

  755. Squeeee! I would love either of these books.

  756. Squee – I’d love to win Wendy Knits Lace. Thanks to you and your publisher for the opportunity!

  757. Such fun giveaways here!

  758. squeeeeeeee

  759. As I watched the storm on TV, we had the very best weather of the summer in Seattle! (sorry)

  760. Would love to have this book. Knitting lace has really captured my interest the past couple of years and it looks like Wendy has patterns for more than just scarves.

  761. Both books are very appealing. What a fun giveaway.

  762. My 1st choice would be Wendy Knits Lace since I love knitting lace better than anything. The Teeny Tiny book would also be fun. Pick Me!

  763. Squeeeeeee!! I had to join in…I get Wendy’s email every day and sooo look forward to it. I love to see what she and Lucy are up to at the moment. I would SOOOOO love to win her book. I’m a lace knitter…just 2 projects…and couldn’t think of a book I’d want more!!

  764. Just love Wendys Patterns. Such talent and the cat almost as good as garfield.

  765. I would love to have either of these books. Thank you.

  766. Here in Florida, we just watched Irene dump – albeit ever so little – on y’all for a change. Not that we couldn’t use the rain down here. Or the knitting books! *squeee!*

  767. I am amazed by the minis, love seeing them show up on Rav. But I would totally LOVE the lace book. I love Wendy’s designs and am hooked on lace!!! Thanks.

  768. Earthquake. Check. Hurricane. Check. Winds. Check. Rain. Check. Flooding. Check. Is that all you got Mother Nature??? I was creating jewelry.

  769. I am excited about both of those books. In fact, I just ordered the mochimochiland one this morning!

  770. I predict that you’ll have 2072 comments by the time you close this down, and that will give me approximately a 1 in 500 chance of winning. Thanks for the opportunity!

  771. Luckily, where we live we got hurricaned, but not badly. We drank Hurricanes (really; it just seemed apropos), watched hurricane coverage, and knit. What else!?
    And now, I would love a chance at the Wendy book. Because, as it happens, I could really use a Buttload of Lace. πŸ™‚

  772. I love my copy of Wendy Knits Lace, and oh what wonderful holiday gifts could come out of MochiMochi.

  773. Double the fun. Your books and Wendy’s are my favorites. No matter what I will have to get both books you are giving away.

  774. Love Wendy’s patterns! We were on the western edge of Irene, just had some high winds & heavy rain.

  775. I would love to win a copy of Wendy Knits Lace and try my hand at lace. I must admit though I own both Mason Dixon books and have knit more “perfect dishcloths” then can remember.

  776. I spent most/all of Hurricane Irene following your tweets, among a few other things; hope that everything out east will be in at least one piece.

  777. These books look fun!

  778. Joie de Squeeeee has to be my new favorite term! I spent most of Hurricane Irene switching the channels between a really bad, sappy romance movie and the weather channel so I could keep an eye on the tornado warnings. We are now dry, power is on and the 8,000 sticks that came down have been picked up! Thanks for the giveaway.

  779. I would love a copy of Wendy’s new book!
    Here’s hoping…

  780. I spent the storm hunkered down knitting my first square of a mitered crosses blanket. It took me longer than usual since I was new at it and I had to frog twice because I had an imbalanced number of stitches. Fortunately, we weren’t hit hard our part of Massachusetts.

  781. Squeeze
    I spent the pre-Irene time being grateful that I live too far inland to worry about the full force of a hurricane. I went through one when I was younger and hated it.

  782. Here in Los Angeles we huddled next to the twitter and the internet news to see what Irene was doing – and wished for about 1% of the rain you were getting there to come visit us here. Glad everyone is okay.

  783. Squee! Lol We didn’t get much of the hurricane up here in upstate NY. Just some rain and a little wind. Glad you got through it OK πŸ™‚

  784. Irene – came and went and we had a nice breeze here and 20 minutes of rain – we are 200 miles east of Irene’s landfall in NC, so no worries where we are. Heading to the coast this weekend to see how the southern Beaches of NC fared. I love a good holiday!

  785. So glad you got thru Irene safely and that it really wasn’t too bad in NY. I’d love to win one ov the books. Thank you-

  786. Toss my hat into the ring. Thanks.
    Joan from Wisconsin

  787. I absolutely love lace knitting, and Wendy has inspired me to knit a shawl ( which is 1/2 done) and to get her book would be absolutely “over the top” for me.
    Draw my name:-) Please! Thanks for the chance.

  788. I love Wendy’s patterns and I have seen some of these teeny weeny creatures made up. Would love to have either one, but especially Wendy’s.

  789. HOw delightful. Count me in. Squeeeee.

  790. count me in! i’ve been drooling over the Teeny-Tinys since i first heard about them!

  791. Count me in! squeeeee!

  792. That Teeny-Tiny book looks like such fun! Wendy’s Lace book looks so nice too. Either would have been fun to have on hand while waiting for Hurricane Irene to blow through!

  793. You are safe and still blogging. Squeee.

  794. Love to knit!

  795. ooh – pick me! pick me! I can’t wait to see Wendy’s lace book! pretty-please?

  796. I work in a hospital so….off to work i went for the whole weekend!

  797. We are still really dry here in the hot middle of the country. Too bad you couldn’t have sent some of the water this way to avoid flooding!

  798. Squeeeeeee both books are on my wish list!

  799. I was just wondering if the 2 of them got togerther, we could have a book all about teeeny tiny lace.

  800. I work in a school for ADHD students, I’d LUV to teach them how to knit & make mochimochi. Or at least make some for the the “treasure chest” (because some of us teachers there have ADHD too and small projects fit our attention span….)

  801. Weeeee~~ What a giveaway!!! In Florida, so we were prepared and then spared. Heart goes out to all who were in Irene’s path. Saw on the news Saturday morning that 100 of Florida’s FP&L trucks were in a convoy up to help restore power. Really a proud moment! Hope I win!

  802. Squee! I love MochiMochiland patterns!

  803. Woohoo! Fun books — I’d love one!

  804. Happy that you made it through Irene safely.

  805. Squeeeee!!! I’ve been drooling over both of those books. As for Irene, I’ve been sending prayers towards those living on the East Coast. I remember the nail biting we did waiting for the Tsunami to hit here so I just hoped for everyone to come through Irene in the best possible way. Glad to hear you made it through ok.

  806. I’m not so good about squeeing, and I had nary a drop of moisture from Irene, being out here in the parched earth that is Oklahoma. However, I did watch an awful lot of CNN while Irene rolled through the NE.

  807. What a great giveaway!

  808. Squee!!!! I love these books and would love a copy of Wendy Knits!!!

  809. I want both of those books! I’m actually a test-knitter for Anna of Mochimochi Land, and I have yet to get my hands on a copy of this (I tested the sailboat, the mailbox, and the computer). And naturally being obsessed with lace, I want any book that has “Lace” in the title. Nice giveaways!

  810. Wonderful books! I’m in western central VA and we got lucky with Irene – just a windy, rainy day.. Which was good for my family – we’re still hearing from our 3yo about how the ground shook and how he watched his school shake (we’re about 40mi west of the earthquake). That was enough excitement for a few days.

  811. I’d love to win a knitting book–sign me up!

  812. It’s the randomness of the mini-knits that really strikes me. Just what are Hrachovec’s criteria for candidates for miniaturization?

  813. I have started multiple lace projects only to forget a lifeline and have to rip back to a big mess and frog the whole thing. I could use Wendy’s help.

