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You Come Too

Dear Ann,
Where ya been? I’ve had a few days of travel, featuring the likes of Fiona Ellis, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Diamond, Robert Todd LIncoln, Robert Frost, and no less than the one, the only, the inimitable—-STITCHY McYARNPANTS. Could you plotz? Could you scream? Could you die? Let’s take them one at a time or in pairs or however it comes out, shall we?
Bruce and Neil
Cara has written lovingly of our drive to Baltimore last Friday for Stitches East. Enthroned in baseball-glove leather, sipping a Dunkin Donuts coffee, flying down the Jersey Turnpike with a 1978 Bruce bootleg on the G Love Sound Surround SystemTM—it was Road Trip Heaven. Unlike Cara, I was actually a grown up girl in 1978, so it’s not quite so weird for me to SWOON DEAD AWAY at the opening a cappella –almost spoken– words of Because the Night. ‘Take me now baby/here as I am’. Cara was SEVEN in 1978; I wanted to cover her ears.
Other Ann called mid morning to scream ‘Do you have a Springsteen Headache yet?!’ But no, I didn’t. I was fine. There as I was.
Breaking up the unremitting intensity of 1978 Bruce, we had the Neil Diamond Compleat Works. Which while comical—really, Barry Manilow should be mad because Neil Diamond’s lyrics are SO MUCH more unintentionally funny than his–touch me very much because Neil Diamond was on one of the 8-tracks I used to listen to while ironing in the basement when I was a teenager. (The 8-track player was housed in a piece of Early American FURNITURE. Good times!) Nobody–and I mean NOBODY–can get quite as worked up over a key change as my boy Neil. Ah, if only ye could have been with us girl. You could have wailed right along with
“I am,” I said!
To no one there
And no one heard at all
Not even the chair.

