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Tea Party

Dear Ann,
Can it really be a year since we sat knitting with pals old and new in the beautiful old mansion that houses the Southampton Historical Society? Apparently this knitting thing is catching on, because the Society and the Rogers Memorial Library have been nice enough to invite us back this summer. It’s a crying shame you can’t be there, Ann. It’s on the afternoon of August 15, in the village of Southampton, New York. Just me and the pals and the iced tea, and of course the knitting and the yakking. Details are on a PDF newsletter here. Scroll down, and stop when you get to the fab photo of a glammed-up blond matron. (That would be me. I’m smiling because I can’t see a dang thing.)
Reservations are recommended, to ensure that there are enough cookies.
In other news, I am still knitting Sleeve Two of the Cornish Knit Frock. While I am knitting Sleeve Two, Frock Back, and Frock Front, Sleeve One is on loan to a mother of twins, who is using it as a stroller blanket. Waste not, want not!




  1. I have your visit marked on my calendar! Last year was so much fun, we’ll certainly miss Ann this year. Don’t worry, Ann, we’ll take pictures!

  2. We can document the cookie consumption! And the knitting! I’m looking forward to the 15th, too, and I’ll be there as long as there’s a single parking space somewhere in the Village. I’m willing to stare down a Hummer if I have to!

  3. The hydrangeas are such a great summer flower for an arrangement. I love the colors in all of the FOs. So bright and happy.

  4. Whoooah – I read that whole newsletter, and I think the “Food for Fines” idea is brill-yunt! Wonder if our library would go for such a thing…. Wish I could join you, that sounds like a truly splendiferous event. Yes please – pictures!

  5. i know i’ve mentioned this before, but i understand the sleeve comment. aren’t over-sized hubbies so much fun? (even shopping for jeans for him is annoying, i have to buy them online, as his size is 34×38)
    wish i could go to the event, it sounds like fun!

  6. OMG. Kay in make up. I have to go sit down.
    Personally, I prefer you au naturel.

  7. Sounds so civilized, very mint juleps under the magnolia tree… I would love it! And your photo is very glam – no matron there!

  8. That looks like such fun! Unfortunately Southampton is a little far for me to rationalize — the Society in general looks like a great place to be near!

  9. Aw, I’m sick about this. I’ll be there in spirit. I mean, really. I’ll be in that chair in the back HAUNTING YOU PEOPLE.
    Have a swell time! Sigh!

  10. Can’t wait – and Jane you can park in my yard and we can walk if there are no parking places – it is just over a mile so not bad as long as it isn’t 99 degrees with 99% humidity ๐Ÿ˜€
    Ann – we will miss you lots….

  11. this is the 25th just lovely
    just a great cover for a book or a magazine

  12. Blue sweater guy (Lars): I think the belt makes me look fat.
    Gold sweater guy (Sven): No darling, nothing could make you look fat.
    Are they real men or what?

  13. Wow! You look so sophisticated!

  14. Wow! You look so sophisticated!

  15. oops — I was so overwhelmed my your sophistication that I commented twice! Sorry!


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