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Cottage Tour and Bazaar Red Alert

Dear Kay,
Oh, my, gravy. I have never in the past SEVEN YEARS OF BLOGGING gone this long without an entry. I feel like I’ve died or something.
(You do realize, of course, that today marks the seventh anniversary of our bi-regional co-blogging venture. Happy blogiversary! For anybody just catching up, there are only 1,277 entries to slog through; it’s no worse than watching all the back seasons of Mad Men, only with a lot more knitting and a lot less Jon Hamm.)
Where to begin? I think I may have mentioned that I am in my third year as president of the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly Woman’s Association. This summer, up here in Monteagle, has gone a little wonky for me.
I spend a lot of time here:
Winfield is the home of the Woman’s Association.
Beautiful things happen at Winfield all summer long. Flower arrangements appear on the refreshment table. The tea punch flows like a mighty river, thanks to our incredible hostess, Cindy, who lives upstairs at Winfield during the summer. She just inherited a collection of aprons that means she will be wearing a different apron pretty much every day.
porch party recipes.jpg
We are on the verge of selling out of Porch Party Recipes, our cookbook published in 1982. It has taken only 28 years to run through the printing. $4 each, 3 for $10.
This is the year of our big party, in which we are raising money to restore Winfield and and the Assembly’s library that lives inside it. This is also the year of the 47th Annual Cottage Tour and Bazaar. This is the year that may be the end of me.
I have had many, many discussions about many, many things, including boxed lunch options, golf cart routes, the abundance of or lack of reservations for the party, and the question of whether apple green is in the chartreuse family or not. (I still haven’t resolved that one.) I have made flyers, banners, posters, invitations, and more flyers. I’ve emailed every newspaper within 200 miles, and rejoiced when the Grundy County Herald made the Cottage Tour bigger news than New Penguin at the Chattanooga Zoo. (But smaller news than Summer Reading Program.)
The upshot of all this is that I have an invitation.
On Friday, July 23, I really, really encourage everyone within a reasonable driving or flying range of Monteagle, Tennessee, to come to the Cottage Tour and Bazaar.
The success of this event hinges totally on whether we sell enough tickets to get rid of the mauve swags that persist in hanging over the windows in the Winfield library. That is my one goal, even though I hope we raise enough to replace the bookcases, fix all the crumbly masonry, and put in a water catchment tank. But the swags. I cannot express to you how dire these swags are. They make you feel like you’re in a long-term care facility. I realize that in their day, these were cutting-edge swags. But that was 1982, when the Jackie Collins novels in the library were new, back when Robert Ludlum roamed the land. The swags gotta go.
For fifteen measly bucks, you get a tour through six supercharming, swag-free cottages, an afternoon at one of the few remaining chautauquas in the country, and shopping at a bazaar that offers everything from make-your-own tie-dye to a white elephant sale.
See you on the 23rd! And if you’re quick about it, you can score a copy of Porch Party Recipes. We’re down to the last 52 copies.
PS Thank you to all who have offered to adopt copies of Porch Party Recipes. I have to add that I am very disappointed that the current Woman’s Association warehouse and shipping facility (aka the front porch) is sadly unable to do mail order. (We seem to have trouble doing much of anything.) What I meant to suggest is that you can easily score a copy on the day of the cottage tour. Which requires a trip up I-24. Which I realize is kind of tricky for some of you. Maybe I can rig up a lulu.com edition of Porch Party Recipes? The recipe for Mexican Soup (what we call gazpacho) really needs to live on.




  1. I’m nowhere near Tennessee, but I’d love 3 copies of Porch Party Recipes, if there were a way to get them from you…our group does porch parties all summer, and that would be a perfect gift for the instigator!

  2. Sounds delightful! – so ‘southern’, summery and civilized and if I lived within 1000 miles I’d be there! It’s a big shame I don’t!!

