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Gone to India and Nepal

Dear Kay,
Hannah is spending a year in northern India, working for Operation Smile. She’s keeping a blog here.
Maddie is in Nepal for three months. She’s writing about it here.
These are two young women I have watched grow up, and now that they’re 18, they seem so much wiser that I’ll ever be. (And calmer than their parents about blasting off for the other side of the world, that’s for sure!) Just wanted to share their blogs, in case anyone else out there wants to go with them on their journeys. These are two very cool young women.




  1. Adventures With the Next Generation! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Ann. Best to both girls on their journeys.

  3. I wish I could convince my niece, who’s nearly 19, to make that kind of leap. Or maybe I really just want to go back to India myself.

  4. Wow you must be so proud! I love the way they are fearlessly embrassing the culture!

  5. Best to both girls on their journeys.

  6. Thanks for the link! I’ve been wanting to read Hannah’s blog about her experience in India. These young ladies are so much braver than I was at their age!

  7. My husband is bugging me for a blanket. I usually start and then they end up being baby blankets.

  8. Eeeek! So exciting! I have made a big and little moderne log cabin, and an hourglass throw from Brooklyn tweed. In progress on a cabled afghan and the mitered crosses. Would love to add another.

  9. Does knitting a blanket in your imagination count? I have thought of so many different designs, yarns, layouts – but alas something always gets the better of me. And now looking at these marvels – well, I am totally intimidated!


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