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Southampton Show And Tell

Dear Ann, Yoda and Obi-Wan, Saucepots et al.,
Belatedly, I have some photos to share from the knitting party at the Southampton Historical Society that was so kindly organized by the Rogers Memorial Library. I hope it was the “Second Annual” such gathering. I love meeting the local knitters and knitting-curious, and love the opportunity to yak about my knitting hot pash du jour. (This time I carried on about The Knitted Blanket As Uniquely American Art Form Like Jazz, Tap, and Quilts And By The Way When Is The Smithsonian Going To Wake Up And Smell the Coffee On This One?)
But to every good thing in life, there is a Best Part. And in the case of knitting parties, the best part has got to be the stuff that people bring with them to show other knitters.
Joan the Teenaged Knitting Prodigy was there. This is a blanket she made using Lion Brand Thick & Quick.
An excellent example of Great Grandmother’s Counterpane pattern, I think. This was knitted so tightly, in fine cotton yarn, that it’s practically bullet-proof. In my excitement I didn’t get the name of the knitter, who made it decades ago and is now doing it again, full-size, at a drapier gauge. All together now: group covet!
Jennifer proves, once and for all, that the knitted skirt is a wearable, flattering thing indeed.
This little piece of resistance will absolutely slay you, Ann. A perfect, pristine, plaid-ish knitted coat. Forty years old according to its knitter/owner, Mimi. I begged Mimi to model. With tears in my eyes and that little catch in my voice that almost always works. Mimi fussed about the hem of her floral dress showing, so I wheedled a little more, and she folded it up all the way around.
It was worth the trouble, Mimi. Look at those 3/4 sleeves–the absolute fashion of the moment! I was in awe of the fact that someone could be the same size for 40 years. I asked about the pattern, and all that Mimi could remember was that it was from a women’s magazine back in the day. It’s orange. Think about that. It’s also LINED. Think about THAT.
Cathy and Jennifer aka the usual suspects. Cathy brought her delightful mom. It was a great day. You should come next time.
OK, back to end-of-vacay chaos and boredom for me. Today’s strategy (brace yourself): kayaks. I am slightly concerned about fitting into the kayak. I hope there is a Mom Jeans of kayaks, with a nice elastic waist.




  1. we were in Maine a few years ago and hubster did the kayak thing – but the only way he could get out of it in the deep lake was to finally just flip it to the side and swim out of it — so I am sure you will be fine — can’t wait to hear about it.
    And that was a fun day at the historical society

  2. That coat is fantastic!!!

  3. How fun! πŸ™‚ That knitted skirt is gorgeous. What pattern did Jen use?
    Love the coat too!

  4. Kayaks… Wilderness Pungo 140 or 120… definitely mom-friendly!

  5. Good luck with the kayaking! But I also want to know what pattern that skirt is, it’s gorgeous!

  6. Oooh, the party looks like it was so much fun! I hope mystery knitter feels the need to credit herself with that counterpane, because it is GORGEOUS, and then she could share the pattern source with the rest of us!

  7. THAT COAT! You are not kidding! I just adore it. Look how the plaid is on the diagonal on the sleeves. Perfect! Actually, yours is a treasure-loaded entry–that skirt could not look more summery and floaty, the giant cable blanket is a beaut, and the counterpane square looks weirdly modern.

  8. Totally coveting the knitted skirt. My kind of skirt.

  9. I remember Joan from your first annual meeting. She needs to be writing a kniting book and modelling in it. She is gorgeous!!

  10. Any sort of boat thing is a no-no in my book. I shall worry and feel seasick on your behalf all day. Love all the photos, but specially the cable blanket – you know I’m a sucker for cables. And are you fully aware of the damage that might entail from the mention of ‘orange’? Has the dust settled yet? x x x

  11. can’t wait to hear about the kayaking… hope you’ve got some knitting with you!

  12. Thanks for the great feedback on the skirt. Wave Skirt by Kat Coyle, IK Spring 2005, knitted with Ella Rae Shibu. Lengthened the stockinette portion for a little more modesty and lengthened the feather and fan portion because I like longer skirts. Knitting party was loads of fun – Kay is a natural at inspiration and speaking and that coat and the counterpane square – must see to believe!

  13. Wow, Mimi’s coat is fantastic!

  14. That’s not the wind outside – it’s me, WHIIIINING because I can’t join you next year…you know, where I come from (i.e. the 18th century) that beauty who made the luscious cable afghan would be called “first-rate marriageable girl”! Gives me new respect for that yarn (which I admit to a bunch of in my stash). Believe I’ll resurrect it! And that counterpane square? Yeah, I would LOVE to make some of those. Thanks for the whole post, it’s an inspiration four ways from Sunday.

