Many, many antique socks. They look so . . . antique.

Baby’s First Maryland


Dear Ann, Last Saturday afternoon, another hard-knitting Upper West Side mom and I drove down to Maryland. On Sunday we hit the parking lot just as the gates were opening for the second day of the famed Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Spoiler alert: I had a great time. As a veteran Rhinebeck pilgrim, I found it deliciously weird to be having such a Rhinebeck-y day in May, instead of October. But it was, essentially, the same wonderful kind...

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Maryland Sheep and What-All


Dear Ann, I’m sorry and sad that you’re not driving up from Nashville for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this coming Saturday and Sunday.  I’m excited for myself, though: it’s my first MSW Fest! (With all those Masters of Social Work in one place, we can sort out a lot of difficult issues, don’t you think? No?) I have a couple of problems, and I’m hoping our readers can help. First, a practical...

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How To Be a Balabusta (In 24 Years Or Less)


Dear Ann: For Jews of the world, Passover starts this evening. Depending on one’s level of observance, Passover preparation can range from merely strenuous to downright exhausting.  The pious scrub their kitchens to a fare-thee-well, and then cover all the immaculate surfaces with aluminum foil to prevent contamination with leavened foods during the eight days of the holiday. (The first time I saw a kitchen done up like this, I literally...

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Ann’s House: Yarn Tour


Dear Ann, It’s the morning after a real knitting bender at Casa Shayne. From Friday through Sunday, every bunk had a knitter in it, and it was nonstop knittin’ and chattin’ from sunup to nightcap. Every day, sometime after breakfast and Morning Knitting, we all headed off to Opryland to get lost for a while finding and re-finding the Stitches South market in the world’s largest hotel and indoor river. But even at Stitches...

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A Proposal: The College of Knitting

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.17.53 PM

Dear Kay, I have a houseful of knitters staying here with me for Stitches South, including you, as I hope you have realized by now. You are in Nashville, not New York. (It’s different here: remember, nobody walks anywhere. Just lie down, mash the Uber button in your phone, and somebody will show up to scrape you into a vehicle. Nashvillians are boneless chickens, basically. We can walk 15 feet to our cars, but that’s about it.) I...

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Friday Snippets, or Actually, Snippet


Dear Ann, I made it all the way through Winter in rude health, and now, four days into Spring,  I’ve got the crud. The plague is upon me! I’m weak and wan! Perhaps you will understand the seriousness of the situation when I tell you that I ate only ONE BITE OF MY BIRTHDAY ENCHILADAS last night. One bite, Ann. A solitary morsel of one of my top ten foods from my favorite place. Who knows if I will even make it to lunchtime today, to...

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