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O Chicago! Wunnerful Chicago!

Dear Kay,
Reeeeeeeeeeally sorry you weren’t in Chicago, because frankly–and I don’t mean to rub it in or otherwise make you feel like you missed something special, which it was, and you already knew this–it was a ton of fun.
Here are the few photos I managed to take with my cell phone, due to the Anncam’s tragic orthopedic problem. (I just figured out this morning that it works if I poke the lens back in, like a portable drinking cup. Its brain works great; it’s just sort of busted on the outside, like most of us.) Fortunately, others have blogged and photoed beautifully, so follow the links below!
Those of us living in landlocked states do dorky things like take pictures of lakes, even if from afar. Lake Michigan! Watery!
A Trip to Loopyville
Many revelations at Loopy Yarns, where I got to hang out during their grand reopening party at their new location.
1. Old train stations make great locations for yarn shops. Owner Vicki Sayre totally nailed it with her move to Dearborn Station: yarn up top, party in the basement. A great space, with smart staff members like Meg, Megan, and Zoe. I really was knocked out by all the people who came to celebrate their new location. The energy and excitement was so great.
2. A huge can of garbanzo beans works great for opening up a Monteagle Bag. Diane can prove it to you right here!
3. Franklin Habit, he of The Panopticon and The 1000 Knitters Project fame, was such a treat to meet. I recognized him immediately and had a tantalizing glimpse of the very first copy of his new book, “It Itches.” Please note how carefully that book title is punctuated. It needs that period. I love a guy who thinks about punctuation.
This book is going to be the perfect gift this holiday season: it’s funny and portable and elegant. Which is rare indeed for a book of cartoons. I was surprised at how perfectly small it is: a cartoon to a page, just the way you want to digest them. So great.
Refueling Stop
Chic Knits’ Bonne Marie Burns on the left, freestyle designer Mary Neal Meador on the right. “Mountain of Onions” in foreground.
Hats off to Sarah and Natalia for organizing this second year of YarnCon. It’s a huge undertaking, but it was the sort of event that knitters really love. I had the great good luck to hang out at the Loopy Yarns booth with the very loopy Meg, Megan, and Zoe, at least one of whom wore her knitted barnacle hat with pure elan. The barnacles were so cozy and unthreatening.
It was great to see our samples on humans. This Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap has never had a finer moment.
And it was fun to see knitters already messing around with the patterns in the book. Jen, above, took the idea of the Baby Dotty Blanket and decided to make the dots into Eric Carle fruits n veggies. Here’s the background on this fab project. Scroll down to see her solar system sweater that really is supergalactic.
Kate of Stash Haus has a lot of fab pix from the day.
Thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome in that fabulous city. It really was great. Wish eversomuch that you had been there, too.
By the way, the Tiny Hats are starting to appear–many thanks to all you kuky knitters who take the time to crank these for The Big Knit.
My Yank coat is coming along very fast. I’m done with all the knitting–now it’s time for borders, collars, back belts and the delicious joy of button selection. I never pick buttons until I’ve finished knitting something. It’s my little reward.




  1. PLEASE tell us what that huge pile of onions is!!

  2. I LOVE the Eric Carle blanket!

  3. Is your coat really pink?? (Monitors can be such big liars sometimes, especially when it comes to color.)

  4. Thanks for view of YarnCon and Chicago–I really should visit both next year!

  5. Woo hoo!! Thanks for making this fangirl’s day. It was great to meet you, thanks for coming to our fair city!

  6. Thanks for visiting! It was great to meet you…sorry that Kay couldn’t make it, but hubbies are more important than fans (sometimes)! I had fun knitting the teeny hat and I love the new book. Tons of great projects that I want to make!

  7. Thank you so much for coming to YarnCon! It was a real pleasure to meet you, I only wish I could have spent more time chatting and admiring the lovely knits from the book.

  8. looks like a great time. Your coat is going to be gorgeous.

  9. Those are too cute. Are they egg cozies? Love them!
    If you were in Chicago I hope you had the chance to eat some Garrett’s Popcorn. It’s to die for.

  10. I started right away with the Liberty afghan but along the way, was called to the Yank. Never thought I would knit a coat. First a sleeve to check gauge, now most of the back done. Do something about every 8 rows. It is a FAST knit.
    We may never eat those garbanzo beans.

  11. You know you’re welcome to our fair city anytime you like! It was a treat to see you again.
    As for Garrett’s Popcorn, I hope you indulged – even a little bit :o)

  12. Ann, your coat is so….NOT MURKY! What a wonderful and vibrant color.
    Truthfully, though, the next one will be knit in a lovely Rowan yarn in Murkwood Melange, right?

  13. thank you for the postig
    tis fun to see all the knitters
    love the blue eyed darling
    you are not in town for the debate

  14. I feel the same way about buttons. Besides, how do you know what size buttons you need until the buttonholes are there to try buttons? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Just sent my tiny hats to Kay yesterday. Can’t wait to hear the total!

  15. I went to Loopy Yarns today to see if they had any autographed books left, and sad to say, they don’t. I hope that Kay’s husband is alright.

  16. Love the color of the Yank!

  17. We ordered the “mountain of fried onions” (oh yes we did) at 11 City Diner, thinking to ourselves, “Yeah, right. Mountain. We’ll see….”
    This thing was so big, German tourists on the street stopped to smile and give us a big thumbs up.
    We did not finish it.

  18. Hey, thanks for the shout out! Ann, meeting you was an all-too-brief pleasure – thanks for coming to our city. And Kay, I sure hope to meet you soon so I can tell everybody I have the full set.
    Beautiful work on the book. The projects in the Fair Isle section are screaming KNIT ME, KNIT ME!

  19. I can hardly wait to see your completed Yank! Good luck in finding just the right buttons. Model it for us when you finish, won’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. It looks like Chicago was a blast! Someday you’ll be in my neck of the woods and hopefully you’ll get some fun Bahston fiber-stravaganza!

  21. I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life (well since I was 6 weeks old) & am still captivated by Lake Michigan & the beaches. One of my daughters lives in the first occupied block off the Lake about 4200 north near. I occasionally stay at her condo to watch her kitties when she travels for work. The best thing bout it is that, when I was still working, I would take an express bus from downtown that went along Lake Shore Drive most of the way. I’d try to get a sideways seat facing the Lake & spend the trip knitting. You cannot imagine how much peace that brings to your soul!

  22. I just happen to know someone who is great at making made-to-order matching polymer clay buttons. And she works for yarn! I hope to see you both on Saturday in Nashville.


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