  814. In the middle of the chaos that was Irene my husband, 3 dogs, 2 cats and I had a relatively peaceful day. I woke up to no electricity at about 6 AM. 9I could sleep though an atomic blast!) No electricity, duh. I improvised a coffee system, the hard way, (when DH arose, hours later, his improve included the mini-filter from his one cup brewer that he uses every day! sigh….), drank coffee and knitted until noon, when power was restored. πŸ˜‰ Then I moved into the living room, watched 2 Yankees games and knitted the day away. In other words, Sunday!

  815. Joie de squeee! I’d love to knit these for my children. Who also speak French so how perfect is that.

  816. those are two awesome books that any knitter would love to add to their collection..

  817. I just bought the tiny mochi book-HAD to have it. I would love to own the lace–beautiful. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  818. I worried about my “baby” boys away at college dealing with the dual natural disasters.

  819. Wow! Lace or teeny, tiny things to knit, how could a person choose between the two?

  820. Friday is my birthday Hint, hint.

  821. Ooo, ooo, a buttload of lace, please please please!
    Was visiting my BFF (since 5th grade!) in NJ, where the local news was “all Irene all the time” beginning Thursday night and the local stores sold out of flashlites and batteries by Friday noon. We hunkered down with all necessary supplies Saturday afternoon, including a batch of Cowboy Cookies I made earlier in the day, but it became clear by 9 pm that we were just going to keep getting rain, not much else, so we turned off the lights and lit the candles and talked until the wee hours by candle light, listening to the pummeling rain and occasional gusts of wind. Wonderful night.

  822. OoOh I’m dying to get both of these books!

  823. Would love a little squeeeee….. or some lace lust.

  824. I’d love to have either book. Both on my wish list. Shawls are my new knitting thing, and I love the mochimochi minis. Thanks for sharing.

  825. Include me in the giveaway. I love your books and blog. I want to win a Wendy book too

  826. After reading this entry (following Wendy’s link), I think I’ll go get my MD book off the shelf and give it another good looky loo. πŸ™‚

  827. We are so on the same page: stocked up and charged up and didn’t lose power. Well, we did lose cable which meant no interwebs, but meant more time for meaningful conversations and knitting.

  828. Would love to win wendys book Count me in I love to knit lace

  829. Lovely! Please count me in.

  830. I would love either of these books! Pick me!!!
    jpeled on ravelry

  831. Here in Atlanta we didn’t even get RAIN out of the hurricane. So dry here…need new knitting books to quench thirst….

  832. Squeee!!! I have a 2 year old who love a basketful of knitted mochimochi!! And I would love to knit them for her!

  833. We evacuated Fire Island for Forest Hills. watched the rain and were very grateful there was no damage…In Forest Hills and back t the beautiful beach where e were spared. It’s a miracle

  834. During Irene I prayed that my family would be OK and went about my normal business because I was in TN! My family is in VA and they are OK – no power – but OK!

  835. I moved the outside table and chairs into the basement. I moved food that didn’t need to be in refrigerator to the counter and did laundry because our power goes out fairly often in storms. I didn’t want to end up without clean undies! I worked on a swatch for the TGKA master knitting level 1 course while it was raining. I’m very glad that we didn’t lose power in my neighborhood.

  836. SQUEE! So tiny and cute! I hope I win!

  837. A long-shot “squeee” before I go buy a copy anyway. We didn’t get any of Irene in Toronto. Unusually nice weather, though, for a change.

  838. Squeee!!! I love the looks of this book and haven’t splurged for myself yet. Thanks so much for the chance to win it! (Wendy knits a buttload of lace, that is. :D)

  839. Super Sqeeeeeee!

  840. Squee! Would love to win the mochimochi book!

  841. Squee! I have been afraid to try those tiny treats…but if I am chosen, I will certainly give them a try!

  842. Here on the Wet West Coast, we have more danger of experiencing earthquakes than hurricanes – we’re well overdue for “the Big One” so a knitting book would while away the time after such an event occurred… just sayin πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  843. Would love to win either! Hopefully those natural disasters will leave you east coast folks alone for a bit!

  844. Hello ladies! Happy to see everyone made it through Irene. Where I live, all we experienced was strong winds and it was enough thank you very much!
    I would love to win Wendy’s lace book, being a lace addict and having already knit a few of the always easy to follow Wendy patterns. I really need this book in my life.
    Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  845. SQUEE!
    I was in NY for the “earthquake”–felt nothing but went back to Texas for the hottest day ever (110-112?) I have lost my knitting mojo due to the HEAT—but would love to knit me some mini mochi.
    knit on, latifa

  846. I am a great Wendy fan and would love to have the lace book!

  847. Squeee! With living her in the Pacific Northwest all we could do was pray and watch the news about Irene on TV. love our blog. My granddaughters woukld love some mini’s and I’d love something made from lace. I love Wendy’s Socks from the Toe up book and figure her lace book has to be equally as nice if not better!

  848. How kind of you to offer….
    I’ve been anxiously awaiting Wendy’s new book. Would love to win!

  849. I’m torn between “Squeee!” and “ooooh, lace”. Both look like great books. Thanks for the opportunity.

  850. Just to prove my squeeee-er is fully functional:
    I *SQUEEEEEE* for tiny, lacy Mochimochi, and for knitting during the storm!

  851. I’m so glad you did not have any serious problems from the hurricane. I enjoy reading your blog and would love to have one of the books.

  852. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! Wendy Knits & mini moochies!!!
    I love me some hurricane parties! I bet yours was fun! you prolly even had them lil’ umbrellas an everthang. πŸ™‚ (glad all are well and safe) we just enjoyed the fresh breezes here in the Florida panhandle.

  853. I didn’t do anything special during the hurricane. I live in Toronto and it completely missed us, so we were lucky.
    And yes, “squee” for Wendy’s new book!

  854. I would LOVE either book! Those Teeny knits are too cute and who doesn’t love Wendy? Being in Oklahoma, all I did during Irene is read and watch a bunch of news about it. What a mess. I hope everyone affected recovers quickly.

  855. SQUEE! about the books. I hope I win one. Irene sucks… well actually BLOWS… maybe both. I’m totally on board with your “buttload of lace” title. It fits Wendy’s personality better.

  856. Hurricane party? We used to make punch at college that was mostly likker but it tasted like kool-aid. Just thought about that while reading about Irene. Would LOVE either of the books. πŸ™‚

  857. I love Wendy’s books and i’m totally into lace right now. Glad Irene was just a PIA. g

  858. I love lace!

  859. SQUEEEE!!!

  860. I am so into lace and would love to do some more from Wendy Knits! But my son would love me to knit all the tiny creatures from MochiMochi. It would be a hard choice, but I would love the chance to make a choice!! Thanks for the give away.

  861. I was in NYC and hightailed it back to Texas just in time to miss the hurricane. Glad I missed it.

  862. I’d adore winning Wendy’s book!
    And (even though my Squeeee is fine)
    Hurricane Irene left us alone
    (but then, I’m in Germany, so it would have).