  3. !!! I would so love a copy of Porch Party Recipes…I do hope there is some way I can reserve one. I’m in the UK so can’t make the bazaar this time! Have fun. x

  4. Hey, now! Nothing wrong with things made in 1982… I was. πŸ˜‰ And I’m with these other fine folks – if you could sell these Porch Party Recipes online I’d be all over that puppy.

  5. Save me a rocking chair, and a cool glass of punch, I’d love to come down and knit on the porch…

  6. That’s my mom’s 90th birthday! I will be having my own porch party… what’s in your recipe book? Tea punch — is that what we would call ice tea?
    And happy blogiversary! I bet you didn’t think you’d still be blabbing 7 years down the line!

  7. If the Winfield Library is a public library, you might ask for tax deductible donations to help with the renovations…

  8. What? No photos of the swags?! I laughed til I cried at the failed projects photos in the back of your (second?) book.. failures are so funny. Good luck with the bazaar!

  9. Oh, I feel your pain re the swags! Best of luck with the Big Event. Hope the money just rolls in!

  10. What I think of as “community cookbooks” are the ones I can never bear to throw out or even donate. They are irresistible. Church groups, animal shelters, volunteer fire departments – I still have one put out by “The Berthoud Firebelles” in the 1970s, when I lived in Berthoud, CO and had family in the VFD. These charming books all have a permanent home on a kitchen shelf I really could use for something I, well, actually USE. Not much of a cook, you see…but a very good collector!
    Good luck with your big day. Wish I could be there!

  11. I’m with Kiri – as someone who is vintage 1982, I feel it was a good year. Unfortunately I have a prior commitment that day for which I must travel three states in the wrong direction. If you do make the Porch Party Recipes available for online purchase, I will definitely get one. Maybe next year will be the year of the Great Re-Print.

  12. Kay, I don’t live anywhere near Monteagle but if you are selling Porch Party Recipes, I’d love to buy a copy. Thanks.

  13. Oops, sorry. I meant to address the comment to Ann, not Kay.

  14. Oh please tell me that I can purchase a copy of Porch Party Recipes. I don’t live around those parts, but can support the cause this way!

  15. Happy blog birthday!

  16. To me, apple green has too much blue to be in the chartreuse family. Wish I could come and see it all!

  17. Welcome back!! I wish I could go — it sounds like fun. πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you!

  18. Thanks for the very interesting post, Ann. I learned the meaning of chautauqua. (Who knew!?!) Good luck getting rid of the swags.

  19. Happy Blogiversary, Ann and Kay! You are invaluable to the knitting and blogging (and knit blogging) community. I look forward to seven more years of happy reading!

  20. Hey Ann, how do I get a copy of porch party recipes? Where do I send my money honey?

  21. Are tickets still available? Sounds like a fun road trip – from Louisville. Going to rope my BFF into coming along.

  22. Ann –
    I can’t come either — and the bookshelves are already stuffed with cookbooks. But can I make a donation to the “Move the Mauve” effort? I can’t stand swags!
    Send me a snail mail address and I’ll send you a check!

  23. I’d love 2 copies of “Porch Party Recipes”. Any way to order them from you?

  24. Happy Blogoversary (or however you spell that).
    I’m in for porch party recipes too. We don’t have porch exactly in the condo, but we entertain on the terrace enough that the recipes should work!!!!

  25. Wow, so much here. Porch Party Recipes sounds intriguing and now I feel like if I don’t get one I’ll end up bidding for one on ebay some day. It is also now causing me to sit at work and daydream about a Porch Party, which I’ve never considered before even though I live in sultry Virginia and I HAVE a porch! And what is “tea punch”??

  26. Oh PUHLEEZ I really need 3 copies of the Porch Party Recipes…How can I get them?

  27. I like how the rings in the cookbook are rusting. Now THAT’s authenticity–you can’t get that on Lulu!

  28. I think of apple green as a bit darker than chartreuse. Although some apples are chartreuse, so perhaps it’s the other way around — chartreuse is in the apple green family? As a square is to a rectangle, sort of thing?

