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Spanning the Globe: Shea Stadium

Dear Ann,
First, a bit of housekeeping. Your house: not functioning because they have shut off the power in your neighborhood today. My house: functioning at subpar because the Hubby di tutti hubbisti is laid up in the hospital with a non-threatening but nevertheless annoying issue. I’m happy to say that he’s A-OK, and we are working through any interspousal issues ensuing from (a) the fact that he had Emergency Management Services send a cop to pull me off the plane to Chicago on Friday and (b) his temporary unavailability for 24/7 child care, which made me miss our Chicago events. (But wow, who knew that Emergency Management Services could DO that? Go, Mayor Bloomberg! Get down with your third term-seeking self! 311 rawks!)
I will leave it to you, once Nashville is hooked back into the grid, to tell the world about your FABULOUS TIME IN CHICAGO. I will take this opportunity to catch people up on my fabulous time at Shea Stadium a few days before. The pictures tell it all, really. It is a story of somebody willing to go very far into the Performance Art zone to show her love of fiber arts. And she did it with her own hair on!
Yes, I am speaking of Lily Chin. Who made this banner.
Are you impressed with with Lily’s custom Mets jersey? Would you be impressed if I told you it was a handknit?
Lily at the Bat, er giant knitting needle. (Yes, the uniform pants are handknit, too.)
Lily’s ball and glove. Crochet. Yes there was a bat, too. Kind of a challenge, the regulation size crochet Louisville Slugger, but Lily was strong for it.
The delightful Nicky Epstein signs a souvenir baseball that was one of the prizes for the evening’s drawings. A baseball signed by 9 knitting authors has got to be breaking new ground in collectibles, ya think?
My seatmate in the windy hallway was Wenlan Chia, fashion designer extraordinaire. (Wenlan has a Wiki!) We warmed our hands over greasy french fries and watery hot chocolate. (Both: delicious!) I resisted the urge to steal her hat. (Next to Wenlan was Debbie Stoller, so cheerful about attending a baseball game despite her zero point zero interest in baseball.) (Debbie has a Wiki, too! All the cool kids have Wikis!)
Considering it was such craptastic weather, the event drew a lot of knitters–900 plus. We had fun meeting, chatting and signing. We also had fun watching the non-knitting fans look at us and shrug on their way to the concession stands.
A high point was a young guy who did a double take as he passed our section of the table, which had (you will be gratified to know) a big sign featuring the cover of our book, which as you know says MASON-DIXON KNITTING right on the top in big fat letters. The guy says to his buddy: “DUDE!! My mom reads that $%^&* all the time!” Then he stopped and asked me what we were doing there. Which I really could not explain, but I asked him if I could take his picture and blog him. He said his mom would freak (in a positive way) if I did that. So here he is:
Tyler Charles’ mom, come on down! I hope you are reading this $%^& today!
I wish I had taken more pictures of the cheerful Mets-themed handmade hats, which were much in evidence. These were pretty much best of show, though.
When I finally made it out to the stands, the whole section was filled with knitters and knitwear-wearers.
Then it started to rain, and since, as a Yankee fan, I was beginning to feel a little woozy in the blue and orange environment, I made my way to the subway. (Yes I’m a weenie. My punishment was that it turned out to be a very exciting game. Joseph, although also a Yankee fan (through no fault of his own; he was born during the 1998 World Series), could not BELIEVE that I hadn’t stayed riveted to my seat.)
But I wasn’t alone on the train ride home.
Thank you Stitch & Pitch! Thank you, Mets!




  1. I hope Hubby is back in form quickly! Lack of childcare when one is trying to leave town is a bummer. I can imagine the *mixed emotions* one might have while being nabbed off the plane…
    I love Wenlan Chia’s stuff; I just wish I were half my size, so I could wear it!

  2. Holy MAN, do the Mets know how to throw a Stitch & Pitch or what?! The Reds need to take some lessons from y’all. Our S&P was considerably less stitchy. Half-price seats (which is all we got) were terrific, but I could’ve used a ball signed by nine knitting authors! πŸ™‚
    Hope Hubby’s feeling better soon!

  3. hubby is not tour jours gai
    gosh if we all could visit
    do you think mayor bloomberg
    would have to call out the riot squad
    life on the internet

  4. The thing is, all those amazing things Lily Chin made? It’s LILY. Nothing she does with yarn surprises me anymore. (Amazes me, yes, strikes me dead from awe, maybe, but not surprises.)
    Glad you had fun at the game, and best wishes for Hubby’s recovery.

  5. Hope your husband gets well soon.
    Thanks for the photos of the event. I want the pattern for the Lily Chin baseball jersey!