  863. I made the ultimate comfort food (S’mores) and knitted socks during the storm! Squeeeee!

  864. Squee! Both those books look amazing! And good to hear you weathered the storm so well.

  865. I made the ultimate comfort food (S’mores) and knitted socks during the storm! Squeeeee!

  866. Oooh, fun!
    I sat in CA and enjoyed the lovely weather during Irene πŸ˜‰

  867. Both books look good, would love to win one! glad everyone is safe. Paula

  868. Both books are so exciting! I love tiny things and lace!

  869. I’ve been leaving sneaky blog comments for all of the Wendy Knits Lace giveaways! (I’ve yet to win, but here’s hoping.) I just knit my first lace project and it was. so. awesome. I’m obsessed now, and I desperately want to own a copy. If I don’t win it’s going on my Christmas list! Thanks for the opportunity!

  870. My favorite blogger (Wendy Johnson) sent me to a your site, chasing her free book… Glad she did! Pick me! Pick me!

  871. My favorite blogger (Wendy Johnson) sent me to a your site, chasing her free book… Glad she did! Pick me! Pick me!

  872. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry much about hurricanes here in Wisconsin (or in Colorado where I was during this one). πŸ™‚

  873. i have recently discovered wendy’s socks from the toe up and it’s great. am looking forward to seeing the lace book.

  874. I hope the knitters I know in blogland are not affected by the Hurriane.

  875. Muchos gracias por el giveaway. (Sorry my Spanish falls short of cute). What I did during Irene: sweat in central Texas, then fly home to Seattle (thankfully my aircraft was west coast origin). Bueno viaje.

  876. I agree with the “A Buttload of Lace” title. I don’t know how she knits so many projects so quickly…and still works at an outside job.

  877. OK, I give up already, it’s time for me to learn to knit lace, and I LOVE what I’ve seen of Wendy’s beautiful work.

  878. Squeee! They both look great. Thanks.

  879. Pick me! Pick me! The mochimochi book looks really cute and my daughter loves to knit little things. Squeeee!

  880. Pleeeeeesssse pick me!
    I was in San Diego during the storm….far, far away!

  881. I watched the storm from afar (I live in Paris), although we ended up having sympathy rainstorms all weekend – a great time to pick up the fall knitting!

  882. Squee! I’d like to knit some lace, please (but mostly I’d like a 4 week holiday so that I could catch up on my knitting queue).

  883. I live in the great Pacific Northwest. We like to complain about the gray, cool Summers here. They are noting compared to hurricanes, and we should be grateful. BTW, I would love Wendy’s book.

  884. I spent my Hurricane Irene day (Saturday) finishing a chemo cap for a friend. I finished it just before it got too dark to knit. She will be getting it today. It is lace so Wendy’s book would be a great addition to my library.

  885. I spent my Hurricane Irene day (Saturday) finishing a chemo cap for a friend. I finished it just before it got too dark to knit. She will be getting it today. It is lace so Wendy’s book would be a great addition to my library.

  886. I spent my Hurricane Irene day (Saturday) finishing a chemo cap for a friend. I finished it just before it got too dark to knit. She will be getting it today. It is lace so Wendy’s book would be a great addition to my library.

  887. whoa….this is a SQUEEE-alicious giveaway!!!!!
    Irene? I’m a bit more westward now, so it didn’t affect me, but one thing I’ve learned….get the pots filled with water in anticipation of a power-out, and there won’t be one!!

  888. I’m so glad to hear that your encounter with Irene was boring and uneventful.
    I adore that gnome! Squeee!!

  889. Mini Mochimochi is so yummyyummy!!

  890. Mini Mochimochi is so yummy yummy!!

  891. Oooooh! Both look fab. And I’m glad you came through Irene with minimal inconvenience.

  892. Both of those books look squee-tastic!

  893. Don’t suppose I’ve got a cat in hell’s chance of winning, especially as I live in the Netherlands, but I’m gonna try anyway! I want – I need – I covet – the Wendy Knits Lace book!!!

  894. I spent my time during the storm finishing up a sweater for my granddaughter and beginning a baby blanket for a former co-workier. I would love to win a copy of Wendy Knits Lace.

  895. Squeee! Hope I win πŸ™‚

  896. I read Wendy’s blog and would love her book.

  897. Very excited about Teeny Tiny Mochimochi! One of the teens I work with has been making some very adorable things from her other book!

  898. Squeeeeee! I made a last minute run to Michael’s for some yarn and knit throught the storm.

  899. I just bought a buttload of lace yarn and need some ideas! So I need this book! Glad to hear you made it through the storm OK. : )

  900. There are so many good knitting books coming out now!
    We were hardly affected by the earthquake or storm, but our workplace kindly sent out preparedness documents the Monday after…

  901. Just got power back after three days without. Ah, the joy of flipping the power switch and having the lights go on! (As opposed to flipping the switch and having nothing happen, which I did repeatedly in our downstairs bathroom which has no windows. Ingrained habits die hard.)

  902. Here in NJ I took the mandatory stay in your house to mean knit all day and night till the electricity went out, which it did,I was asleep so no knitting time lost. I am always looking for the next book to add to my lace library and Wendy’s is on the top win or not one will find it’s way on my shelf.

  903. Squeee….and I lost power for 35 hours while tropical storm Irene (as it was at that point) hit NH, so I knit during the daylight hours while reading, slept during the darkness or read by candlelight..and went to work on Monday grateful that my office building did not lose power and has a shower.

  904. I am so sorry Irene had to go and push her way into the northeast. So unfair. At least those of us here in FL are well versed in preparations.
    Both books are dynamite in their own way. I’m a Wendy follower and have two of her books. Would love to add a third!

  905. Squeeee!!!! Irene didn’t knock out my power (I was very lucky) but we were stuck indoors so it was a great knitting day. I mostly made progress on a “one-piece baby kimono” (you may have heard of it πŸ˜‰ )and I can’t wait to finish it.

  906. Me, me, pick me!!! No hurricane here in Texas. Not even a breeze. But we did get a couple of drops of rain.

  907. squeee…squeee…and supersqueee….
    me, please for the lace book…

  908. squee is me!

  909. I learned socks at Wendy’s knee; why not play with lace there as well? She’s a very clear writer.

  910. Would love to have those books!

  911. Both of these books are on my wish list. Can never go wrong with a Wendy pattern and the Mochi Mochi is just too cute.

  912. is a squeeee a shortened squell? Love to have a new book for my collection!

  913. I spend Hurricane Irene in Ohio so I got beautiful weather and worry about family in Massachusetts. I’d love either book.

  914. Don’t we all need more books? Thanks for offering to everyone!

  915. Remember Hurricane Gloria? That was a whopper on long island. I could’ve used Wendy’s lace way back then.

  916. Glad you survived the hurricane in grand style. I really want the Wendy Knits Lace book, and the only thing better than buying it for myself would be getting it straight from the hands of the divine Ms. Kay. Count me in on the giveaway!

  917. Wendy’s lace book makes me squeeee!

  918. Pick me. Pick me. Wendy’s lace is so beautiful and I love Mochi Mochi.

  919. I am from the midwest, so Irene was not a threat. However, I have the east coasters in my thoughts. All that rain!
    Would love to win the lace book!

  920. Would love to win Wendys Knits. As for Hurricane Irene, we live in Pennsylvania and we were ready to travel to New Jersey for a family funeral and had to cancel due to the weather. So we stayed home glued to the TV with knitting needles glued to my hands.

  921. Squeeeeeeee ….. whoohoo

  922. Great post. You’ve a(nother) career as a title-writer.

  923. I live in the midwest where we have had our own flooding misery this summer so my prayers are with those who are affected by Irene’s nastiness. I would love to win Wendy’s book.

