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Dateline: Frenchie Town USA

Dear Ann,
Pop Quiz: Correctly identify the Frenchies in this photo.
(Hint: Speedos.)
Long time no blog, baby! The Blackout is not the half of it. In fact, during the blackout, I was comfortably ensconced in Berghampton, awaiting Frenchies. A kindly neighbor came over to lend me a crank-up radio and invite me over for a cold beer on her porch. I settled in, thinking the Frenchies might be slightly delayed. Little did I know that the Frenchies had just grabbed their last valise off the baggage carousel at JFK when the lights went out. They arrived long after dark, frazzled and starving. I served them a candlelit Costco supper of roast chicken ($4.99!) and super-gigantic Greek salad. The little Frenchies went at their lukewarm poulet roti with knife and fork (a feat that amazes me every time). The kids ran around playing with flashlights while the grownups imbibed iced vino, and it was only a little creepy imagining what was going on at home in NYC, how was Hubbo (who typically walks around with less than 5 bucks in his pocket) faring in downtown Manhattan, and whether the hamster was in any distress. At 3 a.m. I woke up when the fridge and fans buzzed back on. I felt we had had quite an easy time of it.
Then, on Sunday morning we awoke to a very loud thunderstorm. The lightening was streaking at virtually the same time as the thunderclap sounded, which I knew from my childhood in Tornado Alley meant danger. It seems we were hit by lightening, because we had no phone, no hot water boiler, no lights in the basement, and OH THE HORROR, THE HORROR!!!–No. Cable. T.V. Minimum of 5 kids in the house 24 hours a day, and NO CARTOON NETWORK. By which I mean, no Ed, Edd & Eddy! No Pokemon! No Hamtaro (‘Little Hamsters, Big Adventures, Ham-ham-ham-tar-OH!’)!!!
Needless to say, arranging for the necessary repairs and managing under these catastrophic conditions took a toll on my knitting plans. But more about that later. I’m thrilled to be back at MDK, savoring the waning moments of the Frenchie invasion (it really is fun managing tri-lingual tots), and awaiting the next wave of August company. (Once more again into the (Costco) breach!).
Love, Kay
P.S. Sorry if I blew all our memory on this photo. I could not figure out how to make it any smaller. Will study your instructions before I attempt it again.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kay–I did a Costco provisioning before Sissy came for a week. My weakest moment at Costco comes at the book table, where there is always a book on tape that works for me. I have a two-second guilt at stiffing our local bookstore, but that fades fast when I realize that I would NEVER pay forty bucks for a book on tape under any circumstance.
    Shop on, and thank heaven they don’t sell yarn at Costco.
    x0 A.


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