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If You’re In the Hamptons and Your Photo Skillz Need A Boost

Dear Ann,
Thank goodness for Twitter and Words With Friends, or I’d start to think the both of us had disappeared from the face of the Interwebs.
Words With Friends? I have concluded that it’s how the terrorists are going to win, while America stares at its smartphones trying to make a word out of 7 consonants and a badly placed E. And if not the terrorists, it’s how some of our most favorite knitting buddies (hello, Lauren? Amy Singer Not That Amy Singer? pdxknitterati? Jessica R-K?) I’m talking about all of yas) are going to win, because they are crushing me like an ugly June bug in Words With Friends. Me and my so-called big vocabulary. Which, as it turns out, is not that strong in the words beginning in Q or wedging into tight spaces along the edges of the board. For the sake of my morale, I am considering it a personal victory if I lose by less than 100 to some of these mad mavenettes.
Character building.

Anyway, I am just checking in because I have some exciting news for disorganized people of Long Island. There are still a few last-minute spaces available for Gale Zucker’s fabulous photography workshop in Southampton this Saturday, July 9! All the deets are HERE. But the jist is that if you send Gale an email, you can walk into this thing on Saturday and we’ll greet you with open apertures, and a gin and tonic.
I’ll be there, and some fabulously colorful knitters will be there, and — I’m not sure if this is an enticement or anti-enticement, but it’s a fact — Olive will be there.
Expect my photos to be a lot better starting on Sunday.
Hope everyone is having a happy summer so far, knitting their heads off in breaks from Words With Friends. I’ve been doing a lot of airplane knitting and some of it, frankly, is not working out. Mr. Noro has fooled me with a colorway of Aya that knits up totally different than it looked in the skein. But it’s a nice ride on the Fugmobile. I’m not complaining. I’m just SAYING. (And if I give you this shawl for your birthday, it’s your favorite colorway EVER, OK?)




  1. I’m not in the Hamptons. I’m in Narrabundah! (Australia). Just thrilled to see my Reader with a new post from you πŸ™‚

  2. I love Words With Friends! I tried adding a game with you, and I hope it’s actually you. Or someone who knits. My user name is KnitterMai, which is the same as my Ravelry name. And you can send me a shawl anytime- that is beautiful!

  3. Um … JULY 9th, right?
    And, I wish I could come!

  4. I don’t think it’s a ride on the Fugmobile at all – I love it! I am actually wondering what pattern, if any, you’re using there. πŸ™‚

  5. Kay means July 9th, this Saturday.( I bet you knew that, anyway). That’s what happens when you’re trying to make a word with z and q while test-driving the gin& tonic ratios.

  6. I would like to come just to see Olive in person, I mean dog.

  7. Fugmobile?? I’m not sure what this means but am pretty creative with words that begin with F, so I can improvise. Did you make it up? More important, can I steal it?

  8. The word “qi” has gotten me me out of alot of words with friends jams. I have no idea what it means.

  9. I love those colors!

  10. You’ve been missed. My new favorite WWF? SUQ.

  11. I just attended a workshop with Gale in Rehoboth Beach and it was amazing. She was extremely generous in sharing the back stories to many of the photos in her books. I always thought she had a team of stylists and assistants and that she just clicked the button. But no, Gale is the creative force behind the images and she will share her secrets. It is truly a priceless experience that will improve your knitted photos beyond compare. Thanks again Gale!

  12. i’m so jealous that you get to go to one of her workshops! someday i will too. :o)
    and those bum balls of Noro can be disheartening. this doesn’t look too terrible from over here.

  13. Gale’s class is so fun. But we didn’t get Gin and Tonics at the one in St. Paul. Must rectify next time.

  14. Kay, would you play already? You’re holding up the game!

  15. I’d just like to say that I’d consider Olive’s presence an enticement. If I lived near Long Island and had any interest in photography, I would come.

  16. Gosh, I’d love to meet Olive in the flesh (or would that be “in the fur”?) but I won’t be able to make it. Give her a rub behind the ears for me, OK?
    Oh, and I’m sure I’d love the workshop and the humans there, too πŸ˜‰

  17. well, you must have mastered the fabulous photography tips in her class already….the shawl looks great.

  18. I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever hear from you two again….you were making me nervous!

  19. Sadly will be on a plane to Hong Kong on Saturday, but at least I’ll get some knitting done. For me, meeting olive would definitely be an inticement (as would the g & ts).

