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And Now For Something Completely Different

Dear Ann,
Mary B of Richmond, who graces our comments and Found Objects on a regular basis, is a modest and dignified mother of two. She does not claim to have invented the dubious practice known as “showing the sock a good time”; that distinction lies elsewhere. But I will go out on a limb and say that Mary B may well have perfected the art. I will let the evidence speak for itself. The following photos are from Mary’s recent trip to Britain.
Sock with ghost in Yorkshire.
With Mary and Yeoman at Tower of London. (Yeoman is on the right.)
With William Wallace Guy (center) in Scotland.
Last but not least (my personal favorite, although it’s hard to choose):
Sock with one of the many Roman Centurions one still finds wandering the countryside.
The sock, apparently, had a very good time indeed. As did Mary.
Write when you return to civilization.
Love, Kay
P.S. Thanks, Mary B!

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  1. Love the sock! Imagine the patience of those guys at the Tower… I doubt you could get a Swiss Guard at the Vatican to hold your sock…
    And where *is* Ann??
    Counting down to my own trip to England! Gotta get me a centurion.
    Mary de B

  2. Oh, and let me take this opportunity to thank MDK’s loyal readers for assistance in the all-important YARN SHOPPING area, particularly to Yvonne for telling me about Wensleydale Wool (the rose-colored sock in the Ghost picture above!) and to Sam who hooked me up with her sister’s Guest House in York. Sadly, I didn’t make it to the much-balley-hooed new shop in Edinburgh, but I spent enough at Wensleydale to make up for it!
    THANK YOU, Ann and Kay, and THANK YOU everybody else!

  3. Loved the photo journal of the sock’s adventures! The centurion looks so… puzzled…
    Very entertaining, thanks for sharing it.

  4. Not what is the sound of one hand clapping, but what is the sound of one blogger blogging? Especially when one blogger is half of the Ann-Kay duo! Where in the world did Carmen S-Ann-ty go to?
    Ann sure is wasting a lot of time not blogging anymore, leaving Kay to feed the blog single-handedly. We love the travelogues, though, and appreciate the responsible blogger you are, never leaving us without entertainment–or sock correspondents.
    Tres fun!

  5. Oh, I don’t mind sitting here slaving away all by my lonesome, with nary a ‘lol’ from my so-called blogging PARTNER.
    Martyrishly yours,

  6. Freakin’ HELL, I’M ROFL. Glad you clarified which one was the yeoman in the 2nd photo. I was momentarily confused. OH GOD, this is good. good….goood, Mary B!

  7. Damn, Norma beat me to it: really needed that clarification on who was the yeoman 😉
    Now, maybe Mary B will follow this incredibly fun tour up by trying to *teach* the centurion how to knit, eh? He looks like he might be interested…

  8. If, for some reason, the sock would like to get away from the centurion, for just a MOMENT, I’ll volunteer myself. You know . . . for strictly altruistic reasons.

  9. SUCH a shame Mary B didn’t make it to Edinburgh, so in her honour, I paid a visit to HK (the “much bally-hooed-wool-shop”) this evening and made a few purchases followed by a few glasses of wine with Julie, proprietor – clearly, I felt obliged to drink Mary B’s share of the wine, so now I’m quite jolly and having some difficulty typing…..!!!

  10. I find it fascinating that sock photos so often involve a male figure. If I ever find myself single again, I might have to consider this.

  11. I like how they all look so thoroughly confused. Hysterical!

  12. Just have to add many thanks for the last picture. The chiseled abs really set off the sock nicely.

  13. Those photos are so funny. The men look so very bemused. I’m surprised they cooperated.

  14. I’m de-lurking to comment: Loved the sock photos and the confused, hunky men holding said socks. (Mmm, centurions.) Oh yeah, a tradition is now established. Can’t wait for the Sock Men Calendar. ;o)
    — Carolyn B.

  15. We need Centurions like that here in NYC, too! And, um… in my apartment, maybe?

  16. I must get into sock knitting before my next trip! I so love sock travelogues!

  17. The centurion does look rather puzzled. Should someone give him a hand and show him what it’s used for?


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