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Pixelfest 2006: Now With Lite Blabbing

Dear Ann,
The time we’ve been having lately? There are no words. Okay, I probably can come up with some words. But really, you can’t say we didn’t know that knitters, individually and as a group, are truly, madly and deeply strange, in the best possible way. Yet still we were unprepared. We were particularly unprepared for a Vintage Toilet Paper Cozy, which caused us to spew Moon Pie crumbs across a room on Saturday. But more about that later. For now, we have megapixels of fun.
Hot Fun at Knitty City
Before we made like Odysseus (if Odysseus were going to Philadelphia) on Thursday night, we capped off the week in New York at its newest, yummiest, friendliest shop, Knitty City, on West 79th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam.
The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was our beloved Phyllis, wearing the Nina Shawl she so generously contributed to the book. (I cropped myself out of this photo for Personal Reasons.)
There’s nothing like a Home Crowd. Here, our pal Jenny takes a break from stalking authors who actually are famous to audition to be our Understudy Stalker in case Cara can’t make it. (Jenny looks stunned because she has just found out she’s on page 125 of the book. This is very fulfilling to her as a stalker. She may even lay off the other authors on her stalk-list and devote herself exclusively to us for a while. She’s trying to build us up into something worth stalking. Good luck with that Jenny!)
Bronx was in da house! A rare school-night appearance by my niece Maggie and nephew Paul, age 9, who modeled in the book as Kids Who Really Knit And Aren’t Just Sitting There Looking Cute With Needles In Their Hands. Double aw! We love the knitting kids, especially when they work cheap. A knitting kid can charge big money these days (they have a union), but Maggie and Paul cut us a break.
Life was good! And then we went to Hertz and picked up the Devil Car from Hell–but let’s not get into that again.
A Strange Interlude
Somebody at the publisher, who no doubt thought she was being helpful, booked us onto a TV show in Philly on Friday morning.
Here you are with the Moses Bucket o’ Knits outside the station.
Cheer up honey! It’s going to be okay!
What I learned about being on TV: If you stand behind a large Moses Basket trimmed in knitting, the pounds just melt away. On the downside, you appear to be a disembodied head floating above a Moses Basket. Well worth it, I say. I declare permanent dibs on the spot behind the Moses Basket.
Another thing I learned about being on TV: When a Cheery Chirpy Host borrows your knitting, and she sticks the empty right needle into a stitch in the middle of the row of stitches on the left needle, and yanks the yarn all the way over to that stitch and starts “knitting”, the thing to do is–lissen up people–SMILE SUPPORTIVELY as if this is EXACTLY the correct way to knit. (When you think about it, it’s kind of like a short row, without all that tedious knitting over to the middle and wrapping. Just jump right on into the middle of the row.) Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, say anything about how Elizabeth Zimmermann must be glaring down from heaven. Nor do I advise you to grab your knitting back. Just SMILE. It’s all good.
Loop of Philly!
Look! It’s the Mason-Dixon After Dark nightie! After Dark! In the window of the impeccably stylish shop Loop in downtown Philadelphia!
A jolly group, sitting and knitting.
Cute guy buys book for the woman in his life:
Aw! Will we ever get tired of the cute guys buying books? Never!
In another Cuteness Watershed Moment, here we have Amy and Francesca, who just started a two-headed blog, Two Sharp Sticks. We think that’s a totally unworkable idea, but wish them well.
Seriously, y’all, we have some advice for anybody starting a two-headed knitting blog. First, make sure your hair is the same color. Francesca, I see some L’Oreal in your future if you’re going to achieve the proper sunshiney bright blondey thing. Second, your names can have only three letters. Amy, you’re good to go; Francesca, I hate to say it, but it’s got to be Fra for you. Which isn’t so bad–remember Fra Angelico? Famous fresco painter? He did all right with three letters. Third, one of you needs to move to another part of the country. Virtual friendships, over the long run, are so much tidier.
Many mwahs to Loop’s owner, Craig, who is a brand-new new first-time uncle. Could his cute mom have been any more excited about her first grandchild? Am I going to be sorry she told me she got her vintage Hermes scarf on eBay?
Finely a Knitting Party: Swarthmore, PA
Nothing in my previous life experience prepared me for Saturday’s events at Finely a Knitting Party in beautiful downtown Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. They are drinking some serious sodapop in Swarthmore. That is the only possibly explanation for the town-wide NUTTINESS, about knitting in general, and knitting books with woodcut heads on the cover, in particular. The day can only be described in pictures, and as this post is already testing the limits of bandwidth and attention span, you will have to stay tuned.
But it would be mean not to show the Vintage Toilet Paper Cozy With Original 1950s Toilet Paper Roll. We don’t even wonder why Barbie brought it in. We needed to see it. She knew that.
See ya tonight in Washington.
Love, Kay
The Button Contest
Seriously. Yer killin us. We have a tie:
From Un My Kim:
Buttons 1 and 5 are used by driver and passenger to argue about how much gas is in the tank. Driverside: I’m sure there’s still enough gas in the tank; passengerside: I think we need to get gas. Press buttons instead of arguing loudly and potentially getting into an accident.
Button 2: press to point car toward the Sierra Madres.
Button 3: the carriage return, press the [ENTER] button to record your roadtrip SMELLblog.
Button 4. press this button if you think the car’s dash is IDIOTIC! Buick’s ingenious way of conducting market research after sale.
From Susan:
Careful with that middle button – it’s the EJECT, and it works for whomever pushes it first. It’s really expensive to get it reset at the dealership. The first one turns on the low blood sugar monitor, and it will cut power to the engine and force you to pull over for snacks if the readings get too low. It’s a pretty good safety feature, especially if you are traveling with others who might kill you if you don’t eat something already, you cranky jerk! The second one activates the boring scenery filter. The i button is the idjit button and will activate the GPS, but it will be pretty snarky about it. And the last button? Well, you push that when the smells are coming from INSIDE the car (ahem.)
Susan and Un My Kim, you have a future at General Motors. Please email us your addresses and you’ll each be stuck with a book.