  924. Hurricane Irene caused my sister, who lives in Seattle and is getting married at my house in Virginia this coming Saturday, to fly to Houston and drive from there to Virginia, because everyone told her she couldn’t fly home until Thursday and she insisted on getting home earlier. Anyway, SQUEEEEEEE!

  925. Irene – worried about 2 kids and a sister in the path. All are fine and no major damages for any of them. Worked on socks for same sister.

  926. I love Anna Hrachovec’s work. I bought her first book for myself, and then bought it for a friend.

  927. I love Wendy’s sock patterns, so I can’t wait to see her lace book!

  928. I love Wendy’s patterns. Please pick me!

  929. I’ve been drooling over Wendy’s book – pick me, pick me! Thanks!

  930. Just a little wind in western New York. Being inland does have its advantages – not so much during the winter!!! Please add me to the drawing.

  931. Oh gee, either book would be soooooo nice.
    Irene didn’t affect TN, but a little rain –gladly we would have taken some.

  932. Ooh, how exciting! I would love the lace book – I’m beginning to feel the autumn knitting urge coming on so it would be perfect.
    Irene didn’t reach this side of the pond, but I spent the weekend visiting a beautiful Tudor timber framed house (Speke Hall) and wandering along a few hills. It rained but was lovely!

  933. I need to make that mermaid on the cover!

  934. We were spared the effects of Hurricane Irene but I’m glad to here Kay survived reasonably well! I would love to win the Wendy Knits Lace book!!!

  935. Both books look so great, especially the lace book (I love lace) but the mini’s would be fun for my grandchildren, too! Pick me!

  936. A Buttload of Lace … best subtitle I’ve heard in a long time. πŸ™‚

  937. Do you do abroad – a lace-phobic based in Leeds in the UK would be thrilled to start to overcome her fears…

  938. Thanks for a great blog! I can’t wait to see Wendy’s lace book.

  939. Squeeeee! I would love the Lace book. The little people look fun too. Good luck everyone!

  940. I would love to win, especially “Wendy Knits Lace”, as I’m just starting to dip my knitterly toe into that particular pond. As for what we did during Irene? Here in Virginia’s Northern Neck, we hunkered down and waited it out. Luckily, we didn’t lose power at our house, but the cable internet went down, keeping me off Ravelry long enough to finish several nearly-done projects!

  941. Glad you survived the storm!
    Would LOVE to win Wendy’s book. Haven’t seen the other one yet but it looks adorable.
    Time for some good luck…………….
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  942. Squeee!

  943. Sign me up! Watched my daughter and 3 of her friends cavort in the rain and win with umbrellas – oh to be 10 again! Would have rather spent the day knitting, though. Working on my first lace project now!

  944. Squee! Thanks for the opportunity! Gazing covetously at Wendy Knits Lace…

  945. Longing for Wendy’s lace instructions! The other, not so much. There’s only so much “fiddly” I can handle. If (pleasepleaseplease) I’m a winner, contact me:
    AnnBan on Ravelry or adevineATmywayDOTcom

  946. In SW Virginia it is dry, dry, dry, dry, very dry so we were hoping that Irene would send us a nice rain. But no luck–we are still dry. We did get some wind which helped to dry the pastures out even more. Thank you for the chance to win a book!

  947. No hurricanes in Oregon, but cruddy air from forest fires.

  948. Both of these books look amazing and would make a great addition to any knitter’s library.

  949. I am quite besotted with the idea of knitting many tiny things.

  950. No hurricanes in Toronto, although we did feel a tremor from the earthquake, LOL. I love Wendy and I love MochiMochi, so would be extastic to win either of these books – please, please, let me win for once in my life, LOL!!

  951. I was out in the midwest so I spent it knitting in my apartment watching the weather channel!

  952. Squeee indeed!

  953. Throwing my hat in the ring with the other thousand or so readers who would love to have Wendy’s buttload of lace. Here’s a squeee for good measure.

  954. Love the look of both those books. Am in the Houston area and it was really novel to watch the weather channel and worry about my relatives in RI and Va. Everybody (Including my 99-year-old grandmother who refused to evacuate from her rural, bordered-on-two-sides by a river home) is just fine. Largely w/o electricity, but fine.

  955. Squeeee!!! Wendy DOES knit a buttload of lace!

  956. Glad you all were safe. We were so lucky during the storm in northeastern Pa. When the dish went whonky we watched recorded episodes of Dr. Who, Batlestar Gallactica, and Nate Berkus!
    New mochi book is too adorable!!!

  957. We had a much needed shower of rain in Illinois, because of the hurricane – thank you!! Would love love to have a book come flying my way. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  958. We just watched Irene on the tube. My Sis had to evacuate but she’s safe. I actually saw book reviews on both of these by the knit girllls and am dying to get my hands on them

  959. Was going to try to be comment 1000…storm was bad news here in central ny. I am grateful that I made out better than many of my neighbors. Send your prayers and well-wishes to the numerous people that have lost so much.

  960. Holy black cow…Look at all comments. I’ve haven’t a snowball of a chance…but just wanted to say the Lace book looks mighty cool. It would be more so on my book shelf. Just sayin’.

  961. Just let me add my own “SQUEEEEE” to the list! Oh please pick me . . . please!

  962. Heard about your blog from Wendy….glad everything was well with Irene. Love both books!

  963. I loved Wendy’s other books and the way she explains techniques. I’m ready to venture into lace and I’d love to have her as my “teacher!” Pick me!

  964. Squeeeeeee!!

  965. Squee! I have the first MochiMochi book; would love to have the second! Or the lace book — I like lace.

  966. I am already knitting the Poor Poet’s Mitts from my copy of Wendy Knits Lace, but I would love to win a copy so I could give it to my best friend Krissy!!!!

  967. As Irene was heading up the coast I was heading to the coast for a week at the beach! She passed by offshore from SC and we have found so many unusual shells washed in in her aftermath.

  968. Oh yeah Lace Mochi and a double dog “squeee”!!

  969. I was personally not affected by the hurricane though daughter was created in the midst of Bob years back in RI, lol! My poor mom got hit semi hard, though she feels lucky compared to her neighbors. Offered to go help but flights not heading even near her for another week yet. Mother nature can be both beautiful and cruel, gotta respect her for sure!
    (would love to play with either book, the amigurumi looks so cute and for knitters! πŸ™‚ )

  970. Oh Yes! I would love to have WENDY KNITS LACE. Thank you very much.

  971. Oh Yes! I would love to have WENDY KNITS LACE. Thank you very much.

  972. I would love to have the Wendy Knits Lace. Thanks!

  973. I see so many lace items on Wendy’s blog and think the mini mochi are so cute. Winning either book would be great!

  974. Squeeeeee!

  975. I would love to win! Any book. Actually any book in the whole world, but any knitting book just kicks it up a level πŸ™‚

  976. I was not effected by the hurricane but and still kind of stunned I felt a earthquake in Pittsburgh

  977. I’m very excited for both of these books, I hope I win one but eventually they will both be mine!!!!

  978. Good Grief!!!!! i’m #974—what are the odds!!!!
    Anyway I would love to get the Wendy’s Lace book. I love her patterns…now only if I could successfully knit one of her lace patterns…can we say oops????
    During the hurricane, we watched the weather channel news a lot, watched it coming up the coast and wondering how bad it was going to be for us. We were on the west fringe of the storm, but in the extremely high winds area. We did see a lot of wind going through, very little rain! We were and are extremly lucky it wasn’t worse.

