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A Tribute to the Ten Pound Losers

Dear Kay,
A quick moment to pay tribute to one of the most brave, stalwart, and persistent groups you will ever find–and no, I’m not talking about all you Nashville parents trying to help your kids go sledding in a half inch of snow.
I’m talking, of course, about the Ten Pound Losers group over at Ravelry. Back in September, this group was formed after some amount of wailing on Twitter about the desire to lose ten pounds. Since then, these resourceful, honest, and funny folks have shared their dreams, strategies, and tactics for taking off a little (or a lot of) weight.
After four months, it is downright inspiring to see how everybody’s doing over there. But mostly, there are excellent tips and ideas, so come on over if you’d like to lighten your load a bit.
Here’s where you’ll find us Losers.
Our Lady of Quinoa is the patron saint of the Ten Pound Losers. Here’s a tasty recipe to start you off. Not the lowest-cal thing you can eat, but so delicious!

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  1. Oh, dear. Have we been doing that for four months? Hmm, at a pound a week loss, I should be svelte as all heck. Must restart…

  2. Love that recipe. Thanks.

  3. Please don’t go down the “oh look, we’re dieting” blog route. Please. I’m begging you.

  4. Oh, Emma, that’s the whole point–there’s a whole other world over there with the Ten Pound Losers. I don’t believe in dieting anyway! I despise diets! How much you weigh is basically a result of a lot of things, food being only one. I LOVE FOOD!

  5. I don’t think there’s any danger of this becoming a dieting blog, in its tenth year!

  6. Is this when I burst in with a testimonial and before/after photos involving a bikini or something? Seriously, I am very grateful to the TPL group. Might even consider negative ease for a sweater in the near future.

  7. Wish I’d known about the Ravelry group sooner. But knit? On a bike at the gym? And be watching the “Property Brothers?’ Life is good!
    Truthfully, I’d been wondering about the feasibility of knitting on the bike at the gym. Now that I checked out the 10 Lbs, guys I know it’s possible. We’ll see how much I have to frog tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, Ann!

  8. Funny you should mention quinoa. I learned of this recipe from my nutritionist – it is another riff on tabbouleh, with quinoa, and lots of other fun healthy stuff like pomegranate arils (they apparently aren’t called seeds…). It is really yummy, although it has a number of cooking steps. Here’s the link (if it comes through):

  9. Bummer size Large. The Amazon on-sale date for the book isn’t til MARCH. Gah.

  10. I’ve done the knitting on a bike thing, and while it seems to work I can say that it didn’t work for the Potatomus socks. That involved a half sock of ripping, so knit while biking but choose your projects with care!


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