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Road Trip! aka Load of Random Pictures

Dear Ann,
Friday morning dawned overcast and undercaffeinated. I rose at the ungodly hour of 5:45 a.m. and noticed the distinct lack of a benevolent deity. I grabbed a batch of handknits and a swig of coffee and cabbed it down to the HQ of Our #1 Favorite Publisher to meet up with Shawna and other Sweet Young Publishing Types.
Why did I grab handknits? Because of our destination: Stitches East, in Atlantic City. Everybody needs a handknit for Stitches. So people can take your picture.
Exhibit A: Shawna in the Sassy cardigan you made for me. I think you will recall that Shawna is a pixie, yet the Sassy fits her perfectly, which explains the kielbasa-like feeling I get when I try it on. (Note the poignant way Shawna is gripping her caffeine. She would need it. As it turns out, we took the Scenic Route to Atlantic City. I mean, we passed a rodeo. And a ranch. In New Jersey.)
But we got there. I hadn’t signed up for anything in advance, so while the SYPTs went off to learn Dyeing, and Crochet for Knitters, and other stuff that is a lot less interesting, if you ask me, than Buying Yarn for Kay, I stayed in the market. I had never seen so much yarn before, all in one place. Or so many knitting books, all in one place. Or so many nuts like me, all in one place.
My day started in the lobby with a Celebrity Sighting. I’m not linking. I’m going to make you guess. Let’s just say it was a person whom I was pleased to see was YES wearing clothes and NO not coated in congealed shampoo. That was the last blogger I saw all day. The blogging, it is not the hobby of the Friday crowd at the Stitches of the East. Super Fantastic! Now on with the show!
I hope you didn’t get the impression that I had to bring handknits for everybody. This is Lauren. Lauren is a Publishing Executive of Great Eminence. She designed and knit this little Euroflax top. The just-right-size center cable, the mini-boatneck, the cap sleeves– Super Fantastic! I asked Lauren if she had written down the pattern as she went. She refused to answer, on the grounds that she didn’t do that even though she knew she probably ought to.
Amazing store with vintage buttons and ribbons. The beautiful Swiss and Japanese woven ribbons, the bakelite buttons and buckles, the old buttons still on perfect cards.
All of it arranged so beautifully you could cry. No, I don’t remember the name of the shop, but she doesn’t have a real shop or do mail order, so it’s just as well I don’t tease.
Strings of laceweight merino/silk pinned to the wall.
What do you make with a string of laceweight merino/silk? A mini-granny square afghan. That is a 3 x 5 card, for scale. (My thought was ‘log cabin’.)
The Weavette shop turned out to be kind of a rabbit hole. I had seen those ‘weave in the palm of your hand’ ads many times in Interweave publications, and remained unmoved. In person, though, the weaving just floored me.
You thread the loom with your fingers, and then use a long steel needle to make exquisite flat-weave squares. There are 2 sizes of squares and rectangles available, and there is a triangle and a bias-square loom in the works. The 2 x 2 square takes 2 yards of yarn. I’m kind of drunk with the possibilities.
Hold on! Another Knitting Celebrity Sighting!
Louisa Harding, who is just as nice as she looks. She was there to show her new line of lovely multi-color yarns. One of them is a sari silk ribbon shot through with gold; I have never seen anything quite so glam. I outed myself as a Miss Bea-besotted Rowanette, and she instantly asked me if I knew Kristine. Well, of course! Louisa deserves much success with the new yarns; the designs are Super Fantastic, chic and young but not gimmicky.
I was quite taken with this hunka hunka pink plastic.
….evening. This scarf took under 15 minutes of kid-cranking.
One thing I ask myself about the Machine Scarf: Does it have to be ugly? Apparently it does. I worked a sample using Euroflax instead of Horrific Orange Styrofoam Crap, and the Euroflax looked kind of violated. But so strong is my passion for knitting on a pink plastic machine, that I will keep trying until I come up with a Non Ugly Alternative Yarn that works. Pink Plastic Knitters: watch this space.




  1. Please, please, PLEASE bring the weavette with you on Wednesday.

  2. 2 ends Euroflax knitted together? Just a thought. But what a gadget!

  3. “Horrific Orange Styrofoam Crap.” Hee.
    Still, your lovely daughter looks tres chic!

  4. Maybe the pink plastic requires something with a little stretch to it so it can sproing back into shape. I think I need one of those knitter thingys. My littlest is playing hockey and wants pink hockey stockings. (Did I mention that she is very girly?) Since the only ones I’ve seen are adult sized (and even the kid socks she is currently using are too long) she has pretty much convinced me to knit her a pair (hockey stockings are a footless tube that is pulled on over the shin guards and held up with a garter belt- yes, big tough hockey players wear garter belts!- or velcro tabs on the jock shorts). While she would no doubt love some furry, muppety ones, I’ll probably stick with some cheap-o Red Heart so as not to induce heart failure in the manly coaches. And while I’d prefer to knit with Lamb’s Pride Worsted, little hockey players spend way too much time sliding around on their knees and I don’t plan to darn the darn things!