  15. Was stunned by Joan the Teenaged Knitting Prodigy’s “freehand” project. But Mimi’s coat……..well, WOW!!!! No, really, WOW!!

  16. Every one a winner!

  17. I just love that knitting can make something that is while not forever awfully darn close. Something to give to your kids or even your kids’ kids and shower the love on down the line.

  18. a mom jeans of kayaks?! you are so funny! I am sitting alone in my office laughing so hard I am crying!

  19. Mom Jeans of Kayaks!! LOL. Almost lost my swig of Diet Coke reading that one! My coworkers must think I’m insane since I frequently burst out laughing for no apparent reason (I am, after all, HARD AT WORK). You gals are brilliant, prose-wise.

  20. Meredith – Luckily we don’t work for the same company. If they ever took away Internet access (could they?) I’d quit and/or die.

  21. That coat is so beautiful — what a great afternoon that must have been.
    I finished a coat earlier this year (Kaffe Fassett pattern)(took ummmm…..18 years)(don’t ask) and I hope that in 40 years I can pull it out at a knitting group to the same sort of response Mimi got.

  22. Wow…any chance on getting that lovely skirt pattern?

  23. I think with talent like that you should be going at least twice a year so you can report back to use with photos and your witty and accurate descriptions.

  24. In the 18th C, they did NOT knit afghans. Oh well. Anyway, I wasn’t too thrilled with that tweedy squares blanket UNTIL you switched to the narrow orange and wide green border….it makes it…it finishes it…it pulls it all together, and I really like it!
    Good choice!

  25. What do we know about that skirt???
    It is fabulous! The coat too!
    Good luck in the kayak, I’m sure you’ll have fun!

  26. Kayaks are huge fun – instant easy!
    And that coat…and that cabled blankie…and that counterpane square…Oh My!

  27. Yes, that is an incredible skirt– I whole-heartedly agree. Any way we can find out the pattern? Pretty please?

  28. Yes, that is an incredible skirt– I whole-heartedly agree. Any way we can find out the pattern? Pretty please?

  29. See my comments above about the skirt – a slightly modified Interweave Knits/Kat Coyle pattern!

  30. I forgot to tell you, Kay…sailing a tiny (12 foot) boat with a kid in it, accompanied by another kid in a kayak, on the Ocean (Massachusetts Bay, Cape Cod), and after getting good and far from the dock having the boys switch places is REALLY fun! They did it smoothly, too.
    Have a wonderful time!

  31. I forgot to tell you, Kay…sailing a tiny (12 foot) boat with a kid in it, accompanied by another kid in a kayak, on the Ocean (Massachusetts Bay, Cape Cod), and after getting good and far from the dock having the boys switch places is REALLY fun! They did it smoothly, too.
    Have a wonderful time!

  32. AWWRIGHT…so who’s going to tell me where I can start to try to find the counterpane pattern? Hmmm? I KNOW that all the smart knitters read A&K’s blog, and those leaves are exactly the kind of thing I would love to put on every single knitted item I make…
    C’mon, put on your thinking caps and lemme know!
    The skirt is just day-um gawjus, too.

  33. THe skirt is wonderful. Yes. wonderful

  34. THe skirt is wonderful. Yes. wonderful

  35. THe skirt is wonderful. Yes. wonderful

  36. THe skirt is wonderful. Yes. wonderful

  37. THe skirt is wonderful. Yes. wonderful

  38. WoW, my hat is off to all the great knits!!!

  39. WoW, my hat is off to all the great knits!!!

  40. I must have that coat! Do you have any idea what that would cost in an Anthropologie store!!! Did you notice how the plaid MATCHES so perfectly?
    Wow is all I can say –

  41. Wow! Those are some impressive projects! I’m especially gobsmacked by the coat. She’s taken really good care of it over the years.

  42. Here is a site with counterpane patterns, but NONE so lovely as that leaf pattern! Pleasepleaseplease somebody cough up that pattern!

  43. Aw, I’m so glad you like the afghan I knit! I have a blog, too: yarnygirl.com

  44. that coat is To Die For.
    wishing you luck with the kayak!

  45. Please tell Mimi that we all think her coat is remarkable!!!
    And that knit skirt…so pretty and flirty and drapey. Is it linen?

  46. I’m feeling a very strong urge to knit myself a plaid coat right now.

  47. I need to know more about the skirt! Who is this Jennifer and why no link to her? Is she blogless? I need the skirt info!!!! πŸ™‚

  48. Okay, I just read through the comments. I never do that, look at everything you can learn! πŸ™‚


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