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Attention Yarn Shoppers of Middle Tennessee

Dear Kay,
A quick note to invite one and all up to the Monteagle Assembly on Wednesday, July 23, for the annual cottage tour and bazaar.
I mention this because a) I’m in charge of the thing and I am getting a little nervous about it. But more important, b) there will be one fiberlicious booth among the 31 vendors with a beautiful range of lovely yarns and handcrafts.
Sewanee resident and author of Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters and the classic Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook Lynne Vogel is hosting a booth with tasty stuff from her line of fiber and yarn, as well as beautiful things from other fiber artists:
Jan Quarles . . . “Daily Fibers” line of yarn and fiber plus some felted items.
Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts, San Juan Capistrano, CA . . . some of her gorgeous sock yarn, some luxury fibers and three of her beautiful handwoven scarves. If you can’t make it to Monteagle, here’s her tasty Etsy shop.
Diane Getty of Sewanee/Baltimore, MD . . . screen print silk scarves.
Pam Harris of Whitwell, TN . . . handspun yarn and knitted items.
Blaine Harkins of Apex, NC . . . hand felted scarves.
Linda Matherly . . . hand dyed silk scarves.
Bazaar is 9 am-4 pm.
Cottage tour is 1-4 pm. Five wonderful cottages will be open, and it’s a great chance to tour the grounds and see what it’s like up here. There will be food vendors for lunch.
Directions: Take 1-24 to Monteagle, TN exit. Then follow this map to the Assembly. Follow the Cottage Tour signs to the North Gate, hop out, pay your ten bucks, and have a great time. I’ll be running around looking kind of sweaty and worrying if the bake sale cupcakes are going to melt. The 25-cent book sale is sure to be a highlight–I’ve got all the books in the back of my car, so believe me when I say I know about this.
It’s going to be fun!–hope to see you guys up there.
PS I totally stole the photo above from Lynne’s blog. I doubt that particular handspun will be there, but there will be plenty otherwise. UPDATED TO ADD: I just heard from Meg Manning, friend of MDK and proprietor of the destination yarn shop Yarn Expressions in Huntsville, Ala. She points out that the fabby handspun at the top is in fact HERS, and Lynne used her photo when blogging about a spinning workshop at Yarn Expressions. Excellent spinning, Meg . . .




  1. Good luck on the 23rd, Ann!!

  2. Good luck on the 23rd, Ann!!

  3. oh my goodness! i hope this is in the future, and isn’t happening right now! i’m off to google!
    i hadn’t realized there was any fiber fun going on within striking distance of birmingham — this sounds heavenly!

  4. Right at this moment I can’t think of anything I want more than some yarny goodness and a cottage tour.
    And a cupcake.
    Oh, and someone to drive me to tennessee, please. I’ve been wanting to visit the “greenest State in the Land of the Free” for pretty much my entire life. This sure would be a great time to do it!
    Just in case I have no luck with the driver thing… have fun, Tennessee-folk! I’m sure it’s going to be great, Ann!

  5. Sounds great so sorry I won’t be able to make it.
    Please post photos of all of the fibery goodness.

  6. Too bad this isn’t on a weekend or it would definitely be on my list of things to do. We have stayed in the assembly at the B&B and just love it! Good Luck.

  7. Oh my goodness I love Yarn Expressions. I’ve never been there in person but I’ve dealt with Meg on the internet several times and she’s just lovely to do business with.
    Have fun!

  8. I was wondering if you are aware that your Moderne Log Cabin blankets patterns are available free on Amazon? I was very surprised to see them there:

  9. Ok now I am emailing everyone I know that is at the Assembly to see if they will go and get me something on Wednesday. Can you send cell phone pictures from Monteagle. I have a huge brief that’s due Thursday and no way to call in sick. You are just mean to tell all of this to we poor working fiber addicts who can’t get there.

  10. Hey, I didn’t know Lynne Vogel lives in Sewanee. I got a great pattern of hers at MSW from my friend Mary Ann of Three WAters Farm, who I hope is bringing Lynne to NC for a workshop in the near future. Sure wish I could get up in them hills, because it’s sweltering down here in the flatlands. . .

  11. I had a great time! Drove up from Atlanta, visited with friends from Beersheba Springs, shopped the Bazaar, had a “falling down” and acquired some of Lynn V’s g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s handspun (darn those wool fumes), enjoyed a peppy chick-sal sandwich on the porch along with some fantastic corn bread salad!! and southern table wine (sweet tea all y’all), toured the cottages (soooo charming), back to the porch to knit a bit and take in the scenery, scooped up rocky road bars from the bake sale for my Thurs. night knitting group (a consolation when they see the handspun they missed out on)and antiqued all the way home! Whew! You sure know how to throw a bash! MSSA speaks to my heart. What a comfort it must be to knit on those porches everyday.


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