Liberty Equality Fraternity


Dear Ann, On this day there is little to do but helplessly follow news coverage of the awful events in Paris, thinking of friends and loved ones suddenly thrust into chaos and fear. I have checked up on my family’s own beloved Frenchies, who are safe and well. My thoughts are with them and with friends I know only through social media and this blog. I’m also thinking of the perpetually-present French tourists in New York City, who...

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Remembering Belinda Boaden


Dear Ann, This is a hard post. This past summer, our dear friend Belinda Boaden, known to many knitters as True Brit Knits, died after a short and tough struggle against cancer. She was 46. You and I were together, at Shakerag Workshops in Tennessee, when we got the terrible news; we had been dreading it for a few days.  Being together was a good thing, and had a resonance to it, since our long friendship with Belinda came about because of the...

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Snippets: Armchair Rhinebeck


Dear Kay, Today, a virtual Rhinebeck for those of us who are not among the 40,000 lamb-huggin’, lamb-shearin’, lamb-eatin’ wool maniacs in upstate New York this weekend. Time for some sweet, sweet armchair knitting. Hold on—how can knitting be any more armchair based than it already is? Flip up the leg thing on your Barcalounger, and sit back. Consider Animal Husbandry Begin with the full vendor list. Contemplate your need...

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Sheeple Get Ready: Rhinebeck 2015


Dear Ann and Everybody, So, I get one day at Rhinebeck this year: Saturday. I want to make the most of it. In Rhinebecks Past, I have run around for 7 hours in a fevered state of excitement (which I enjoy). Sometimes I find myself in the same barn, looking at the same beeswax Santas, two or three times. I know I am looking for Something Special, but I get blown off course by running into a friend, or getting starstruck, or gazing into one of...

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Free Recipe: Birthday Cocktail Cake


Dear Kay, With Thanksgiving upon us, I’d like to offer up a holiday recipe that we’ve been discussing over on the Instagram. You may say: “No photo; didn’t happen.” Well, I’ve got the pix to prove it. Birthday Cocktail Cake, from Monteagle Sunday School Assembly Porch Party Recipes, out of print and out of this WORLD! (Free Bonus: Beer Cheese recipe which actually sounds damn fine.) A couple of summers ago,...

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The Fog of Wool

Dear Ann, It’s Wednesday and I’ve just finished hooking a small rug and I’m still floating on the fumes of my Saturday at Rhinebeck, aka the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, aka my annual renewal of my vows to knitting. I know that, for people who don’t (a) live in the Northeast and/or (b) organize their personal, family and religious calendars around knitting, Rhinebeck is a kind of Emerald City that they read about...

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