  979. So cute! Only downside to amigurumi I see is all the ends and bits of things to sew to other things … so it must be really cute to overcome that! Luckily, these DO look that cute!

  980. Nothing hurricane like in Atlanta. Still marching towards a record stretch of 90+ degree days. Our forecast is stuck on continued hot and crappy. So, you know, what with all the heat and humidity, knitting with wool is just so enticing!

  981. Teeny tiny cute and Beautiful Lace! No effects from Irene here in Ohio. Glad you are all safe.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  982. I did Wendy’s mystery shawlette this summer and it was wonderful! Can’t wait to try some new projects from her book. She is the reason I have fallen in love with lace!
    I watched Irene from Florida, feeling relieved that we weren’t the Big Story this time. But most of my family is in the northeast, so I was glued to the TV and held my breath the entire weekend, knowing what all of you were going through. Hurricanes are no fun at all!

  983. I love, love, love this website, have both of the books and am currently working on the Cardigan cozy, moderne baby blanket and log cabin cotton rugs. (that’s my whole WIP at the moment πŸ™‚
    thank you for all you put into your website, blogs and books.

  984. Fun! I watched the weather channel, local news, tweeted with friends. I took my daughter to lunch, a movie (The Help – awesome)and back-to-school shopping. Imagine this TARGET on a Saturday afternoon, nearly empty!! It was amazing.

  985. Love your blog about the Hurricane. Glad it wasn’t to bad for you.
    On the books. Both look awesome.

  986. Squeeeeee!

  987. I would love to have the Teeny-Tiny book…even though without the power I wouldn’t have been able to work on it! Thank goodness for having enough candles and a sock project (and some good company to chat in the dark with.)

  988. My squee-er, or as dear Miguelito would say, my thqueer, just went into overdrive at both these books! dang, what a wonderful offer.
    My neighbors and I all weathered the storm, and are now marooned in a dry neighborhood in NJ surrounded by feet of water on all sides. But we have power. And the big old cherry tree from my patio is now largely little cherry logs for the upcoming fires, sigh.
    But thqueeeeee! anyway

  989. I’d love to win either book – the little cute Mochimochi are so cute (and I already bought Wendy’s book, but could always use another as a gift)! πŸ™‚

  990. Yet one more Squeee from me! These both look like fantastic books.

  991. squee – what a nice giveaway.
    No Irene for me – just glad to know people took the warnings seriously.

  992. Squeee! How was that? Thanks for the great giveaway!

  993. Just finished my 1st shawl – Wendy’s Summer Mystery and am sold on lace. She makes it real easy. Would love win her book. As a quilter I loved your free form knitting. Will have to look into that.

  994. I would love a copy of either book, but especially Wendy’s.

  995. I have discovered over my many years, that being over prepared is always better than the other option. I’m a firm believer in all the old adages taught to me by my mother and grandmothers: Better safe than sorry, You can never have too much food, etc. Living in Michigan, we did not have to deal with the actual storm, just the constant news reports. I’m just glad it wasn’t as bad as predicted for most. I hope that for those who were truly affected, can recover quickly.
    Oops, sorry I got a bit carried away. I may just have to get the Wendy Knits Lace (if I don’t win), I am truly intimidated by lace!!

  996. Thank you for the giveaway – both look fabulous!!!

  997. Currently at home on Doctor ordered “modified bedrest” in 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Would LOVE some new reading material/crafty inspiration.

  998. Squee for the mini-mochi! Such a cute book. Wendy’s is nice too. I had a chance to look through it at stitches Midwest over the weekend. If I hadn’t already spent a buttload of money I would have bought the buttload of lace!!

  999. Would love to get my hands on the lace book. Though I won’t be able to knit lace because I’m so freaking tired from getting up to fill the generator at my 84 year old Dad’s. IRENE is no friend of mine!

  1000. This is nice of you to do; thank you.

  1001. I spent the hurricane sewing together log cabin blocks constructed of leftover sock yarn and Baby Ull. Very productive!

  1002. Count me if for a squee!! No disasters (yet) out here in Oregon. πŸ™‚

  1003. Our power went out at 5am, so we sat around in our pajamas eating two boxes of Entenmann’s cream cheese coffee cake purchased especially for a no-electric-power breakfast. Power went on at noon and we sat around in our pajamas watching the news reports.
    Both books look like winners. Thanks for the give away!

  1004. I actually avoided the storm by going to FLA to visit my mom. SQUEEE!

  1005. I love to have either one. May have to buy a copy if I don’t win.

  1006. Que terrifico!!

  1007. Pick me, pick me! and Squeee!

  1008. Lived thru the earthquake in MD, then headed out of town to Alaska just in time to miss Irene. She did not miss me…house in NC right in the target zone. Hope all is well with everyone!

  1009. I’m delighted!

  1010. SQUEEEEE!!! I adore Anna Hrachovec! Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  1011. Oh, squee, indeed. In WI, we had neither earthquake nor hurricane action.

  1012. The first line made me LOL.
    I stayed in the house until I felt it was safe to go out to IHOP (I had chicken and waffles). Irene blew a lot of wind here in Durham, NC, but she didn’t do much damage in my area.

  1013. Either book would be wonderful.

  1014. Whist my brother was without power in NC, I fixed a broken bench in WI. I am glad that you all have weathered the storm without damages. I love “joie de squee”, you are hilarious.

  1015. I may be one of the few people who headed into where the “hurricane” was supposed to be. I went to Chappaquiddick, which, as its own little island, was completely cut off from Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday, no way off for us since we took the boat out of the water for the season pre-“hurricane.” I say “hurricane” because it was a tropical storm when it got to us but if it had followed the path of going directly over Nantucket, it would have been a whole lot worse than just the high winds we got with a little rain. I’ve been there in Nor-Easter’s which were worse. My thoughts and support to those who really were affected.

  1016. Glad to find your blog, and your awesome give-away. I would love either book, but most especially the lace. I keep trying to knit lace, and keep ripping it out for a year now. Maybe I need an intervention. Or maybe just some simple instruction. Glad you made it through Irene Ok – I lost four branches off of my oak in southern Cape May County, NJ.

  1017. I would love to win a copy of Wendy’s book! Irene changed our weekend plans, went to the mountains instead of the beach.

  1018. I love those tiny critters!

  1019. Lace, lace, lace — I am intrigued.

  1020. During the hurricane, I was knitting and trying not to worry as stuff blew all over the yard from my neighbor’s yards. We all knew it would get back home soon if it stayed in the court. Of course, the hurricane where I was had a less dramatic effect than the earthquake earlier in the week….

  1021. Love your alternate title for Wendy’s book!

  1022. Oh my. I always forget how stunning Wendy’s lace abilities are until I see this book. *grabby hands*
    Glad to hear you made it through the storm okay! πŸ˜€

  1023. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from Toronto. Please pick my name for the giveaway. I love Wendy’s lace shawls and who doesn’t adore Teeny timy Mochimochi!

  1024. Squeeee!!!!! Great books!

  1025. Wow, I’m late to the party, but … skuh-wheee! Glad you weren’t blown/washed away by Irene.

  1026. I still can’t belive they shut down the metro. Glad to hear you did not have to go without water or power. Here in Chicago the storm was only on TV.

  1027. Glad you’re all safe after the hurricane.

  1028. Squee! My knitting mojo is missing! In Texas, we’re actually hoping for a good tropical storm to get past this drought and the hottest summer on record. It’s ONLY 103 today. Maybe if we get rain, I’ll feel like knitting again!

