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Sights, Sounds, ‘n’ Smells

Dear Kay,
Kay, you have done strong work in chronicling hi-lites from our trip, but I have more tidbits for the scrapbook.
Strolling along a street in downtown Portland, we came across a felted Thanksgiving by LeBrie Rich.
We came across this, too:
An unfelted cornmeal pancake. With unfelted butter. Delicious.
A Portland movie:

A Seattle movie:

Seattle Restaurant Moment
A late, unexpected supper at Lark. It should be noted that one of the proprietors of this beautiful restaurant, JM, is a knitter. JM’s husband, John, was so welcoming and such a fine chef that I considered the idea of hiding under the table and just waiting until they reopened the next day. I think I ended up with gout after this meal, but it was a good kind of gout.
Cross-country Knitting
Sometimes, the weirdest knitting can be the most satisfying. I was one skein shy of finishing my Yank coat, so one goal during this trip was to track down that final bit of Cascade Pastaza so I could make the collar and back belt.
Weirdly delightful to finish up these bits n bobs. Done and DONE! The Yarnery in St. Paul had just the skein I needed, and needles, too.
Once I finished that, it was time to finish up Veronik Avery’s Ribbon Lace Scarf that has been rumbling around since this summer. This is Hand Maiden Flaxen (50% silk, 50% linen/100% uniquely crunchysoft), colorway mysterious to me at this point as I look at the shade card. Glacier? Who cares? It’s gorgeous, twine-like yarn no matter what you call it. A tender souvenir of Cat Bordhi’s sock workshop last March.
It’s a good thing we ended up in New York back at your apartment when we did. It was the first time in my travel experience that my guest room amenities included a set of blocking wires. Always thinking of the niceties, aren’t you?
After the delicious moment of unpinning that scarf, I immediately went into Hand Maiden withdrawal and beelined it for the Hand Maiden Replacement Yarn that I had bought in Seattle at Tricoter. This yarn is called Great Big Sea (50% silk/30% merino/20% seacell/100% addictive), and it is the most delightful murky yarn I’ve ever used. This shade is Midnight. I can’t even begin to capture it in a photo. It’s much darker in real life, which is so great.
The pattern is Jo Sharp’s Misty Garden from Scarf Style, a straight-up feather and fan stitch. (Go see 580 of these on Ravelry if you want to see what fun different yarns can be.)
At this point, I have unpacked my things but not all my thoughts about our voyage. I still can’t get over all the knitters we met. It was an amazing, amazing trip, filled with amazing people. I can’t even think up a joke about it! Just amazing.

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  1. I like your new scarf (and the old one). It makes me almost sad that I gave away my skein of Sea Silk! It would be wonderful for one of these patterns.

  2. If Kay is the one-woman spokeswoman for denim yarn then Ann you appear to be the advocate for Handmaiden! Lovely lovely scarves – quit knitting so FAST!

  3. Wonderful scarves. I have to say, though, that the felted turkey is just creepy!

  4. The felted pie looks real. . .

  5. two lovely scarves – LOVE the close-up of the first one! – and two pies that look far tastier than any pie I’ve ever served. Having just felted my first hat, I am increasingly charmed by all things felted.
    Glad you had such a splendid time on your roadtrip πŸ™‚

  6. This is the best description I’ve read in a while:
    Great Big Sea (50% silk/30% merino/20% seacell/100% addictive)

  7. I love the stuff that spins film series.

  8. Oh that is is SO pretty!!

  9. Both scarves are to die for! Makes me want to pick up where I left off with my Ribbon Lace scarf. Meanwhile, the felted food is kinda creepy – mostly because of the hyper-realistic nature of it. It is actually very well done.

  10. Oooo la la…love those scarves! But the felted Thanksgiving meal….what kind of mind comes up with an idea like that!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ann, you have just triggered a major breakthrough in my internal life: I like your scarves far more than the (non-felted) pancake. My knitting obsession has just triumphed over my obsession for food!

  12. i love the texture of the great big sea :: at least in the photo:: pebb-ly, algue-y, comforting. (oh, i wish i was at the beach again!!) xoxo k

  13. Oh, the Franz bread sign! When I was a kid, we’d yell “smell the bread!” and roll down the windows. Now I do that to my kids. They probably think I’m nuts, but it smells sooooooooo gooooooooood!
    Y’all come back, ya hear?

  14. I am thinking that turkey tastes about as good as Tofurkey. And this from a tofu lover.

  15. Every well equipped guest room should contain blocking wires. I can’t imagine why Emily Post failed to mention it.

  16. I work next door to a big Franz bakery in Washington, it has a giant loaf of bread in the sky too. The smells that come out of that place, especially when they are making onion rolls, makes the walk across the parking lot a joy!

  17. Ahhh…travel pictures of signs. Ann, you’re a gal after my own heart.
    That color, “Midnight,” sublime!

  18. Best quote:
    “Yeah, why wouldn’t ya… I mean, it’s in motion.”

  19. Love those scarves. Way to work the murk!

  20. the scarves are gorgeous. So glad I got to meet you in person, but you are beginning to embarrass me with your speed knitting.

  21. felted food
    the crisis no doubt
    love the pictures family pictures
    lemon beside the pancake on the plate
    is most agreeable is it not
    and peeking in to the guest room
    my goodness have we no shame

  22. Are we having a touch of an obsession over rotating sculptural advertisements? πŸ™‚

  23. Love the scarfs. The colors are lovely. Kay what an awsome hostess you are to provide blocking wires for your guest. I’ll be by on Tuesday ;D

  24. Hi ladies! A few years ago I worked in an office where my window faced that twirling bread. The smell of that place in the afternoon is amazing.

  25. The rotating pink elephant! Yay!
    – Ryan in, no surprise, Seattle

  26. I’m glad you got to see the Elephant Carwash sign. I’ve lived here for 2 1/2 years, and every time I see the pink elephant going round and round (and I work only 3 blocks away), I get a giant grin. It was great to see you! Come back soon!

  27. Beautiful scarves. Love the Midnight color.

  28. Oh wow! That felted Thanksgiving feast! We stumbled on the Franz Bread Bakery when we were in Portland over the summer. It was a truly fascinating place to some –


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