Of course ‘not even the chair’. Chairs don’t hear! Bless his heart, the man needed assistance with his lyric-writing.
Indulge me in one more: “Forever in Blue Jeans”. When I used to sing along to this one in the basement, I thought it was ‘Reverend Bluejeans’. No doubt I was connecting the good Reverend to Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show, and perhaps to Mr. Green Jeans. But still, what a song. “Money talks/But it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk.” Truly it don’t! Whatever! Let’s pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and proceed to Baltimore, and our 3 hours at Stitches East.
FIrst Stop: Fiona in Ladies Room
I knew the yarn-shopping gods were with us when we ran into Fiona Ellis right at the git-go, in the Ladies Room.
Doesn’t Cara look refreshed and relieved? She was totally star struck and kept blathering on about Short Rows, which Fiona probably doesn’t even remember designing. Fiona has News! She’s finishing up her second book, in which she does for Fair Isle knitting what she did for cable knitting in her first book, i.e., make it fresh and cool and full of surprises. Can’t wait!
Dot, or, A Confession
This is Dot, a lovely lady from Mississippi. I would like to say I ran into Dot at The Mannings booth, but in fact what happened was this: Dot was minding her own business, immersed in the wonderful book selection in this booth. Cara elbowed me and said, ‘Dude, that lady is totally looking at your book.’ Whereupon I suffered a lapse of decorum and good manners and accosted this kind lady, blathering on about how I had participated in a major way in the writing of the very book she was looking at. and how, actually, that was me in the cowboy hat on the cover.
Dot has obviously had some experience with lunatics. She knew it would be useless to resist. She was so sweet about it. I don’t think she will ever look at another book again without glancing nervously over her shoulder to see if the author is about to pounce on her.
I’m sorry Dot! Truly I am.
Log Cabins That Rock
Cara dropped off her log cabin blanket at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth. It’s hard to get a picture of this beautiful thing that does any justice to its nuanced greens. The yarn, Socks That Rock heavyweight, is stunning, and Cara’s design makes the most of it. I don’t know how she gave it up, even as a loaner.
La Stitchy
Stitchy was there! Signing her hilarious book. I didn’t get a picture (having already violated the photo prohibition with Dot and with Cara’s Log Cabin), but you can always pick out Stitchy in a crowd. (She’s the one with the name badge that says STITCHY. It really made me want to have a fake name.) Stitchy signed Cara’s book with Hilarious Inscription Number 2 and mine with Number 3. I won’t tell you what it says, in case you get Number 3 inscribed in your book at some point. Trust me: Number 3 is good.
The Roberts
Let’s recap. Friday was 3 hours driving to Baltimore, 3 hours in Baltimore, 3 hours back. 10 minutes of throwing cold-weather gear in bags, and then 3 hours to Albany. Saturday morning, 90 minutes to Manchester, Vermont. Hubby had to go there to talk about something Deadly Dull of a Professional Nature. (Afterwards he said, ‘I rocked the house,’ but I think he meant ‘anesthesized the house’–he was talking about Medicaid regulation in New York State ZZZZZZzzzzz). The kids and I decided to tag along and see the sights of Manchester, Vermont. We had no clue what the sights of Manchester, Vermont might be. We were in for a surprise.
Manchester is the home of Hildene, the house that Robert Todd Lincoln, the only child of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln who survived to adulthood, built for his family in 1905.
I did not know one thing about Robert Todd Lincoln before stumbling into his house. It stayed in the family until 1975, when his grandaughter Peggy Beckwith died, at which point it was taken over by a preservation group. What this means is that Hildene is that rare thing: a period house that looks just as the family left it. All their furniture in its eclectic, late-Victorian glory. Their books and toys. Their kitchen stove. They could come around the corner at any minute.
On the second floor there is a small room with a few items of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia. Most notably one of three of his stove-pipe hats still in existence. (Fun fact: it is covered in beaver fur. Surprisingly un-nasty-looking.) Carrie, Joseph and I just LIVE for this sort of thing. Bring it on! The olde gifte shoppe was selling giant Lincoln pennies with the Gettysburg Address embossed on the back. Can you stand it?
We couldn’t.
On Sunday Hubby dragged us to Robert Frost’s house in Shaftsbury, Vermont. This is a house the poet lived in for many years, in a beautiful rural setting. Sadly it’s not furnished, so it’s basically a lot of his poetry and his biography framed on the walls. A little chapel to Robert Frost, with a lady guardian at the door who is reading her well-used copy of his poems while you meander. If only it had had one of his hats! In the gift shop (a shelf, actually), we managed to score a new edition of You ComeToo. (Hubby’s childhood copy is in tatters and needs to be preserved for future visitors to the Museum of Hubby. I’d advise you to skip the Speeches of Hubby section.)
In conclusion, Vermont scores high in our fambly weekend rating system. It has (a) mountains, (b) wind-y roads and (c) creaky small museums in which one’s party is likely to be outnumbered by the volunteer guides. Really great.
Um, Knitting?
In my knitting life, I have been in a strange place, for me. I have been suffering from Uncertainty. I cannot remember a time in the last five years or more, when I have not known exactly what I wanted to knit, with great (albeit often wrongheaded) clarity. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dithering between two projects, both using up a limited quantity of the same yarn:
At the bottom is more than a week’s worth of knitting on the fabulous linen kilt from Knit 2 Together. The very skirt that Tracey Ullman was wearing when I saw her at the booksigning. I loved knitting the ruffle, which is knit in a long strip with short rows. I worried a little bit about the fact that the pattern does not tell you to wrap the next stitch before you turn on a short row. So after a few repeats I started over, wrapping and turning, and liked it just fine.
When I picked up the stitches to knit the skirt up from the ruffle, I started to experience Existential Kilt Doubts. Do I want a kilt? Am I a Kilt Person? Do I not already own 2 knitted skirts that I wear only rarely? Do my stitch pick-ups look wonky? Acceptably wonky? Unacceptably? I pulled them out and picked them up again. I soldiered on.
But I kept thinking about Raspy. How stone cold easy it would be to knit Raspy top down in one piece. How cool it would look in a plain linen version, without the dropped stitches that leddeth me into Temptation (to Bleach)—kind of a Lady Raspy. Raspy all grown up and gone to town. So I cast on, knowing full well that if I am going to finish Lady Raspy, I am going to have to rip out the kilt for that second cone of Euroflax.
What I really need is something entirely different. Something major and consuming. Something cably and requiring concentration and devotion.
I think I know what it is. But I’m not telling yet.
Love, Kay
P.S. At Stitches, I bought a new iron. If you were at Stitches, you know the iron of which I speak. I was weak. Carrying it around the market afterwards, I was stopped by people who needed to talk about this iron. It’s that kind of iron. Iron people: you know what I’m talking about.




  1. Love the linen Raspy. Rip the skirt out, although I’m sure your stitch pick ups are fine. ‘Cably requiring concentration and devotion. In denim, perchance? Shutting up NOW, I am…. honest!