  1. You are having a surreal adventure. BTW, I am so making the robe and maybe the nightie, too.

  2. the book came in the mail! i love it! i wish my friends and family had more babies to knit for.
    more than zero..

  3. I have been reading your adventures with great relish and now the book tour… ahh so much fun. I cannot wait to get my hands on your book so I can enjoy, laugh and read it from cover to cover.

  4. Yay! I’m so excited you two will be in DC. I am wavering between hoping everyone in the whole metro region comes to Politics and Prose, and hoping that I am the only one there, you know, other than you two. But that would be stingy of me, and maybe a bit scary for you.
    I loooooove the book.

  5. The TP cozy has me thinking – what about a gi-normous lace stitch tube that you fill once every few months – you always know how many rolls are left, and it hangs from the ceiling – how many 100g of linen do you think i’d need for this?

  6. LOVING the travelogue. But I don’t have anything clever to add.

  7. OK – the pic with Ann with the Moses basket (which I don’t understand the origin of, because I apparently have NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION) in front of the TV station made me laugh so hard I cried.
    She looks like she’s about to say “But I don’t WANNA GO!!”

  8. Spent Saturday morning on the couch reading the book. It’s just as fab as I thought it would be!

  9. I’m loving this living vicariously! I feel like I’ve been everywhere you have!

  10. I too just discovered my face in the book and I’m currently wearing a similarly stunned expression. Nothing weirder than: “Hey! Hubbo! I have these friends who didn’t know one another and started a blog and then I started reading it and then they met each other and I went to meet them and then they wrote a book together now they’re going on tour and I’m going to see them again and here’s the book I just read it and look there’s my picture.” Brought to you by The Surreal Life, Season 37.

  11. I am looking forward to my new life as a blonde named Fra living in Chicago. Or England. That’s on the cards actually… hmmmm.
    It was marvellous beyond words meeting you and I have started knitting a Joseph Blanket of Many Colors (but I changed the pattern) and now my son wants one, my daughter wants one, they want the imaginary dog to have one of his very own… “Knit faster, Mommy,” said Daniel this morning, looking fierce. “I am trying,” I said, “but I have to dye my hair, change my name and move to another state.”

  12. damn, I thought that I was missing all the fun, now I know I am missing all the fun…. must sort out a ticket to the states before the tour is over!

  13. Sulking ? Me ? Yes !!! So much fun for all your groupies. Hope it’s not too tiring and stressful for the two of you. Just think of the ace blog-fodder. ;-]
    I feel so proud of you both.

  14. Very much looking forward to seeing you two tomorrow night at the bookstore! πŸ™‚

  15. I’m in Philly – WHERE ARE YOU TWO?!?!?!?!? (What? I missed you? Crap.)

  16. Ann-
    Your face in the TV station parking lot is the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time! Brought me to tears!
    Thanks, Kay and see you in Music City SOON!

  17. Ladies, you are SO stalk-worthy! I must, however, report that I am clearly falling down on the job though. Because Nicole had to call me to say I was ON THE BLOG. I had not seen it yet! (in my defense, I was on baby-watch) It’s one thing to be on page 125, but ON THE BLOG. I can die happy.
    ps-My sister-in-law delivered my new niece about an hour and a half ago! 7lbs 11oz. One Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono is about half done (started last night at roughly 5pm). Pictures will be sent.

