A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

A Ramble in the Woods

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Dear Kay, Oh, come on, the news is grim, so let’s leave it all behind and go for a walk in the Tennessee countryside. I tend to walk early in the morning, when there’s still a breeze. The moss is so much better than the mushrooms this year. I have not seen a single mushroom. The frog pond is low, too. Not far from my cottage is a ruin of a stone house. There are people around who could tell me the story of this place, but I...

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Postcard from Syria, Virginia


Dear Kay, Before I lose these in the cloud or the pool (a moment of silence for Hubbo’s phone, which went swimming with him yesterday), a few pix from the family reunion. A memorable, hard-earned sack lunch from the dining hall. Why does a ham sandwich taste so good when you’ve hiked for it? The signs were numerous. I never located Small Lounge. This just doesn’t seem quite enough for a town name. And it’s not a trip...

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Knitting Huts and Endless Talking


Dear Kay, Greetings from the wilds, I mean milds, of the Shenandoah mountains. Family reunion running on tight schedule thanks to sister Buffy’s crack planning. Breakfast/yoga/walk/lunch/nap? CHECK. I slept through the trip to the winery but recovered in time for Dad’s lecture on the history of the Meadors of Marengo County, Alabama. Weather: wet/sunny/cloudy, take your pick depending on the hour. Company: it’s family....

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Be Nice or Leave: A Visit to the Quarter Stitch


Dear Ann, Last Saturday, I ran out of the Washington Convention Center, blowing kisses. I caught a plane to New Orleans, checked into my room, fluffed myself up for a celebratory dinner, and set off on foot down Chartres Street. I’d never been to New Orleans before, but everybody else in my life has been there, and they have all sent me a photo of The Quarter Stitch, the French Quarter’s yarn shop. I was nearly at the restaurant when...

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Family Reunion Ahead; Batten All Hatches


Dear Kay, A quick little note before I head out to a family reunion in Virginia. See! All the sibs in one location! Imagine a weekend with no cell phone service! Will the horseback ride be a washout? #prayforrain There will be charades. Sister Buffy is running this show. Meanwhile, the optimism contained in a list titled “Follow Up” cannot be overstated. The likelihood of working through that list while surrounded by busted-out...

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Crazy Sunday: StephenBe, Live!

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Dear Kay, In my four-minute encounter with one-man style tsunami StevenBe, we discussed: a) His Marc Jacobs boots, which surpass all other boots, as far as I can tell. b) The fact that he likes lace yarn but does not like to knit lace, so he knits five strands of laceweight yarn at once, resulting in the scarf he is wearing. c) The fact that he plays “Pardon Me (I Didn’t Knit That For You)” at his events. d) The crusade he is...

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