  2. Okay, first, wow, born in 1971, I am old, but love the music references. I once traded all of my Barbie’s for my neighbor’s 8 track player…mom made me un-trade when she found out…I love the idea of linen Raspy too, and am sad to have missed stitches, so please, tell us more about the iron, I am desperate for a new one.

  3. I’m sad to see that you apparently missed the extraordinary Farmers Diner in Barre, VT. Oh God. Maybe I should make an impromptu, absurd road trip

  4. Bruce, loud, driving fast, hollering? Wish I’d been there.
    Yeah, you don’t need a knitted skirt, though maybe Carrie does. But surely you can’t need another iron!? Don’t you already have an iron that you write odes to? To which you write odes…
    Mary, who hasn’t listened to Bruce in a long time, and owns zero irons.

  5. I have injured my Rowenta and tho she limps through my pants and shirts still, I need to have her put down.
    What shall I buy? Or, better still, which Rowenta shall I buy next?

  6. What iron? I’m absolutely an iron person. I’m probably the only person I know who asked her parents for an iron for Christmas one year, and got all excited when they complied. Try explaining that to your friends when you’re 26 and working in a big fancy law firm. “I got the greatest iron!!!”
    So tell! What iron?
    (And you can’t tell me that the only thing you bought at Stitches is an iron! Come ON!)

  7. You are tooooo funny! Wish I had been in that car. I believe I have my own set of ridiculous lyrics for most of those songs. Love the green log cabin… I am so green for it! I do love to travel with you. No carsickness, but all the fun!

  8. Ya HOOOO for that top down linen raspy!!!!! Come on, talk about the iron!

  9. OH THAT iron. I so wanted to buy that iron. I watched the whole spiel on Sunday afternoon. I was mesmerized! And then when she said the show price was half of the regular retail, she was reeling me in – BUT – I knew then that I needed to walk away immediately. I had spent my $$ and needed to not spend anymore.

  10. Oh, THAT iron! I couldn’t believe how close she could put her hand to the steam! You have made a truly wise and venerable purchase. Thank god I was a week away from getting paid or I would have bought one too.

  11. Hildene is beautiful. We did a Living History there last summer. I’m glad you got to see it.

  12. If you’re taking votes (which I’m not certain that you are), I vote for the linen raspy.

  13. Dude. I was 8 in 78. Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think I dreamed about that iron the other night. But seriously, anyone who ironed in the basement while listening to 8-tracks DESERVES the iron that puts all other irons to shame.
    Don’t you hate when you say a word so many times it seems all weird?
    Oh and I think you’re going to knit Am Kamin in denim. You know you want to.

  14. Love the little museums! I really could just die.
    I really wish Stitches would allow pictures. It really sucks that they don’t. I want to know more about the iron.

  15. You mean it wasn’t “Reverend Bluejeans”? Hmm…learn something new everyday.

  16. There are iron people? Really?

  17. I had all sorts of comments floating in my head as I read through your post but they disappeared when I got to the end. (Except maybe for the one about the kiddos…great photo!)

  18. I hope you are going to post some pictures of The Iron. I also hope to be invited over to play with The Iron!
    sounds like a good time in Vermont – love the penny!
    ps. now that Cara has publicly proclaimed her love for you – have you two registered anywhere?

  19. Yes, you typed Neil Diamond but I ‘read’ Neil Young…
    Do you still want my opinion raspy vs kilt?

  20. Lots of lovely things in your blog today, but may I just say?
    Carrie’s sweater! Carrie’s sweater! Carrie’s sweater!

  21. dang-you were in vermont? had i known i’d have jumped in the car with my girls to go to museums with you and your fam.
    anything to bask in your glow like dot did.

  22. Dale of Norway! Dale of Norway! Dale of Norway!
    Not a handknit! Not a handknit! Not a handknit!
    She chose it herself. She claims to like the ‘Scandinavian patterns’. But would you BA-LEEV that when she wore it to school, her friend called her ‘Granny Girl’?
    A knife to the heart! So far Carrie’s still wearing it, granny girl or no. xoxo Kay

  23. I’m with you all the way on the quirky little museums where the volunteers outnumber the visitors. Since that’s mostly what we have in Iowa, my childhood was full of them.

  24. The Most Important Addendums:
    Thank you for providing this opportunity to present two of my very favorite Famous People Factiods.