  6. Best to Hubbo! Sorry I missed the S-n-P, sorry you missed Chicago, but that Mayor Mike, he’s a grand slam. Hope Hubby gets a bill of better-than-ever health real soon.

  7. Wow. Now I am truly sorry that I couldn’t make the stitch ‘n pitch (even more than before) but I did watch the end of the game. Hope all is well with the husband. I think being called off the plane by EMS would have given me my very own heart attack.

  8. Wow, great post! So much yarn to go with baseball! I used to take my knitting to the games, too, way back in the 80’s. DH used to work for the Mets. Nostalgia rules.
    Hope your DH is feeling much better.

  9. Oh my gosh, Kay – I hope your hubby is much better and well on his way to completely A-OK. And I hope you’ve recovered from YOUR experience! Yikes.
    And here I’ve been imagining you and Ann having a thoroughly wonderful and exciting time, whilst all citizens of MDK Blogland wait patiently to hear the colorful tidbits from your Chicago trip…
    Thanks for taking the time to update us all and share the Mets photos. Looking forward to Ann’s report on Chicago πŸ™‚

  10. Tyler Charles should know that $!&@ his mom reads is f-+&:@$ awesome !$=+!
    And does Lily Chin do nothing but knit all day every day?? Does she knit in the shower?? In her sleep?? Who the hell knits A WHOLE FREAKING OUTFIT for ONE DAY? Lordy!
    hope that your man is home soon and well enough to take some wrath for missing Chicago! Tell him the 17th must remain open!
    please ignore the re after this sentence. cell phones are dumb sometimes. re

  11. he did WHAT? i think if the reason for the trip to the hospital was not life-threatening, and my husband did that to me, id make sure his reason for remaining in the hospital was life-threatening! but im glad yours is going to be all right. sorry about the cancelled trip though. hope to see you at Rhinebeck!

  12. Best wishes for your husband — and yourself. Being pulled off the plane by emergency personnel of any sort …! Oy. I’d have required a defibrillator.
    And, on another note: AAAAAAAAAAA! I was *at* the Stitch’n’Pitch game, having bought the tix months in advance, and they put us in the BLUE seats. All the knitting was two levels up! In the RED seats! No wonder we couldn’t find any other knitters. Sigh.
    At least it was a great game.

  13. Reading this $%^& today -yeah!– and every day,
    and sending good mental energy, hub’wise
    and Kay’wise.
    (Would “reading this $%^&” look good on the
    Margaret sweater or what?)
    Maryanne in SC
    Born in NY/Yankees toujours!

  14. Oh, my. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I can’t imagine the heart attack I’d have at getting pulled off a plane.

  15. Did Lily knit (or crochet) the banner too!!!!!!?
    The jersey was cool–but the pants made the whole ensemble WAY impressive.
    Sounds like a ball was had by all.

  16. keep on with that good %?&$.

  17. Wow, I’m in the middle of a birthday do-over and you have gotten me off to a fantastic start with this post. I will stop bad-mouthing the Mets for a bit. Thank you for the great photographs! Lily Chin made some awesomeness right there. And Wenlan Chia’s ensemble must be mine. Anyway. Very, very glad your hubby is OK. I would have freaked out, getting pulled off of the plane.

  18. Hope Hubby recoups quickly.
    S-n-P looked awesome. I know Lily has had the speed crocheting record, but she must not be a slouch with the knitting needles either. Wow!
    Sorry you missed Chicago, hope you can make it to Portland. Geez, that’s coming up. I need to get my A4A afghan off the crochet hook and in the mail so I can make a bottle topper or two. (I’m having a love-hate relationship with my afghan.)

  19. I hope your hubby gets a clean bill of health soon. Glad it’s more annoying than serious, but still.
    And I give Tyler a lot of credit for even paying attention to what his mom reads. I hope he doesn’t tell her about the photo and she just brings up your post and is shocked to see her son standing there!

  20. Work sucks. I so would have been there, but I had a bailout bill to cover.
    Lily has hit new levels of awesomeness with her baseball uniform — I need a Red Sox jersey, stat!

  21. hope it wasn’t a mountain biking accident!

  22. Tyler Charles’ mom is probably going to be embarrassed that her son said, “$%^&” in front of you, but I’ll bet she’ll be pleased as punch that his picture is on your blog!
    Good thoughts for your husband’s speedy recovery.
    Mary G. in Texas

  23. You missed Chicago?! Oh man!
    Speaking of man, I hope yours is back on his feet soon. And that there aren’t any snags to prevent you from making it to Rhinebeck.

  24. Hey no fair! Where was all the signing stuff going on??? I didn’t see it and I didn’t know it was there or I for sure would have come searching for autographs.


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