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I Left My Hair in New York City

Dear Kay,
Somewhere between New York and Nashville is our hair. I don’t really know why it isn’t in the Suitcase of Luv–that’s where I saw it last–but it really put the cramp on my Halloween efforts this year. I was ready to wear both your beehive AND my locks of unholy love, but I don’t know where any of it is. Do you think some airport security person made off with it?
I had to fall back on my most comfortable of costumes on hand, the Cat in the Hat, which really is a sort of onesie for the big girl. No foxy policewoman for me, and no attention from anybody over the age of four. A two-year-old Batman liked it. A lot.
From left: Boxman (a YouTube phenomenon I’m not going to link to but you can go there if you’re feeling young), Lame Ghost, Baby, Cat in Hat, and Bob Marley.
I found David’s friend Baby really disturbing and made him stop looking at me cause he was creeping me out.
Really Big News: Tailgate Antiques Show
The huge development down here is that the Tailgate Antiques Show, formerly housed in a motel out by Opryland, has relocated to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. I can hardly describe how disorienting this was. Instead of motel rooms crammed to the roof with crap galore and also precious treasure, it was all laid out in orderly booths in the many buildings that house gun shows, garden shows, and state fair knitting competitions.
That’s right: no more peeking into Room 203 and discovering people eating breakfast amid their Civil War flintlocks. No thrilling hike up to the third floor, where only the aerobically fit dared to go.
This is just not the same. The dealers all seemed pleased not to be hauling pie safes up staircases, but we shoppers missed the piled-up hellhole quality of the old motel.
Which is not to say, of course, that there was a lack of weirdness. They’ll never take that away.
You make the call: live or stuffed?
Sublime Moments Amid the Taxidermy
Here’s some juicy/blah for ya:
There was a new dealer who specialized in antique sewing stuff. YES: I tried to find a rug hook for you. NO: she did not have one.
This quilt from the 1870s gave me a moment:
Squint at it and you see the light/dark pattern.
So dim! So authentic! So very beautiful!
Finally, here’s a five-second movie for ya from the Tailgate.





  1. Hmmmm. If you are patient enough, and are willing to follow the life and times of the child with baby mask for another 12-20 years or so, I suspect there is a real possibility of his success as the next M. Night Shamylan or similar type of creep-meister movie director. Such a simple, seemingly normal, yet totally CREEPY costume.

  2. It sounds like a great time! I think I could build a vacation around an event like that!

  3. It sounds like a great time! I think I could build a vacation around an event like that!

  4. Love the movie!

  5. wow on the movie. I think those critters need to be wearing something knitted, don’t you?

  6. I think it’s the expressionless dead stare of the baby face that makes it so creepy. I don’t think I could deal with it, either.

  7. That mechanical pig WOULD be beyond belief, if I hadn’t just seen it!
    PS just got book #2 today – feeling the plaid love

  8. I want to believe you, and I give you every benefit of the doubt, but: NO RUG HOOK AT THE TAILGATE? Are ya kidding me?
    Very sorry it’s not in the motel anymore. I really liked telling people about the antique show in the motel.
    xo Kay

  9. Never mind the rug hook. NO BOOBLE HEAD FIBER ANIMALS??

  10. I’m completely entranced by the juicy/blah photo. Have made off with it, hoarding it on my desktop. If Kay doesn’t make something from it, I will. Good eye, Ann.
    And the quilt…. love me some equilateral triangles…. Perhaps a juicy/blah triangle quilt?

  11. Don’t know what to say; that baby mask really creeped me out…
    Feel as creepy as I can. I am creeped out, Sam I am.

  12. Will save the juicy/blah photo as an example for the DH to make a bench for me. (hey, DH and the U-verse tv guy put a connection in the garage, so he owes me). Is there something wrong with me that I sort of like the portrait of the dog? At least its not playing poker. Not that there is something wrong with that.

  13. So sorry about the hair……
    and yes – the baby face is very disturbing.

  14. Please tell me the dog was not stuffed. That would be creepier than the baby costume.

  15. say, that quilt looks like it could be translated into something “knitty”
    BTW, the crazies are ready for another installment on the Wall of Linen if another one is ready!

  16. Just be glad the baby face boy is not one of your children….

  17. That kid in the baby costume is totally disturbing! I’m going to have nightmares!

  18. *swoon!* A sewing bird!!!! I would have grabbed that up so fast, I would have left all the thimbles spinning.

  19. Daggummit, Kay. You didn’t tell me you needed a hook! One will be forthcoming to super-secret address. I got it from Melvina (now doesn’t she just sound like a woolen fiber maven? It’s comfy and not like those sharpish skinny ones everybody tries to start out with… nothing like starting with a great, fat handicap to make you feel successful. C
    (and a thank you to Miss Ann for the disturbing Seuss nightmare I’m about to have.) C

  20. If you’re looking for another wig, you should check out my link of what the knitters in our area did on Halloween. A little knitting on the heads and food, what more could you want?
    BTW- you made a great cat in the hat!

  21. I hope you bought that quilt! It is so pretty!
    I also wanted to suggest you two donate some blog time to knitting needles. You know….to all the ones you’ve loved before …..who’ve traveled in and out your doors..;)

  22. I for one love the lame ghost, and their is nothing sexier than adult sized footy pajamas! I want to know if the creepy baby kid came up with that costume on his own. Maybe I’m weird but I totally would have bought that Dog picture for two reasons.
    1. I love Dogs!
    2. Seeing that painting made me laugh so hard I received strange looks from my coworkers.

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