  25. If you should ever find yourself in central Illinois (it could happen!), you need to visit Lincoln’s Home in Springfield. It’s the only home Lincoln ever owned and although it is now owned by the National Park Service, it still has that small-town-museum feel. And the Victorian wallpaper is hideous!
    Oh – and I thought exactly the same thing when Cara talked about 1978 Bruce – she’s TOO YOUNG to hear that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Whoa, damn. Vermont has one other thing: ME. Of course, Manchester is far enough away from ME that it seems like another state, really. But damn, I woulda made the effort. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I am strangely relieved that Robert Todd Lincoln grew himself up and had a fambly. I was sure he came to an ill end, what with the tragicality of his early-dying brother, unwell mom and that War of Northern Aggression/assasination thang with his dad.

  28. A knitted kilt – absolutely fascinating! I wonder if my friend will want to make one for her husband who will be running in a Men In Kilts 5K? I may have to check uot that book.

  29. All I want to know about is the iron.
    But also, you have some really darling children.

  30. I personally am having a great time pondering Robert Todd Lincoln. I’m bumming that you may put aside the kilt; just make the thing and send it to ME! And your darlings are insanely cute.
    Seeing as how I am oddly under the weather today, and haven’t really “gotten out of bed” today, here’s my update on how TV is going these days (WARNING: Britney Spears content]:
    1. Rumsfeld’s resignation really makes me think the guy ought to take up knitting once and for all. He just seems so . . . tense.
    2. Making the Band 3 is an MTV reality show where five cute girls glop themselves up and try to please their impresario, P. Diddy, who is actually pretty nice most of the time despite a Zales Jewelry quantity of diamonds. My advice: more than two episodes in a row is too many.
    3. Feeling a stunning relief at the departure of Rumsfeld. I don’t know how a person fixes the problems we face, but a new point of view might be helpful at this point. The guy has always reminded me of Robert McNamara a LOT, and that’s not so great.
    4. Britney Spears. Really could go the rest of my life without even one more report about her, her creepy soon-to-be-ex, or the state of her waistline.
    OK, that’s all for the moment, except to say that watching Stephen Colbert last night on election night was just the BEST.

  31. So, here I am taking a break from studying, trying to get my eyes to focus on your wonderful post, and all I can really focus on is the part at the end about Raspy – Raspy without the raspies, in LINEN – this is my dream. Live it, Kay. Live it.

  32. You could bite the bullet and get another cone or two of Euroflax.
    BTW – Carrie still looks cute without the ghoulish makeup. The family affliction is outweighed by far by the megawatt smile.

  33. I thought I saw you at Stitches Friday – and the wierd thing is that it was in the ladies room near the registration desk – you were yelling at someone to hurry up…I was too shy and star struck to ask if you were Kay. Silly me. I took a full day of class with Fiona on Saturday -I was as awestruck as Cara was (good thing I didn’t poke an eye out). Fiona was so down to earth and funny – I never laughed so much in a class as I did that day. I resisted the iron spiel but not the yarn in the market (ouch) and admired Cara’s log cabin work each time I went back to buy yarn at Blue Moon – overheard a comment from two ladies admiring the blanket saying it looked like the log cabin knitting in M-D book. Ha!

  34. To learn more about Robert Todd Lincoln, read Sarah Vowell’s “Assasination Vacation.” It is pants-wettingly funny and genuinely informative.
    Maybe you should knit the kilt for your daughter?

  35. PULEEEEZE give up the details on the iron!!!!! And I love the Neil Diamond references. reverend bluejeans….. hehheheheheh

  36. You have 2 knitted skirts already? You know the answer – rip out that kilt and make the Lady Raspy. That’s dread you feel, thinking you need to finish the kilt. Drop it and the funk will lift.

  37. OK, so I have learned about Rumsfeld’s going from Ann in your comments and not the BBC. HURRAH! This makes me very happy. His hair has always worried me.
    What I actually logged on to say was that thanks to you, Kay, I have spent the ENTIRE afternoon and evening with ‘Money talks, but it don’t dance and it don’t walk’ burbling round and round my brain, and thanks to this I have spent ยฃ30 + in Fopp on Tottenham Court Road buying other cds (mainly 80s wierd stuff) in an attempt to shift it. I love Neil Diamond, but there is a time and a place and Habitat’s Christmas evening (complimentary cocktails and many of them) is not it. But I still love you.