  20. And have you tried Hanging with Friends? Equally addicting. And I am Knit52 if you need a new player on either game.

  21. Possibly you are wondering… whoa! Where did that pink come from? Noro, sometimes takes you for a ride on the Fugmobile… that’s just the way it rolls.

  22. Kay,
    It’s nice to see you back. I feel moved to say that I think you may have already spent enough time on WWF (War of the Word Friends? World of Wordcraft with Friends? Or maybe What? What? F#@k!) In your eagerness to use your “j” you have creatively spelled “gist.” Here’s what Merriam-Webster Online says about “jist”: “the word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary.” just sayin’….

  23. I’d love to come to the class since I just got a brand spankin’ new Canon DSLR as a belated b-day gift from my husband and could use some instruction. I could also use some looking at the ocean time since I’ve been living land-locked since we left NY 6yrs ago (though Pike’s Peak out my front porch makes up for a lot!). Alas, a flight to the East Coast is not in the budget, either time or money-wise, this summer (hubby’s getting a new hip 20 days after daughter #2’s wedding). Perhaps next year…. Instead I(finally!!) bought the Mitered Crosses pattern so I’ll pull out the denim or the Noro this weekend and get started. Please pose and shoot something on a beach for me. xoxo

  24. Whoo ha! I signed up for Gale’s workshop after hearing how much fun they were on a Ravelry group I frequent. I’m dreading the drive though — I’m in Northern Westchester, but we used to live on LI, the World’s Longest Parking Lot.
    Olive is gonna be there!? I feel faint …

  25. I see your qi and raise you xebec.

  26. Xebec is a word? That is insane. Im totally going to use it – bring on the Xs!!!

  27. I think that shawl is beautiful, in fact I was hoping to find out what the pattern is. By the way my Birthday was June 8th and I would adore the shawl and all of its lovely colors.

  28. Loved Gail’s class- you will too.There were no gin & tonics in Northampton,MA either….hmmmmm.

  29. I’m apparently channeling a 12 year old boy, because my brain decided that open apertures was an excellent euphamism.
    I need to play this Words with Friends. I already spend too much time on WordsPlay, but it would be more fun to play with actual people I know.

  30. Olive will be there? OLIVE? The One and Only Adorable BeYOND Words OLIVE? I sO SO wish I could come. And not only because of OLIVE! but because I took a workshop with Gayle at Juniper Moon Farm and had a great time and learned loads. I agree with Barbara that Gayle’s incredibly generous with sharing the insider secrets, of editing and software and diy tools, as well as shooting. She has my highest recommendations!
    I just hope all of the lucky ones who get to go to that workshop take lots of pictures of OLIVE! and share them with you so you can post them here! As Gayle’s book shows, she can’t be beat at photographing animals and most sheep aren’t 1/10th as cute as OLIVE!

  31. ok not in the Hamptons so sad. Don’t get to see Olive sad again. I am playing Pikeville and Beckley in the near future. Any chance on you guys doing a workshop in the lovely mountains.

  32. Hey, you just beat me two in a row! But I’ll get you, and your little dog, too. Oops, wrong movie.
    My favorite part was when we had the same word crossed in the center of the board, and you piped up, “mitered cross!”

  33. Your tweets are smart, funny, informative, etc., and I keep up with those from my phone, yet they cannot take the place of a new blog post from you. The blog entries (which I take more time to view from my laptop) give us readers/fanz much richer content and enjoyment. Please keep doing both! You are awesome!

  34. what shawl pattern is that please?

  35. I missed OLIVE!!??!@
    WHy oh why do I live in Maryland?

  36. Sure wish I lived there or was in the area!

  37. That shawl looks like a Gaia! Mine is stalled halfway–need to get it out.

  38. I’m going to NYC for a weekend, and I’ll only have time (and my husband’s patience) for ONE yarn store. Suggestions???

  39. oh Gaia. i frogged mine.

  40. i can not keep up with all the twits and twats
    i have flowers to knit for a baby blanket bye

  41. I regularly lose at WWF by 100 points or more. It has nothing to do with your words (which I’m sure are wonderful and intelligent), it’s all about the placement. My husband who can’t spell to save his life beats me every time. He’s good at the TW and DW spaces.
    And Qi? It’s “chi”, or the life force that flows from the earth through our bodies when we perform T’ai chi chuan.

  42. I always look forward to your “stories” and the stories of the photos are coming through loud & clear.


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