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World Semi-Premiere: Merle Hazard Heads to the Beach (and Off the Fiscal Cliff)

Dear Kay,
Everybody’s favorite financial crooner Merle Hazard is popping up on PBS again, this time with “Fiscal Cliff,” in which he imagines what would happen if our congressional leaders played the ultimate game of chicken:
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I’ve been humming this all day. It totally erased “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” from my head. OhNOOOO—
PS In other news, a group of semi-motivated Twitter pals and I have hunkered down in a corner of Ravelry to discuss our fantasies of losing ten pounds. Grab a celery stick and come hang out if you’d like to join in. We’re sharing and caring, mourning carbs, and maybe we’ll do a weekly weigh in just make it feel all official. Or not. Here’s where you can find us Ten Pound Losers.




  1. I’ll have to check out the Ten Pound Losers. Of course, in my case it is more like 20-30 pound loser, but baby steps, baby steps!

  2. Great description, semi-motivated. My friend’s 9-yr-old daughter recently asked if I’m getting taller, because the skirt I was wearing used to be longer. Um. No. And it didn’t shrink, but it was designed to sit low on the hips, and now it sits way of high at the waist.

  3. IF I join the “Ten Pound Losers” five times do I lose Fifty pounds?

  4. I want to be the Biggest Ten Pound Loser!

  5. OK, and don’t take this the wrong way, but Merle’s font is making me think of Spongebob. Love the song, but I keep thinking he lives in a pineapple, under the sea.
    xoxo Kay

  6. So happy to see Merle getting some serious love from the PBS folks!

  7. LOVE IT!!!

  8. No need to mourn carbs. Check out “The Starch Solution”. I’m 22 lbs lighter and counting.

  9. Loved the Fiscal Cliff video and song. Clever folks.
    Good luck on the 10 pounds. You can do it!
    Am deep into your novel, Ann. WOW, what a great read. Thank you, thank you.

  10. Just great, thanks!
    BTW… MSNBC this morning is running a constant headline: Fiscal Cliff Diving.

  11. Have lost 20 on weight watchers (sans meetings) since March…awesome program and check out skinnytaste…great recipes and she posts the ww points with each.

  12. Oh, you Shaynes SLAY ME. I love Merle Hazard’s latest. What a great way to start my day. Now I need to see you and Kay singing “Pardon Me, I Didn’t Knit That for You” in animated form.

  13. I’m all about juicing these days! Requires lots of rinsing out the juicer and throwing away the mush right away and you DO feel kind of out of it until you remember that you haven’t had anything to eat for a few days, but once you start eating a little bit of solid protein with some crunchy vegs maybe twice a day between the liquid kale and lemon and parsley and raspberries and carrots and whatnot, you’re going to be feeling all sorts of lighter and that donut thing around your middle will disappear just like the book says.

  14. I just lost 10 pounds, and promptly fell on an uneven sidewalk and fractured both my ankle and my fifth metatarsal. Now I just have to try to keep them off – not easy when you can’t move around a lot. Good luck with your endeavor!

  15. Having read this I had, of course, to check out the Taylor Swift song you referred to… never mind the song, I want the wallpaper!!!!


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