  38. Oh yes, that iron. My mom bought one at Stitches West. I still have trouble believing that she spent more on that iron than I did on yarn/spinning stuff that day.

  39. did you know that robt todd lincoln briefly had his mother declared insane? posted “asylum,” musical drama on this in nyc this fall– http://alittleredhen.typepad.com/a_little_red_hen/2006/09/senior_theatre_.html. written by june bingham, 80-something novelist, wife of longtime congressman. intriguing.

  40. Neil Diamond “composed” a “song” for NYU commencement circa 2002. The title was “Forever NYU” but was not to the tune of “Forever in Blue Jeans.” The tune was something else entirely. You HAD to be there.

  41. I am beyond curious of this Iron. Is it old school style circa 1975? ( being born in 81 everything before that is old school) Is it Avacodo green?
    Intrigued in the south

  42. Do tell ’bout the iron. I am not an iron person, but I was borne by one, so I kind of am by proxy — since she made me iron, too, but not in the basement and certainly not to music — this was work — and not any of her stuff. Only Dad’s.

  43. I like the sound of Lady Raspy. But I need to know about this iron. We are “Stitches” deprived here. No Stitches Southeast for us, no Rhinebeck Fla, no Southern sheep and wool festivals. What iron?

  44. Oh, my dear โ€“ tโ€™was I who shouldโ€™ve plotzed. It was such a treat to meet you! I wanted to sing k.d Lang to you, but I didnโ€™t want people staring and frowning. And I do know of the iron. The owner of the Elegant Ewe, where I was signing books, is friends with the woman whose booth was unfortunately situated near hers. She heard the spiel for 4 solid days and grew to hate that iron.
    Glad you like #3, it really is my favorite and I use it sparingly. Itโ€™s not for everyone.

  45. Flashback to 4th grade in NH:
    “I’m going out to clean the pasture spring;
    I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away
    (And wait to watch the water clear, I may):
    I sha’n’t be gone long.–You come too.
    I’m going out to fetch the little calf
    That’s standing by the mother. It’s so young,
    It totters when she licks it with her tongue.
    I sha’n’t be gone long.–You come too.”
    (you wouldn’t believe how quickly most of that sprang back into my memory!”

  46. –haven’t read through all of the comments — who has time any more ? ๐Ÿ˜‰ so forgive me if i’m the 8th commenter to tell you this but– couple a years back, my brother gave me a tiny tome called ‘he’s got the whole world in his pants’ (pretty much epitomizes bathroom reading, but anyhoo–) it’s amazing how universal those mis-heard lyrics are. i thought Neil was singin’ about the Reverend until, um, i got that book, actually. ‘Scuse me while i kiss this guy’ is a good one too.

  47. I second Wendy’s comment: Carrie’s sweater. Carrie’s sweater. Carrie’s sweater. Details, please. And I, too, would like to learn more about the miracle iron. Thanks.

  48. I want Dot to be my grandma, since she has experience with lunatics and all, and come on, is she just the cutest thing ever or what. Can you hook me up?

  49. Dude, I couldn’t even finish reading the whole post… I had to stop at The Reverend Bluejeans! I *TOTALLY* heard the same thing!! And you know? Most people who I have told that to think I am totally Out To Lunch. The Reverend Bluejeans.
    Excuse me while I go finish reading…:)

  50. 1. I second Meg’s recommendation on “Assassination Vacation”. I was laughing out loud on the first page of the preface.
    2. I think my favorite version of “Because the Night” is Patty Smith’s. I love that Springsteen wrote it, though.
    3. If you want to do more period houses with their original furniture, I highly recommend Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt’s summer cottage on Campobello Island, New Brunswick. You have to go through Maine to get there unless you want to take a ferry from the Canadian mainland (which is actually quite fun in itself). There’s a nice park with campground on the island, or summer rentals if you don’t want to rough it, and you can see whales and seals and harbor porpoises swimming just off the island. And because everyone’s Canadian, they’re super nice and cheerful.

  51. I love your commenters. And that you and Ann both continue your witty bantar throughout. It makes reading through them totally worth it. Not that I have time to waste at 4:37 am or anything. Nope, not me.