  5. Kay…I used to have a knitting machine many, many years ago (when I was 8 years old) and it always jammed up on me. Hopefully, that is made better.

  6. DAYUM Kay! You went to Stitches East and you didn’t call me?!?! I mean, I am in NJ after all. Alright, alright. You had to go with the book people. BUT I could’ve taken PICTURES! Of YOU! THERE! Think of the publicity!
    Good practice for Rhinebeck. AC is probably just as dirty as the sheep pens.

  7. I mean, we passed a rodeo. And a ranch. In New Jersey.
    COWTOWN! YOU MUST HAVE PASSED COWTOWN! While growing up nearby, I never realized just how strange Cowtown’s existence was until I moved out of New Jersey and the Northeast. Shame you didn’t have time to stop!

  8. Re: the pink plastic machine: have you tried denim? It is, after all, the perfect fiber.

  9. Wow, I love those buttons!

  10. Oh Wow!! that is just entirely too cool! I need a pink plastic thingie to knit with too! LOL! And please lets remember…it’s about the process, not the product πŸ™‚

  11. the nieces may get that for christmas. i tried to teach them how to knit, but they don’t have the patience for it quite yet.
    but the pink cranky thing might be just the ticket.

  12. Thank you for the warning on Weavettes. I’m going to start steeling my resolve against the booth immediately, in preparation for Rhinebeck.

  13. That ribbon/button piece of heaven does the quilt show rounds also…to die for!

  14. How excited am I that there is a post without charts? (No offense Ann, I adore you and your quest.)
    It’s just that I started geting a little dizzy with all of those diagrams in the last post…felt kind of like my 10th grade trigonometry class where Mr. Heimdahl yelled at me all the time because I would get nauseous every time he drew those things on the board…Anyway. What was I talking about?

  15. KAY! right now – go get some chunky Euroflax – I prefer the indigo flavor – and try it out! I cannot wait to see!!!!!!!!

  16. Sounds like such a fun day! (The ribbon and button shots have me hyperventilating.)

  17. I had a similar knitting machine when I was wee, but it was orange, and I don’t know where it went… a small girl needs only so many leg warmers, and this was before the days of fun fur (thankfully).
    Good times!

  18. Try crack silk haze. That has a similar appearance as crappy styrofoam, but is much classier. And it’s not styrofoam.

  19. Wow. The Weavette. The buttons and ribbons. And the teeny-weeny little granny square afghan-ette. I’m in a swoon. And it’s only how many months until Stitches West. Kay, I love your reporting.

  20. Kay
    You are so cute in the picture.
    I too saw the plastic knitter but I felt SO superior to it. . Something I try to squelch. But my, I may just have to get one for my neices…..WHEN you know the perfect yarn to buy.
    Thanks for the laughs.

  21. I see . . . yoga mat holders. Many, many yoga mat holders. Blueprint cozies. Yarnstick covers. Containers for rolls of children’s art. Fishing pole covers.
    You do know that we’re going to worry about the proper yarn for the pink plastic crankomat until you show us something that works. Get the wee pieceworker back to it, willya?
    I think Shawna looks awfully cute in that sweater, though a bit like a tiny bratwurst, really. Or maybe a Cocktail Smoky, I dunno. Wrap some pizza dough around her and she’s a snack!
    And Lauren’s Euroflax shell–it’s such a revelation to see an actual garment made from our favorite yarn. Lurvly!
    PS I’m still reeling at Tish’s description of garter-belt-wearing hockey players. NOT that there’s anything wrong with that, of course . . .

  22. Yes, Ann, garter belts and jock straps. It’s a concept.

  23. I’m so sad I missed you. Harumph.

  24. Key, I cannot believe you did display the pink plastic knitting thingie last night! My little charge NEEDS one! She wants to knit so very badly and I keep trying to teach her, but apparently I suck at teaching children to knit. Sad, but true. The pink plastic might satisfy her until we have a breakthrough with the needles.
    And darn you for the weavette review–I so do not need another craft…

  25. Um, that would KAY I was trying to address there. Clearly I have not had enough coffee this morning…

  26. What a generous post – beautifully photographed and well-documented, so that I can truly know all that I am missing.

  27. thanks for posting your pictures and comments from stitches east! i always enjoyed the market best, but did not attend this year. instead, my knitty friends and i are going to a sheep & wool festival in vermont next weekend πŸ™‚

  28. Hey Kay! Lovely orange muppet limb. I knit something similar myself out of purple hairy stuff, and everytime I left it lying on the table, it looked so much like our dog curled up for a nap my husband always did a double take. And Hey! I’m back! Blankie is finished! Come see!

  29. Oh dear, you went by the rodeo? Were you heading to AC from Philadelphia? I thought you were in New York. Sounds so fun!


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