  29. i am in a whole nother country so there’s no way I could attend your cottage tour. But i love knowing that there still are copies of collected recipe books being sold, and still places with little bitty libraries, and women’s auxiliaries. I hope you can replace the swags with something better suited to the character of that building.

  30. I’ll be there as usual this year, even if it is always blazing hot! Love seeing the cottages and shopping the bazaar.

  31. Happy Blogversary!!!!!!!

  32. oh i ain’t got a barrel of money
    maybe iam ragged and funny
    but i am traveling along
    singing my song
    happy seven to kay and ann
    happy seven lovely ladies

  33. I agree with Lee about the apple green/chartreuse controversy, and I sure would like a copy of the Porch Party Recipes – even though my porch would hold only about 4 people. My sympathies re the mauve swags. The thought of them makes me shudder.

  34. Congrats, Ladies, (a day late) on the 7 years!
    Happy Bastile Day to all who observe…Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!

  35. Ann, I would pay a lot more than cover price for a good cause. If you know what I’m saying. I would even give you the recipe for our famous party punch. If you serve that at a party, well, hope the porch is big enough to lie down on, that’s all.

  36. I wonder what current decorating foible we (or those who follow us) will be cringing at in 2038? Perhaps some “objet de chartreuse?”

  37. Happy Blogiversary!
    If you find a way to sell Porch Party recipes or accept donations, I’d be happy to do contribute. It would be nice to celebrate the blogiversary with a thank-you for all the fun!
    Heading up i-24 sounds easy but I think I’d have trouble from here. It’s so dang hot, however, I will take any excuse to head north!

  38. Dear Ann,
    I wish I could go to Monteagle! It seems like Samantha Stevens would go there with Darrin and his parents, but Endora would show up among the picturesque cottages just as Samantha was trying to put on the cottage tour and bizarre (it would be a “bizarre” because of the witches and all) without using witchcraft. Endora would convince Samantha that it was okay to use a little magic and Darrin would scold!
    Or else Betsy Draper would go there with the kids while Don stayed behind at Sterling-Cooper to “work” but really he would be seducing beautiful women. Betsy would be the president, like unto yourself, so her presence would be absolutely necessary at the cottage tour and bazaar, but she would leave at the last minute to confront Don back in New York where they would gaze moodily at each other while smoking endless cigarettes and drinking old fashioneds.
    So is going to Monteagle more like Bewitched or Mad Men? Or The Beverly HIllbillies? Or maybe The Wonder Years? Perhaps a little bit like Designing Women? Maybe you will uncover a skeleton and it will be like Bones! The possibilities of Monteagle are endless!

  39. Naturally I mean Betty Draper. Not Betsy.

  40. OK, Yeah, I want a cook book. But SRSLY, I want to stay in a place that looks like that! I’ll knit to my hearts content and just…be

  41. Not sure which is worse — “mauve” or “swags,” but the two in combination is wrong on too many levels to discuss here. Best of luck with the event and here’s to many more years of the delightful bi-regional kniiting blog!

  42. Hey there. I was wondering when the bazaar was. I’ll try to come up next Friday and check it out. I enjoyed it last year. And yes, my yarn that I acquired there is still in my stash. Looks very pretty there, though. Hope you’re having a great summer and hope to see you next week.
    Betsy πŸ™‚

  43. Oh, boohoo about no mail-order for Porch Party Recipes! Sadly, I am too many states away to attend the Cottage Tour and Bazaar either. But it sounds perfect, so thanks for the update and photos!

  44. Of course, Porch Party Recipes need to be broadcast far and wide. More importantly, I must now concentrate on acquiring a cottage that all my friends can hang out in and form a society and stock with books and things.

  45. Time for a KAL to replace the swags. Little squares of lace sewn together, or that bubble curtain from the first book.
    Spend the precious money on shoring up the building!

  46. Hey- You might want to add your local chautauqua to this wiki entry. πŸ™‚

  47. Save me a rocking chair, and a cool glass of punch, I’d love to come down and knit on the porch…


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