  1029. Squeeee! Squeeee! Squeee!

  1030. I was lucky to be high and dry in Colorqdo during Ilene….relatives in NJ have had no electric after a week, because the transformers are underwater!

  1031. Count me in! Maybe I’ll get lucky.

  1032. Natural disaster? In Washington that’s a cold summer in the eastern half (my half) and a few inches of snow in Seattle (if you’ve seen their hills, you’d understand).
    Love both the books a hve never won anything!

  1033. Another big SQUEEEEEE! Thanks, Kay, for the chance to win a prize. My family in Massachusetts survived Irene with nary even a power outage. I enjoyed sunshine and blue skies over the weekend. Best, and happy knitting, to all!

  1034. Squeee….. lovely books! While you were all hunkering down hiding from Irene, I was on the other side of the world, basking in Spring weather. Roll on summer…. πŸ™‚

  1035. Oh, so many comment already! I guess I don’t have too much chance, but I would love to have one of those books.

  1036. I would love a copy of the Wendy Knits Lace book. Have been a fan of hers for a long time!

  1037. It would be great to win either book. One more squeee from my end of the world.

  1038. It’s Wednesday evening, and our neighborhood is still without power here in Northern Westchester, but as of last night phone service miraculously reappeared. A giant tree limb or two nailed one of our cars, but it’s the one I have a bad relationship with, so maybe it’s all for the best. Thanks, Irene.
    I’ve been knitting the last three stripes of the Camomile shawl since the power went out. It’s a trudge. Lace looks so attractive right now …

  1039. Those are two books I would love to have.

  1040. I found that knitting by torchlight is not as fun as it sounds, but that not knitting at all is never an option! After three days w/o power, I am ready to read a new book about knitting. Thanks!!

  1041. Would love a copy of either book but my lace knitting needs all the help it can get! Thanks for the giveaway and I love reading your blog!

  1042. Love the uber squeee mochi mochi!

  1043. SQUEE! Pick MEEEE! πŸ™‚

  1044. Because I am from Florida, I prepared for Irene by cleaning out the fridge. Then I spent Irene knitting a cunning little hat.

  1045. Am glad you have weathered Mother Nature’s tantrums so well….much better to be prepared and not need to be than vice versa!

  1046. I live in Nevada, watched Irene and thought of the east coast a lot. It must have been scary!
    I was just at my LYS, Gail’s Knits, asking about Wendy’s lace book, would love to win a copy. If not Gail will have a copy waiting for me!

  1047. Usually when there is a hurricane, we have storm or Something in Minnesota, but nothing with Irene. Would love to have the Mochi book as I am of limited income and people give me yarn so that I can crochet, knit for the church’s bazaar. thoese would be fun.

  1048. I’m just getting into knitting these wee things. I’d love this book!
    Thanks for offering it!

  1049. I was probably sleeping through most of Irene; either that or going about my usual day/night cycle of sleeping and/or knitting and sometimes even eating! Oh, I live on the West Coast!

  1050. I would really like to have the Wendy knits lace book. Just love her patterns.

  1051. I really like both books but would like to have the Wendy Knits Lace !

  1052. I would love either book (and will probably end up purchasing both since that’s how I roll). I have the first MochiMochi and my 19yo daughter, her best friend and I have probably made at least half of the creatures in the book (including a herd of multi-colored hampsters and our own Rocky Mtns that bear little resemblence to those outside my window). We are looking forward to even tinier MochiMochi adventures. I have all of Wendy’s books and would love looking at her beautiful knits even if I never intended to knit any of them (but where would be the fun in that?!). As for Hurricane Irene, it didn’t make it as far as Colorado but I have relatives all up and down the East Coast from Florida to Maine so I have heard the stories and waited with bated breath for the “Don’t worry, we’re OK” phone calls. Oh, we had an earthquake too! I didn’t notice.

  1053. Too pooped to do anything more but Squee!

  1054. No hurricane here in Colorado… just a cloudy day.

  1055. I did knit during the 4 days of power outage – but ran into trouble when I discovered the pattern I was following was only on the internet! Oh well!

  1056. Squeeee! And that for learning how to do a proper YO after a purl! I’m ready to learn!!

  1057. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! How could I resist such an invitation to squeeeeee?
    Thanks for the opportunity. Glad you are safe.

  1058. I love both books! Sadly, we’re dry as a bone in the dustbowl of Kansas πŸ™

  1059. 1058 commenters before me in just 2 days!!! I’d love to win either one since I’ve bought all their previous books.

  1060. Day Four with no electricity. I’m borrowing a little internet to catch up on my favorite blogs and track down United Illuminating. But I’d much rather be reading either of those beautiful books (by candlelight, flashlight, i-phone glow–whatever).

  1061. During the storm, I did not fill the vessels with water, since we live in central PA,(out of the storm’s path)thus guaranteeing we would lose power for multiple days. Which we did. No light. No water. Three young boys. I need some knit therapy. Lace or Squee. Thanks!

  1062. Mochi Mochi Mochi Mochi please.

  1063. please enter me for the lace book, thanks!!!
    I was knitting while irene swept by to the east!

  1064. I’d love a new knitting book, especially Wendy’s lace book. She is amazing! Glad to know the hurricane was kind to you.

  1065. You can never have too many knitting books! Please pick me!

  1066. Squeeee!! So cute!

  1067. Great books. Here’s hoping.

  1068. Mochimochi for me me. plea plea please!!

  1069. SQUEE! SQUEE! SQUEE! SQUEE! (one for each book)

  1070. I must say, I do love blog giveaways! πŸ˜‰ Popped on over from Wendy’s blog, because I adore Wendy’s patterns, and I, well, SQUEEEE over Mochi patterns! πŸ˜€

  1071. Squee! Viva Los Libros. Squee! To Teeny Tiny Minimochi! Wendy’s book looks fabulous!
    I haven’t even said, “Squee!” but I love it.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  1072. squee from me

  1073. Both those books look great. I have all the other Wendy books, and have purchased some of the mochimochi patterns, so I will purchase them both unless I win one.

  1074. SQUEEE!!! I’d love either one πŸ™‚

  1075. On the coast of Maine where I live, Irene was a bust. But inland, that’s another story! They’re still without power.
    I would love the lace book!

  1076. I ate a bag of strawberry Twizzlers while sitting in the closet all night during Irene. As for the earthquake, I rolled out of the house onto the lawn and proceeded to try to outrun the thing which you can’t do. It was my first earthquake so I had no plan of action that made sense. I am still stressed out about it all and intend to stay that way for a long time or at least until we clean up the tree graveyard we have out back.

  1077. I would love to win Wendy’s new book!

  1078. All I can say is “squee!” What great books to offer up! Thank you

  1079. Spent the weekend watching the hurricane move up the coast, wishing a little of the rain would move our way. But it didn’t. The books look great.

  1080. I love working with Wendy’s patterns! Those mini-knits look so cute. Haven’t heard of that book before. Thanks for counting me in, Kay!

  1081. During Irene, I watched my hometown news on the internet, hoping that my parents would be safe and not have much damage. They were and they didn’t. I grew up in Southeastern Virginia. I’d love either book. Thanks.

  1082. Lace AND Teeny-Tinies!? Oh, how to choose?

  1083. I have been a faithful follower of Wendy, have made several of her patterns and wouldn’t you love to make me happy with this book.

