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Dear Ann,
A couple of days ago, Carrie was doing a school project to ask family members what they are thankful for and write down their responses. She is my girl, so the asking part was just a formality; she supplied the answers herself. For me, she said, ‘”Family, knitting and my yarn.” I wasn’t about to argue.
But today I’m extry thankful because…..
1. I actually made Norma’s Soup and it actually is delicious. (Sorry, no post-puree pic.) (Norma! I used the parsnips!)
2. I actually finished sewing up Durrow and it actually fits. (Glorious Photo Shoot to come. I’ve still got rolls to bake, people, and I’ve been glued to eBay all morning!)
3. LOOK AT WHAT Ina’s Clapotis scarves raised for Oliver’s Fund! Thank you, generous bidders!!! Although I didn’t intend to end the auctions on a National Holiday, and it probably wasn’t a good idea, it seems quite appropriate to be getting such news on Thanksgiving Day.
Thank you Ina! Thank you Kate! Thank you Gumby our spokesmodel!
Love, Kay




  1. … we are indeed incredibly thankful … and happy happy happy for the goodness that abounds … thanks for making me a “spokesdog” for an awesome cause (says gumby) … for allowing me to participate in such a fabulous forum of readership and knitting … and … words fail me for what else … but MILLE GRAZIE kay and ann for letting me a part of your blog contingent … (says ina) … on to turkey dinner preparations … mille baci … ina and gumby

  2. had to check in at mom’s to see about the bidding, yay kay, ina and gumby.. i didn’t win, but glad to help the cause. happy turkey all.

  3. Whoop and a Hoop! Look at those Clapotises go! That is just fabulous.
    And also fabulous that you made my soup and it tasted good! And you go, girl — you got the parsnips!

  4. Hooray for generous bidders. Hooray for fabulous blogs. I am loving your found objects this month. I wish there were some way to know more about them.

  5. Congrats on two successful auctions for a worthy cause.
    And I thought I was the only one who posted pictures of homemade soup on her blog! πŸ˜‰
    I’m going to have to try Norma’s recipe sometime – it looks superb!

  6. Wait, “family, knitting, and yarn” in that order? Really?

  7. and i’m thankful for the kay/ann team….who keep us in stitches…..

  8. Kay, everytime you post about Carrie, I love her more. She is truly a gem and a girl after my heart! πŸ™‚

  9. My 3-yr-old daughter told her teachers she was thankful for “Cinderella and for Mommy and Daddy and also for all the lions in the whole wide world.” Classic stuff.


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