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Brenda Kay and Sheri Lynn, We Luv U

Dear Kay,
I have been colossally out of pocket this week due to the arrival of my sister Buffy plus fambly and her porta-pantry.
Buffy is on Spring Break. It’s been like Fort Lauderdale around here. Or a Princess Cruise. Or a Bravo reality show where people have to shop every single day. I still haven’t recovered from watching the finale of The Bachelor with Buffy. It was like touring Gettysburg with Ken Burns, listening to her parse the whole Vienna-versus-Tenley thing. The subtleties of it all! By the end of the show, I was Tweeting the thing like it was the end of the Super Bowl. She made me care so much.
On Monday we managed to score seats on the Jugg Sisters’ world-famous Nash Trash tour of downtown Nashville. For 13 years I’ve been seeing the Big Pink Bus around town yet only now managed to go: it was Buffy, Dad, his bride Also Ann, and me.
Our guides, Brenda Kay and Sheri Lynn, greeted the four of us on the Big Pink Bus with a stream of abuse about the fact that we were almost as late as the Weinermobile people. It was like walking into a Level 2 hurricane. As they took my credit card, in about ten seconds they managed to suss out the intricacies of my relationship with my sister as well as my dad’s entire marriage history.
The Big Pink Bus finally set off, with a lot of muttering from Brenda Kay and Sheri Lynn about the Weinermobile people not showing up. It was like some running gag, the Weinermobile thing, and Sheri Lynn swore she was boycotting Oscar Mayer baloney for at least two months.
It was pretty funny, until we looked out the back window and saw a Weinermobile hauling it around a corner, gaining fast on us.
The Weinermobile was late! We hung with the Weinermobilers in the back of the Big Pink Bus, a wholesome pair who have been traveling the southeast for nine months and somehow had a need to hook up with another unlikely piece of transportation. Please notice a) the harmonic convergence of the Weinermobile and the Big Pink Bus, b) Buffy’s cow shoes, c) my Citron neck napkin doing yeoman’s labour keeping me cozy, and d) my silver-haired pappy.
SO funny. Those women are geniuses.

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  1. Many years ago, I saw the Weinermobile on the highway. That thing can haul.
    Your post makes me remember how much I always, always wanted a sister. It’s not too late…may I have yours?
    If not, may I have your coat? I love that coat.
    Gosh, I’m acting all grabby. Being kind of a weiner, you might say. Sorry πŸ™‚

  2. Wait, cow shoes? Are those seriously made from a real cow? Where on earth does one acquire cow shoes anyway? Those are simultaneously cool and vaguely disturbing.

  3. my favorite pink bus memories
    1. going through Germantown yelling “Hey Germans” out the window to the people waiting for brunch outside Monelle’s
    2. Yelling “Look there’s Reba” to the crowd walking down 2nd Ave just to see the neck cracking of the tourists there who thought by chance Reba was really among them
    3. being served Ritz crackers and squirt cheese
    Seriously that’s the BEST Nashville tour ever. If anyone ever comes to town and wants a fun way to see Nashville, Nashtrash is the only way to go. BTW your dad looks as cute as ever and I love cow shoes. And you got to love the Weinermobile any time you find it in town.

  4. He should have chosen Tenley.

  5. OMG, I had to read that three times to get it all straight. First off, glad to see the big hair women aren’t actually related to you. And I mean that in a nice way. Secondly, until I saw the picture of the weiner mobile, I was thinking weinermar (dog) people for some reason. And Pink Bus?? Amazing. Cow shoes? What? As usual, you look like you’re having a good time. Being a grownup can be fun!!!

  6. LOL about the sussing of marital history. I’m sure the Juggs have seen it all.
    Is there a limit on non-Anns in your family? “I’m sorry ma’am, I love you but you are going to have to change your name to Ann. No E.”

  7. As always, green with envy over the exciting life you lead. I may have to make a trip to Nashville to experience the Big Pink Bus!

  8. You have to try Captain Nelson’s Rivership Cruise! He has a great cruise on the Cumberland past all the “hot” spots…three hour tour without Gilligan! Also…Captain Nelson is a hottie himself and single to boot!

  9. Where to start — so much to comment on! First of all, I love your coat — while everyone may not know it, all women need a black swing coat. They are the best. I’m jonesing to come to Nashville. I always have been, but I feel the need to ride the pink bus and meet Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay. Great family photos and I find myself coveting the cow shoes. Whew — I need a break after taking it all in.

  10. Y’all, FYI the coat is from H & M, $79, bought three Christmases ago when we were in San Francisco. All I can say is that a swing coat is a merciful and forgiving thing.

  11. Oh, what fun! My sister and I took the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (only a replica bus, but very authentic AND eye-catching) in Liverpool. That bus would blend nicely with the Big Pink Bus AND the Weinermobile AND the cow shoes. πŸ™‚

  12. I know it is obvious, but it still needs to be said.
    That bus is so, so, so PINK!
    There. I feel better now.

  13. Love the cow shoes. Have a diaper bag that would match perfectly! I wish I lived in a town with a big pink bus!

  14. I was so excited to know that Buffy is visiting us! It’s always such fun.

  15. The O.M. Weinermobile! Many years ago, I saw the thing in (I think) Pacific Grove, CA. I was SO excited, I followed it till it stopped right infront of a candy store in Monterey, CA. Then, kids from the Olympic Team got out, and worked the crowd.
    All in all, it was one of those unplanned adventures that often happens when one is on vacation. It also made me wonder whatever happened to my Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistle…

  16. lucky…..

  17. 1. I am jealous. I have tried to get on the Pink Bus with my sister, but it’s always booked up.
    2. Once I was dropping off an author at the Holiday Inn near Vanderbilt and the Wienermobile pulled up behind us. This author is a guy, a funny funny guy and a friend. He regaled me with rude wiener comments, ending with one about being rear ended by the vehicle. I could hardly breathe, I was laughing so hard.
    3. Love the swing coat.
    4. HELLO to Buffy. I loved meeting her a few years back.
    Still jealous.

  18. how nice

  19. As a Madisonian, I’m SO relieved the wienermobile people showed up. Madison, of course, is the home of Oscar Mayer and the wellspring from which all Weinermobiles, um, spring. I would have felt somehow personally responsible if they had no-showed.

  20. Ann, I love your coat in that first picture!

  21. Ann–I forgot to say how much I like your Citron. You wear it well.–LoveDiane

  22. Oh to have been on the magical mystery tour in the pink bus with the Buffmeister, you, and your dad. The laughter meter must have been through the top. How did Dad’s Ann hold up? Only your post could come close to the real experience. Thanks for the smile that’s on my face as I look at the photos!

  23. Noticed the cow shoes in the first pic. I’m totally grooving on the cow shoes!! Glad to know about Nashtrash….we’ve got a trip to Nashville planned so we can cheer on my daughter who is running her first marathon on April 24…the Country Music Marathon. She’s with a Team in Training and their run will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.
    I’d love to know about any other fun “must do/must see” things in Nashville.


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