  1084. My sister had a baby in the middle of the hurricane! It would be great to get one of these books to make something for her.

  1085. lands! it took a right smart while to get to the bottom of 1086 comments. wishin’ i win one of the books. i’m in dire need of a good squee.

  1086. I just want to say squeeee! too. Not to sure I’ll ever get lace knitting conquered but it wouldn’t hurt at all to have Wendy’s great book.

  1087. I’m a fan of Wendy Knits, so would love a copy of her book.

  1088. I’d faint if you messaged me with a win πŸ™‚

  1089. I would love either of these books!!!!!!!

  1090. I love Kay’s description of a tree “lying down.” That only makes it more sad though. I don’t mean to add more work for you but I had to give a go at these books.

  1091. I would love either of these books!!!!!!!

  1092. Squeeeee!!! As I live equidistant from all oceans, I did not prepare for the hurricane, but I did read about the coverage and monitor facebook to hear from friends in her path. Glad you are ok!

  1093. During Irene, I emailed all friends in her path to fly west and vacation (as in camp wherever you find space) at my place until it was safe to return to the right coast. Then I worked on my knitting for charities projects and thought of cleaning the house, but decided to delay that job until the first call saying, “hey, I’m at the airport. can you pick me up?” I finished three projects and started the fourth knit for charity project. All friends survived Irene without flying west. Now I’m wondering if I should be knitting for victims of Irene as winter will be here before houses can be rebuilt. I would love Wendy’s lace book. She rocks.

  1094. Love the mini mini mochi mochi! The lace looks awesome too.

  1095. Glag you are safe. Mini mochi are too much fun to look at. They certainly are conversation starters when someone spots one your desk at work. Can’t guarantee that the conversation won’t be odd, however, since it looks like you might have lost all sanity, indulging in a hobby that includes knitting such things as smiling hot dogs and blades of grass.

  1096. Allrighttt! Way to lure the lurkers out of the inky shadows. Love the random book drawing, want the lace book and will accept the oddity of amigurumi as yet another example of the wildly diverse passions of knitters. So glad all is well in New Yawk.

  1097. Love reading your bog! Wendy’s book looks amazing and would love to be picked!

  1098. I am so glad I don’t live in hurricane country. Iw would be totally stressed knowing that they are coming. I think I prefer the constant back of the mind thoughts of earthquakes which are slightly scaring but attack with no stress providing warning.

  1099. I flew over the North Atlantic as the
    hurricane headed your way.
    I read Wendy faithfully and am constantly
    amazed at her lovely knitting and how fast
    she manages to complete her projects. So,
    “Squee!” indeed.

  1100. I am the definition of a short-attention-span knitter! I am trying to grow my attention by kitting a baby blanket in sock yarn.
    It’ll either cure me or kill me (as my mother would say). Thanks for your entertaining and inspiring blog!

  1101. Here in Omaha, we had no hurricane. We still have tremendous amounts of flood damage all along the Missouri, though. It’s pretty awful actually, to see what is underneath all that water as it recedes.
    Here is a question– have any of your readers made a sewn quilt in the style of the moderne log cabin? My google-fu has failed me.

  1102. My nephews were visiting, so I had to keep a 3-year-old from going completely bonkers with cabin fever. Fortunately it cleared up pretty early on Sunday and we could go out!

  1103. We’ve had gorgeous weather and no tremors here in northeastern Minnesota. Of course, we’re all bemoaning “the end of summer” and are girding ourselves for winter days that are consistently below zero.
    Glad you are safe.

  1104. I hunkered down and worked on a lace shawl in some gorgeous Wollemeise. This was between trips to the basement to run the wet vac and suck up the water that was flowing in. Thankfully no damage.

  1105. During “A bit of rain with some gusty wind” Irene? (I’m pretty far inland.) I was knitting, of course, when I should have been sleeping. I must admit to a sqeeee at every MDK post….

  1106. would love to be entered!

  1107. SQUEE!!!!

  1108. Would love the WendyKnits lace book!

  1109. Down here in Maryland we were totally prepared for at least no power. So with flashlights at hand, ipad and phones plugged in getting every last juice they could, we never even lost power or even a branch. Future daughter’s mother in law in Vermont, however, is stranded in her home on a hill with no power, no water, no roads. Good thing she also knits and spins to pass the time.
    Thank you for the generous give-away.

  1110. squeeeee, indeed!

  1111. We made it through Irene with no damage, but my parents still don’t have power (which means no water). Love the look of those books. I can’t wait to see them in person. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  1112. I was suppose to have dinner with a friend but was so engrossed in the weather channel and CNN that we ordered in and ate at her house and watched the news all evening.

  1113. Squeee!!
    Ok, I’m done squee-ing. Hehe.
    I’m on the west-coast, so I have nothing much to say about Irene (although I did experience a hurricane once or twice, in a little island called Samoa; it went on for days and we had no power for a couple of weeks).

  1114. Lace! I loves me lace!

  1115. And this little yarn piggie cried “squee, squee, squee” all the way home. I really want Wendy’s book.

  1116. Awesome books. Glad you are safe. Enjoy your blog

  1117. I love lace! πŸ™‚

  1118. I am in California, so Irene was not an issue where I live, but lots of my people are in VT, so I was very concerned for all of them.

  1119. Squee over Wendy Knits! Just have to let you know that I’ve been in love with Olive for a long time and my husband was so sweet he surprised me with a little white Westie terrier for my birthday!!! I can’t wait to start knitting sweaters for him. Was very close to naming him Ollie…didn’t want to feel like a stalker!

  1120. Glad Irene was nonevent for you. We just had blissfully strong breezes here in western pa that were just right for open window-let -the -wind -do- the-dusting- cleaning.
    Knitting a sweater for my 98 year old today mum!

  1121. Glad to hear you survived Irene! Would love the lace book!

  1122. I can’t believe all the comments you have already. I couldn’t comment earlier because we had no Cablevision in NJ from Irene and that is where we get our TV and internet. It is really hard for me to knit without the TV on. I had to resort to reading during the hurricane. At least my power didn’t go out so I was able to eat ice cream while I was reading.

  1123. squeeeeeeeeeee

  1124. OMG! So cute and so much lace!

  1125. I would love to improve my lace skills!

  1126. Irene didn’t do much damage in my neck of North Carolina, but our coast got thwacked. Keeping my eye on Katia.

  1127. I am so hoping to score Wendy’s lace book. Pick me Pick me!

  1128. Pick me, if I had to choose I would pick the Wendy’s lace but the other one is stinking adorable too…

  1129. I watched an insane number of hours of Weather Channel and checked on my niece in Brooklyn and my daughter and son-in-law in Tunbridge Vermont. All are well, thank goodness. Wish the same were true of others in the storm’s path.

  1130. I love El Bloombito! And I’d like a chance for the books – thanks.
    Sue in Seattle

  1131. Squeeee!!!!!!!

  1132. Ooooh! Wendy Knits Lace – I would love a copy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  1133. If my kids and my students are getting new books at the beginning of the school year, why shouldn’t I? πŸ™‚
    Thanks for doing this!

  1134. I was on the north shore of LI during the hurricane, visiting from Florida. (There has to be some irony in that.) We came through it fine, got to visit an extra day, but I almost ran out of knitting. I hope you are having a good time on your vacation. I’ve been coveting the mini-mini book.

  1135. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy reading the things you an Ann share with all of your readers! Thanks!