  52. ooooh how I love that blanket of Cara’s… and man that must have been one fun trip ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Wah!! You were in Baltimore on Friday and I didn’t see you! My sister and I drove down from Delaware. I can’t remember when my feet have hurt more but it was so worth it. Was looking for wool to make some felted baskets but nothing caught my eye. I so wish I could have met you and thanked you in person for your wonderful book. You and Ann were on CN8 sometime ago and offered a free book to the first caller. It was the first time I ever won anything. What a prize!!!
    I know the iron of which you speak—enjoy! I’m off to go work on my socks. My sister treated me to an early birthday present of Addi Turbos, sock yarn and Socks Soar on Two Needles. Yikes! It’s hard to stay focused when I hear the call of baby kimonos, log cabins and felted boxes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Thanks a lot, now I have “Reverend Bluejeans” running through my head. Sigh.
    Oh well, at least it’s replaced the Elmo’s World song.

  55. Uh, Eileen, it is highly likely that you were the first caller because you were the ONLY caller! LOL. Our television career has been limited to extremely exclusive engagements which only the very elite group known as People Who Wake Up Real Early get to see.
    So cool to hear from you! I think Kay would have been glad to meet you, and especially glad to show you her awetastic new iron.

  56. Inspired by Kay’s example with her bleach pen, I tried the opposite with a permanent magic marker. I really didn’t like the gray bits in my Noro Silk Garden wrap, so I colored them in. Did it work? Why, yes it did! That sounds a little Rumsfeldian, blessed be (not) his departed name.

  57. Don’t be hatin’ on Cara for being 7 in 1971. You seem to forget that I was seven in 1978 and I can appreciate Neil Diamond, Patsy Cline, and the family favorite on that wooden, hi-fi, stereo 8-track…Tony Orlando’s “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak Tree”. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looking forward to seeing you during the holidays and the fambly at Christmas and Hanukkah.

  58. whoops did the math wrong. I meant to say 7 in 1978. I guess I should quit surfing the web, and get back to work

  59. So glad you liked Hildene. My CW reenacting unit has been holding an encampment there for several years now. We love the place! Breathtaking views that pictures just don’t do it justice.

  60. Please tell me about the iron, so I can put it on my holiday list. I have been promised a new iron by my husband.
    Also, I am on this site so often that someone thinks that I am actually on my web site and your children are *mine*.
    Thank you!

  61. I sense an iron post headed our way. Or is it that we’re heading into an iron post? I’ll make sure the airbag switch is in the on position.

  62. Hey Kay! I have one of those giant pennies with the Gettysburg address on my desk! Josie went to Springfield to see Lincoln’s house (as recommended above) and brought that back for me. What good taste my little girl has.
    How in the world did I manage to be the 60-somethingth commenter? Yeesh, I’m so behind on everything…
    We really do need iron details. I did Stitches Midwest with Evelyn; seems like we would have seen an iron like that.

  63. Hey Kay! I have one of those giant pennies with the Gettysburg address on my desk! Josie went to Springfield to see Lincoln’s house (as recommended above) and brought that back for me. What good taste my little girl has.
    How in the world did I manage to be the 60-somethingth commenter? Yeesh, I’m so behind on everything…
    We really do need iron details. I did Stitches Midwest with Evelyn; seems like we would have seen an iron like that.

  64. Hey Kay! I have one of those giant pennies with the Gettysburg address on my desk! Josie went to Springfield to see Lincoln’s house (as recommended above) and brought that back for me. What good taste my little girl has.
    How in the world did I manage to be the 60-somethingth commenter? Yeesh, I’m so behind on everything…
    We really do need iron details. I did Stitches Midwest with Evelyn; seems like we would have seen an iron like that.

  65. Hey Kay! I have one of those giant pennies with the Gettysburg address on my desk! Josie went to Springfield to see Lincoln’s house (as recommended above) and brought that back for me. What good taste my little girl has.
    How in the world did I manage to be the 60-somethingth commenter? Yeesh, I’m so behind on everything…
    We really do need iron details. I did Stitches Midwest with Evelyn; seems like we would have seen an iron like that.

  66. Hey Kay! I have one of those giant pennies with the Gettysburg address on my desk! Josie went to Springfield to see Lincoln’s house (as recommended above) and brought that back for me. What good taste my little girl has.
    How in the world did I manage to be the 60-somethingth commenter? Yeesh, I’m so behind on everything…
    We really do need iron details. I did Stitches Midwest with Evelyn; seems like we would have seen an iron like that.


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