  18. The window of my front door is going to be wearing a linen curtain this summer! You girls love the linen, I noticed. I’ve got some terracotta Euroflax ordered. I would love to make the nightie, but it’s hard to be seductive when you share the bed with a man who’s wearing a parka!

  19. Well now here I always thought Fra Angelico was a nicely-named liquor. Learn somethin’ new everyday, don’cha?

  20. It was great meeting you both at Knitty City last week! And since then, I now have a mitered square on the needles and just bought a boatload of cotton (denim included) to make some baby bibs. (I plan on playing with color and striping them). Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Ann looks so sad at the TV station that I want to give her a hug! i wish I could come see you on your book tour! I ordered your book and it should be here any day now! CAN’T WAIT

  22. I bought your book last night and had to delurk to come and tell how much I love it! One problem- I didn’t get anything done this morning because I was reading it under my desk at work.
    Good thing it’s lunch time! I think I’ll go find a bench in the sunshine and knit a while.

  23. Dudeesssssssssss!!! You’re in DC!!!! I SO CANNOT WAIT to meet you Thursday!!!! WOOT!!

  24. You ran a contest and no one told me??!!??
    Well, it was my third possible try at winning a copy of your book, and three failures are enough. Bookstores on land and in the ether abound; I will have a copy!!!

  25. I hope you’ll add a Texas stop to the tour and bring me my book in person! It’s only about 13 hours to drive from Birmingham to Austin, and you can stop and experience the smells in Slidell.

  26. Every day I check this blog there is something new and fun to read. You ladies have been busy! Thinking of writing another book anytime soon? I hope the travels are treating you well and you know how loved you are by this community of knitters.

  27. I got your book last Thursday and started the bathmat Saturday. This is incredibly impulsive for me! Now I’m wondering – is it ALL YOUR FAULT that three local craft stores are running low on dishcloth cotton? The tan/khakhi shade is particularly elusive, and here I am with a half-done bathmat. It will have to have a “frame” of a different color!

  28. ann– la malheureuse. πŸ˜‰

  29. I had a great time tonight at Politics and Prose! Hope you have a great time for the rest of your stay in DC!

  30. Omigod, I can’t believe I just recently discovered you two. I read a review of your upcoming book, then checked out your blog. What fun! I have already bought and read the book, now I need the T-shirt (you do have t-shirts, keychains, action figures, and other licensed products in the works now, don’t you?)

  31. Just wanted you to know that I wanted your book SO MUCH that last Saturday night I made a lame excuse and ditched my boyfriend early so I could get to Barnes & Noble before they closed, and yes, I GOT A COPY OF YOUR BOOK and it’s so cool! I am definitely going to start Log Cabin Knitting as soon as I finish the sweater, socks and dishtowels I’m currently working on. Thanks for a great book and lots of inspiration!

  32. (insert sigh here.) I do wish you were headed north and east instead of south and west!
    I’ve considered trying to convince the pediatricians I’m working with that there are kids in your book and I should go check things out (in person, of course) to make sure everything is in order (no drippy noses, juicy coughs, sore ears, etc) but I’m not so sure they’d go for it. I might have more luck on surgery next month – you do include lessons on how to cut things up and stitch them back together again…
    (if nothing else then I’ll catch you on tour with your next book…(yes, I think there will be a second book. Because I said so. (oops, too much time on peds.)))
    in response to your song request:
    good songs to sing along with (aka good songs to completely screw up the words to and then swear they are the right words until you finally look them up and realize you’ve been singing the wrong thing for a long time)
    Africa, Toto (…I guess it rains down in Africa…)
    Kyrie, Mr. Mister (carry a lazer down the road that I must follow…)
    Tubthumping, Chumbawamba (…I get knocked down, but I get up again, yer never gonna leave me down…kissing the night away…)
    Another White Dash, Butterfly Boucher (…I watch another white dodge, another white dodge, another white dodge fly beneath us…)
    I Drove All Night, Celine Dion (not so much about messing up the words – this one is all about turning the volume up and joining in on the …Alllllll Niiiiiiiiiight… sections. It’s Fun. Really.)
    Don’t Turn Off The Lights, Enrique Iglesias (…don’t turn off the lights, I don’t wanna be a looser tonight, cause I can’t even find, I need to know if what I’m doing is right…)
    I could go on (and on) but now I’ll stop and wallow in the fact that I’m not within driving distance of Knit Happens…have a great time tonight!

  33. Thank you! Now I know what to do with the moses basket my granddaughter outgrew!


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