  1136. I’m a mom who lives in the Midwest who spent the time watching tv and texting the kids who live in NC to be sure they were OK. I think they did better with the storm than I did! The books look great! Thanks

  1137. I ran away, (actually drove away,) from hurricaine Irene. Had a trip to Michigan planned, so off I went from PA. Michigan weather was great, and the house was in one pieve when I returned.

  1138. Me please.

  1139. Ugh, you would have to KILL me before I made one of those tiny little f***ers. Give me skinny yarn and needles and lots of nupps any day!

  1140. SQEEEE! Teeny tiny mermaid!!! Loving the lace!!
    I spent two days without power, knitting by oil lamp. coulda been way worse.

  1141. Glad to read you weathered the storm (and kept your yarn dry). Happily, we don’t often have such weather extremes in Portland, Oregon (touch wood). Would greatly enjoy winning a book, too.
    Knit tight. Don’t let the wool moths bite.

  1142. SQUEE! Irene blew our power out and uprooted a tree across our driveway but she couldn’t touch the tomato storm shelter built by my DH to protect the veg! On a related note, I cast on a Moderne Baby Blanket during the storm. Garter stitch is just the thing when the power is out.

  1143. mmm, pretty lace book. No Irene in Ohio, just coffee and the weather channel.

  1144. We here in the midwest enjoyed a nice mild few days during the the hurricane!
    would love a book!

  1145. I LOVE Wendy’s BLOG as well as yours! I would love to get a copy of her book. I’ve got two different shawls going on right now and have tons more to learn! thanks for posting!

  1146. I LOVE Wendy’s BLOG as well as yours! I would love to get a copy of her book. I’ve got two different shawls going on right now and have tons more to learn! thanks for posting!

  1147. Hilarious post, as always.
    It was very windy in Ottawa but no substantial rain.

  1148. Hilarious post, as always.
    It was very windy in Ottawa but no substantial rain.

  1149. Either book would please me to no end. As for the natural disasters, I live solidly in the Midwest, out of harm’s way.

  1150. Squeeolito!

  1151. I need the knitted gnome. And the weenie-in-bun. Seriously. I can’t possibly loosen this mortal coil without them.

  1152. Squeeee

  1153. Squeeeeee! And now I will knit. Thank you.

  1154. Thanks for the chance to win the new books. During Irene we were on our way West, traveling AWAY from her. We are on the Clearwater River, the route that Lewis and Clark took, fishing and knitting. Glad to hear you survived intact.

  1155. Wew—-Do you know how long I had to scroll down through 1155 comments???? Squeeee !!!! I have been reading Wendy and your blogs for a long, long time and would love to win either book but I prefer the lace book since I just started learning the ins and outs of lace knitting.

  1156. Wow Kay – you really know how to get a response. So here’s a Squeeee from me in the quest to win one of the lovely books.

  1157. Lucky enough (for a change!) to live in Western New York so on the day Irene visited, I was knitting in the sun. Glad to hear you came through the storm unscathed.

  1158. We were out of town and missed several local buildings disappearing under the river, but with so many of NYS roads closed (or missing), it took us 12 hours to drive the normally-3 1/2 hour-trip home! Car driver and passenger kind to each other the whole way. Much knitting done!

  1159. Super in love with Anna

  1160. I love Wendy’s blog, her patterns, and her books! I hope I’m the winner of her new lace book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  1161. Let’s hear it for squeeing!!! Thanks for showing us this book!

  1162. These would be SO MUCH FUN! I keep meaning to try lace, but can’t find a good starting point.
    Moderne Log Cabin bedspread still in progress. Missouri August is too darn hot to drag it out. Currently baby-hatting and getting ready to order supplies for a fair isle adventure.

  1163. Lace makes me nervous, which is why I need a book like that!
    I spent the day glued to Twitter, reading updates on the news sites, and checking FB for updates from friends. My heart kept breaking with all the devastation.

  1164. That lace book looks absolutely gorgeous! (Hint, Hint). I would love to be able to knit lace but haven’t developed the patience for it yet, sigh, one day, maybe.

  1165. I had an Irene vacation from power, the Internett and access to a road for five days and two hours – now I’m back and so glad to be in time to try for Wendy Knits Lace.

  1166. So glad to hear that you weathered the storm without a problem. I hope you found quality knitting time. Wendy’s lace book looks wonderful. Too bad there isnt a fast way to do lace.

  1167. I’d love to win a copy of Wendy’s book. Thanks for the offer.

  1168. Love to be a winner!

  1169. SQUEEEEEEE–I love that! But I think my choice would be the “buttful of lace”! I know, being #117? or other, that I have a great chance of being chosen!!! Please, me!! random generator!!!!

  1170. My 15-year old daughter rescued three baby flying squirrels from a 20 foot fall from their nest. She helped them through the night & set them back in the tree the next day so they could return home . . . an inspiring bit of caring post-Irene.

  1171. Nothing but brutal heat in West Tennessee, not even a drop of rain, but we’re knitting away just the same.

  1172. Sat through Irene and watched it from beginning to end on CNN. I missed getting to watch Katrina come through since we were without electricity, tv, and phone for 13 days- we live 100 miles north of New Orleans!

  1173. I had a very funny (weird) feeling all day Sunday. After I finally tried to go to bed with a good book I think I gave up that even! Do you ever feel another person’s presence around you? This is probably too strange for some of you out there. As I found out the next day my cousin in Blacksburg Virginia had died Sunday night. Her husband is taking it well as she had dementia and a rare bone marrow disease. I have been so depressed all week. I do have a beautiful granddaughter who’s just turned 5 months old and is the joy of our lives. I ran across this blog by accident but being from the South I say go girls!! If we can’t help anyone in any way we can at least feed them!!! I do love knitting and crafts and thank you for all your information. I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend and no more hurricanes!

  1174. I have to squee! about both of these books!

  1175. I would love to win teeny tiny mochimochi! My husband loves those little things!

  1176. I would love to win teeny tiny mochimochi! My husband loves those little things!

  1177. Two “Squees.” I would give a tooth (okay, so it’s in less than perfect condition) for either of the books. I think the lace one, then I think the amigurumi, then…
    As for what I did during Irene, mostly it was try to keep in touch with family and friends in the path. It looked fierce, there, in the beginning. I know that it became mostly fizzle, but still, it did a lot of damage. And being without power is no longer an option.

  1178. Love the mochimochi!! The mermaid! Squeee!!

  1179. Glad to hear that you are all okay up there. Here in Texas we were sweating through the sweltering 108 degree heat and keeping track of the hurricane’s path. Really needing some rain here! Not of the hurricane variety though. The books both look like fun, but I’m much more into knitting lace and looking at other people’s tiny and cute creations!

  1180. I kept emailing family in eastern and coastal NC, only to receive slowwww, laconic, meh! replies…from chronically prepared people, when it comes to the ‘canes.
    So I knew the Trouble Would Be Up Nawth, from this huge, floppy mass of soggy plodding humi-didity.
    As for these books, you’re reading my mind! Squee!

  1181. Squeee! Hahaha. Mini amigurumi to wear? My mind is alight with the possibilities.

  1182. squee!

  1183. I live in Iceland (we are very familiar to natural disasters…. volcano any one?) Irene hit us yesterday, or what was left of her. Would love a chance to win a book πŸ™‚

  1184. Squeeeeeeeee

  1185. Squeee from a fellow NYer.

  1186. I want them both! Yummy!
    Aren’t you sweet giving them away.